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Saying my goodbye

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Aug 16, 2015, 8:58:47 AM8/16/15
About to head off on a long I think this is a good time to say goodbye to all of you that are still around.

I love baking cookies, but rarely do it anymore. Gone are the days of baking for work every week.

I came here to a deserted group in 1997 when my first child went off to college and needed something to keep me busy, and hope I made it better.
We have been through having a lot of people around to virtually no one but me.
I hope someone will keep it alive and going.

Best wishes to all that take time to read this.


Aug 16, 2015, 11:33:55 AM8/16/15
So sorry to see you go Minnie. I guess I will probably not post anymore
either as it seems like you are right and no one is really here to see them.
I have really enjoyed your recipes and have tried many of them. Thanks for
all you did and wish you weren't going but sure do understand.

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