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Exposing America's Illuminati!

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Alan H. Peterson

Mar 13, 1996, 3:00:00 AM3/13/96
The "demonic design" of the U.S. capital, set in stone, was laid out by
Master Masons in the shape of the "ILLUMINATI (Luciferian) PYRAMID." The
same "Evilarchy" places their satanic "SYMBOL OF SLAVERY" upon the
"privately-owned Federal Reserve Notes," ... which is "debt-bearing
currency." These fiat "funny money" notes have replaced the U.S. dollar
and placed all Americans under a ruthless economic tyranny which uses a
government agency (the one that all Americans know about and and the one
that most fear) as its collection agency.

Early on, these "WARLOCKS OF WASHINGTON" plotted to place their "satanic
symbols" into the foundations of our society and gain control over
America's banking system. General Albert Pike, who wrote "The Masonic
Bible: Morals and Dogma", was instrumental in forming the Ku Klux Klan.

The American public knows next to nothing about "those" shadowy Faustian
figures who run and ruin America from the corporate boardrooms of the
major banking institutions. The public watches "the infamous Cable TV
Eye on Government" nightly, by the millions, and doesn't notice the
clearly visible six-foot "fasci" staring them in the face on each side
of the American flag, behind the speaker's podium, in the House of
Representatives. One need only research the financing of the Communist,
Nazi, and Facist parties to quickly conclude that the same "Cashist
Cartel" that controls US... financed THEM!

The goals of these "globalists" are important to the millions of
Americans who (although they may not realize it) preview those goals
nightly on America's network news programs. They fail to see the
workings of this giant global jigsaw puzzle and Illuminati plan, but you
can, while there's still time.

If you seek the "Truth". the whole Truth ... and ... nothing but the

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