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Nancy Luft

Jun 26, 2009, 12:01:05 AM6/26/09

Here is a copy of my latest email to keep you all updated:

-- Sputnik Forces Kill Michael Jackson! --Thursday, June 25, 2009 8:52
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Greetings to you all!

I do NOT think The Sputnik Forces are getting along with President
Barack Hussein Obama at all.

First The Sputnik Forces broke the ankle of Sotomayor, Obama's nominee
to our Supreme Count. Then The Sputnik Forces broke the elbow of
Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and she even had to have
surgery on it. Next The Sputnik Forces crashed those two subway
trains in Washington DC. And I just heard that now The Sputnik
Forces murdering the singer Michael Jackson with a heart attack and he
was only 50 years old. What next?

Hey there, Obama, you better watch your two children closely. When
Gore was our Vice President, The Sputnik Forces total mind controlled
his son to run in front of a car and get hit!

There is no excuse for you, Obama, not having already done that Peace
Treaty Package deal with The Sputnik Forces. They keep telling me
that they still want it and that Rockefeller's Rich Man's Mafia still
wants it, also. They both criminally rigged your ass into office
because you did PROMISE them that you would immediately run and do
that treaty deal. Too late now to change your mind, Obama, far too

And it is very easy to do that treaty deal, Obama, all you have to do
is telephone Prime Minister Putin and have him set up a summit with
that very top Sputnik Forces GENERAL and just bring US Senator Jay
Rockefeller with you to that summit. Jay will sign statements that
his Mafia has been criminally controlling all of our mass media since
the end of WWII to criminally control all public opinion, to
criminally rig all elections at all levels of government, to create
that no morals at all Moral Majority, etc. Jay will sign statements
that ALL businesses in our USA belong to his RICH MAN'S MAFIA, if a
business does not join, his Mafia ruins it and drives it out of
business completely ... so today our entire economy is nothing but one
huge racketeering system, and that virtually all of our Rich today
belong to his Rich Man's Mafia ... etc. That will verify The Sputnik
Forces records about this all. The Sputnik Forces will put it in
writing that they did intentionally create that Mafia, protect it to
keep it in business, and manipulate it to use to defeat our nation,
etc. After that is done, you simply call in to the on going summit,
the very top brass in our US Military and The Sputnik Forces will
explain this entire mess to them all. Then you, our COMMANDER IN
CHIEF and our top brass in our US Military sign that treaty deal.
That will give you the power to disband completely our entire US
Congress, Supreme Court, etc., as they were all criminally rigged into
office by that Mafia and are NOT duly elected at all. Today The USA
should have a government that is far more progressive then the today's
government in Denmark, Obama, because The USA was far more progressive
then Denmark before that Mafia of our Rich got total criminal control
of our USA. Then you simply put The USA under MILITARY RULE.

The Sputnik Forces will ASSIST you to get yourself a brand new
reconstruction government in place ... and they will talk, walk, you
through everything that you must do. They know how to put in place
brand new political and economical systems ... our current ones are
gone ... just completely gone. The Sputnik Forces will ASSIST you in
explaining this entire huge mess to ALL Americans, etc.

The Mafia only allows two major political parties in our USA, both of
which are to the far, far, far right of any major political party in
any first world nation, Obama. That has turned off the poorest fifty
percent of Americans to voting, as they never, ever have anyone to
vote for at all who will represent them, their interests. To correct
VOTE ... to turn on everyone to voting one again. Only those who
medical doctors certify as being unable to vote, due to being in
comas, etc., will be excused from voting. Each political office and
national referendum issue will have the last box that can be checked
being that the person voting has no opinion on that given political
office or national referendum issue. And The People will have THE
RIGHT to vote directly on all major issues, using a national
referendum. Ain't no one going to be stupid enough to even trust any
politicians once they all learn the truth about this bullshit, Obama,
so they absolutely must have that right to vote directly on all major
issues using national referendums. And ONLY paper ballots get used
for our national voting.

A person can be a citizen of one nation at any one time, Obama, and
ONLY citizens can own things inside of their own nation. We write
off all international debt, we nationalize everything on our own soil,
etc. And then trade will be balanced. We can only sell our
national debt, our stocks, our bonds, etc., to our own citizens.
Those COMMON SENSE commie rules will be the new international rules
upon our planet for all nations soon, Obama. The Russians will sell
The USA on credit a lot of very, very cheap OIL so that we can keep
growing food and rebuild all of our lost factories, etc.

Who owns The USA today, Obama? Actually WE VICTIMS OF ALL KINDS
DO ... not our Rich and Super Rich. They owe us non rich far more
wealth, many, many times more wealth now, then that have!

EVERYTHING except working class homes, ranches and farms, Obama, will
have to go under FEDERAL CONTROL UNDER OUR RICO LAWS, under our anti
racketeering laws!

And BOTH of our major political parties will be completely DEAD,
Obama, once The Sputnik Forces explains The TRUTH about this entire
huge mess to ALL Americans, so The People will have to create new
political parties and then vote into power a brand new government.

Sounds too difficult for you to do, Obama? It is NOT difficult ...
The Sputnik Forces are this earth's ONLY real EXPERTS on political and
economical systems and they will tell you exactly what to do, step by
step, to fix this huge fucking mess in our USA. They will talk,
walk, you through it all. The ONLY political system that card
carrying commies believe in, Obama, is real, honest, grass roots
democracy, so that is what those commie Sputnik Forces will be helping
you to out in place in our utterly fucked up USA. Will we have
Rich? What kind of economy will we have? AFTER the huge emergency
is over, Obama, WE THE PEOPLE will vote directly on national
referendums to decide all of those things, and all things like the
kind of medical system that we care to have, etc., also. The Rich
will no longer criminally control all public opinion in our USA like
they have done completely since the end of WWII, Obama. The
INTELLIGENTSIA will be controlling all public opinion in our nation
once again ... they will simply EDUCATE ALL AMERICANS about all
issues, all sides of all issues, the pros and cons to everything, and

This is supposed to be a QUICKIE CHANGE OF POWER, Obama. You are to
RUN to that summit and take Jay Rockefeller with you ... Jay will sign
the needed papers ... and then you stay there and call in our top
brass of our US Military ... The Sputnik Forces will explain this
entire mess to them ... then you and them sign that peace treaty
package deal and then you all come back to The USA with a TEAM of
those Sputnik Forces officers and then you put The USA UNDER MILITARY
RULE and disband our US Congress completely, along with our Supreme
Court, etc. Then you, our top brass in our US Military AND The
Sputnik Forces will explain this huge mess to ALL Americans.

not immediately done, The Sputnik Forces will KILL YOU and your entire
family, kill ALL of our elected and appointed federal politicians with
their loved ones, kill that Mafia and their loved ones, kill the top
brass in our US Military and their loved ones, etc., etc., etc., etc.!

The Sputnik Forces has been telling me for many, many, many years now,
that they were only waiting until our economy, the global economy,
went to hell a BIT MORE in this global depression, Obama. Guess
what? It has all gone to hell a lot more then a BIT MORE! That
means if you do not RUN and do this right now, you all do NOT have
much longer to live!

By the way, The Sputnik Forces will HELP YOU PICK A RECONSTRUCTION
GOVERNMENT, Obama! Your current administration truly does suck
enormously! What the fuck are you doing with our economy, Obama?
There is absolutely no excuse of you not having signed executive
orders to increase those Social Security checks, military disability
and retirement checks, by a huge eighty percent and for you not having
un-cooked those books and put out the correct, accurate, honest, US
government statistics, and for you not having signed an executive
order to repay all of that money that has been illegally, criminally,
stolen our of those checks with interest. You have a brand new class
of SUPER RICH to tax, along with The Rich, Obama, and in this
DEPRESSION, it is greatly needed to increase their taxes
enormously ... and get that money to the non rich, in order to IMPROVE
SALES so our economy will finally stop MELTING DOWN into
nothingness! I honestly do NOT know what they hell you did not do
that the second you took office. Why the fuck are you busting your
ass, royally, Obama, to completely destroy what is left of our fucked
well, just RUN and get that peace treaty package deal, Obama, and The
Sputnik Forces will HELP you to pick the right people to put into your
brand new reconstruction government! Who are the right people?
Those INTELLIGENTSIA who are in your very own political base, those
TRADITIONAL DEMOCRATS who now call themselves progressives, Obama, who
used to call themselves liberals! The Sputnik Forces will HELP you
with that all, Obama, because you and your new reconstruction
government will have to work very closely with them in order to put a
brand new economical system and a brand new political system in place
in our completely fucked up USA! Rockefeller's Rich Man's Mafia
totally destroyed our nation, both economically and politically,
Obama, that is why they need you to RUN IMMEDIATELY and get that peace
treaty done immediately! They cannot criminally control The USA
much longer and when they lose criminal control of our USA there will
be a fucking CLASS WAR to kill off our entire Rich and Ruling Class,
along with all Jews and big name clergy! The ONLY way to PREVENT
that, Obama, is to run and do that peace treaty package deal with The
Sputnik Forces ... then The Sputnik Forces will ASSIST our US
Military, with our nation under MILITARY RULE to make sure everything
stays peaceful!

It will take BOTH our US Military and The Sputnik Forces working
together, Obama, to maintain PEACE in our fucked up USA with our
entire economy being flushed right down a huge toilet now and NO way
to stop it, NO way to save it!

Obama, all The Sputnik Forces has to do right now, is kill the Mafia,
burn up their receivers that they use to listen in those mind reading,
thought sending, etc., sputnik lasers ... and WE WILL AUTOMATICALLY

You must put our US under MILITARY RULE and you absolutely MUST GET
THE SPUTNIK FORCES TO HELP, Obama, or there will not be any way to
prevent a class war! That is why that Mafia criminally rigged your
ass into office, Obama, because you did promise them that you would
RUN and do that treaty deal ... in order to PREVENT THAT CLASS WAR.
The Mafia knows we have NO WAY TO SAVE OUR ECONOMY, it is all going to
completely go to hell, unemployment will be over fifty percent soon,
and there will be a CLASS WAR because they know that they cannot
criminally control our nation when our economy goes to hell, Obama.
I know that, also, that is why I did decide to HELP The Mafia
criminally rig your ass into office to do that peace treaty package
deal that you did AGREE TO DO.

The ONLY way to maintain PEACE in out utterly fucked up USA, Obama, is
for you to immediately RUN and do that peace treaty package deal ...
and then put our USA UNDER MILITARY RULE and have The Sputnik Forces
ASSIST YOU AND OUR MILITARY, a fact of life. If that does not
happen, there sure as all fucking hell will soon be a CLASS WAR in our
USA ... unless The Sputnik Forces kills you politicians, that Mafia,
etc., etc., etc., etc., and all of your loved ones, and forces The USA
to unconditionally surrender to them so that they rule us and our

Why the hell do YOU think, Obama, the king pins in Rockefeller's Rich
Man's Mafia criminally rigged your ass into office to RUN and do that
peace treaty package deal? They would only have done that, Obama, if
they were positive that they were soon going to lose criminal control
of our USA and when the lost criminal control of our USA very soon,
there would be a fucking CLASS WAR in our USA! The Mafia is
POSITIVE, Obama, that they will very soon lose criminal control of our
USA and a CLASS WAR will break out ... that is the ONLY reason that
they criminally rigged your ass into office to RUN and to do that
peace treaty package immediately!

If you refuse to immediately do that peace treaty package deal, the
odds are enormously huge, Obama, that very soon The Sputnik Forces
will KILL ALL OF OUR FEDERAL POLITICIANS, both elected and appointed,
with all of their loved ones, and that Mafia and their loved ones,
etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., and throw our USA under MILITARY RULE
and tell our military, AFTER they bury all of you slow learned and
your loved ones, to surrender unconditionally, or The Sputnik Forces
will next kill them and their loved ones ... and so they will decide
to just unconditionally surrender.


Nancy Ann Luft

PS: Just phone Putin and set up that summit, Obama, and take Jay
Rockefeller with you to it and just LISTEN to what that very top
Sputnik Forces GENERAL has to say, PLEASE! Like do that
immediately, because you and yours end up being so much VERY DEAD


Seon Ferguson

Jun 26, 2009, 12:37:49 AM6/26/09
Lol first conspiracy theory about Michael Jackson. You beat me too it.
I was going to say Michael Jackson faked his death to get out of debt but
this one is way more kookier.

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