Federal Agent Indicted for Training Terrorists

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Nancy K

Mar 10, 1996, 3:00:00 AM3/10/96


Kelvin Smith, an officer of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service was indicted last week on charges that he trained Muslim
terrorists that were convicted of plotting to destroy harbor
tunnels and the U.N. building in New York.

FBI agents first approached Smith a week before the World
Trade Center bombing in 1993. After that meeting he used his
undercover Fish and Wildlife telephone to communicate with the
terrorists and delivered rappelling equipment to them in New
York, prosecutors claim.

After the bombing, Smith was again approached by the FBI,
which explained they suspected some of the people he trained may
have had a role in the bombing. Last week's indictment does not
allege a direct involvement in the Trade Center bombing.

Smith has been on paid leave from his U.S. Fish and Wildlife
position since September, 1994.

When it was revealed that the Oklahoma federal building
bombers had attended a militia meeting in Michigan, the Clinton
Administration seized on that fact to declare militias a threat
to America. It is unlikely that the Clinton Administration will
use similar guilt by association to declare the federal
government a threat to America. But others might.

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