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Mar 4, 2008, 2:02:35 AM3/4/08
Date ; Tuesday 04 March - 2008

Attn : Mr/ Mrs

Subject : Arabic Language learning system for Non-

البوابة الخضراء لتعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها :

Dear Sir;

Thank you for the kind attention. With reference to the above subject,
we are pleased to introduce ourselves, as a pioneer group in creating
the first complete learning system of Arabic language for Non-Arabs
using the latest multimedia tools and programming techniques.

“The Green Gate” is an interactive learning environment that depends
on a wide range of simple learning tools such as; Video clips,
cartoons, drawings, voice samples and automatic tests. Voice
recording, writing practice and quizzes are also used in a wide range.
It also includes live writing and conversation e-classes.

Please find attached the document as per the following: -
1- The Green Gate Introduction. (Attached).
2- The Characteristics of a Green Gate Instructor. (According to your
3- Classroom conditions of the green gate. (According to your
4- Local Associate Agreement. (According to your request.).
5- Franchising detail. (According to your request.).

For any further information Kindly contact us without any hesitation.
Your prompt action will be highly appreciated.

The Introduction

Dear Sir;

The Green Gate is a system aiming at teaching the Arabic Language to
non-Arabic speakers. Despite differences in race, religion, and
nationalities, Arabic would be the language of communication,
instruction and teaching in class and the computer, the medium to
fulfill this purpose. This language system is devised to enable a
learner attend a class within a group study atmosphere. Competent
instructors who are devoted to carry out their tasks in the most
appropriate manner frequently assist learners. In such a motivating
and learning environment, a learner is involved in a very interactive
learning arena in which there is no absentmindedness or distraction,
for the learner himself is the major dynamic factor of the class. In
such program, it is in the hands of the learner to accelerate the
learning and teaching process and frequency of repeating materials in
accordance with his skills and capacity.

The TGG language system contains a number of levels, which are
subdivided into units. A learner ends up with an average of 650-700
credit hours. The TGG relies on establishing and running accredited
language centers abided by the approved conditions of the system. Also
it also relies on professional instructors who keep track of the
learners’ learning progress and aid learners through solving problems
in language learning.

Thus, if you are interested in our offer-to work under the supervision
of the TGG and its umbrella-we would be more than glad to provide you
with necessary data and information appertaining to establishing one
or more classrooms to teach Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

With our Best Compliments.

The Green Gate
Sales & marketing manager
P.o. Box 122429, Jeddah 21332
( Near- Indian Consulate.Jeddah )
Saudi Arabia - K.S.A
Tel. : + 966 02 6530755 - ext 115
fax : + 966 02 6517718 - ext 112
Email :

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