The New World Order has been making me emo

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Unbreakable Disease

Oct 23, 2019, 3:58:44 PM10/23/19
I'm god damn afraid of the New World Order. Like I posted before on
alt.atheism, I feel that we *must* to do something in order to stop them.

Some 20 Key Ways to Defeat The New World Order

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know
peace. – Jimi Hendrix

We are living in a 21st-century feudal society and we are the serfs.
Humanity is sliding ever faster into the great abyss of subsistence
living. We have heard it all before; the rich are getting richer and
poor are getting poorer. However, we hear that humanity outnumbers the
globalists and their minions.

Americans have 300 million handguns and these two factors should allow
us to defeat those of far fewer numbers. If this were true, tell me why
is humanity losing the war against tyranny?

How does one defeat the New World Order (NWO) with their control over
the banks, the military, the corporations, health care and the
politicians? In short, they own it all. Is there any way to defeat the
NWO? The truth is, I don’t know how to defeat the NWO and neither does
anybody else because we do not know how to mobilize society. Below are a
few suggestions that I feel we can use to slow them down. I call it the
“death by a 1000 cuts” strategy. Following our delaying actions, while
we get our house in order, this article concludes on what it might truly
take to defeat evil.

Sun Tzu once said that “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy
without fighting.” The previous parts in this series have clearly
demonstrated that we cannot defeat the globalists on the battlefield. We
cannot fully count on the police and the military to protect us as we
revolt against this unfolding tyranny. However, there are some
strategies that we can employ which can slow down the NWO until we can
get our act together and fully prepare.

1. Take your money out of the megabanks. Now, they are presently
harassing customers who are doing so. Therefore, go to the credit union
or state-owned bank and write a sizable check from your soon-to-be
former bank. At the same time, take out the daily maximum from your
account. Keep enough in the bank to pay your bills and no more.

2. Turn off all mainstream media. Control of mass media is the key to
the Bolshevik strategy for command and control. Only listen to networks
and visit websites like the Republic Broadcasting Network,,
Steve Quayle, Stan and Holly Deyo and Genesis Communication. Do not
watch network news unless you are viewing it as a way to determine what
the enemy is up to. Apply the same logic to your local newspaper as they
are all owned by Gannett Broadcasting. Most of your radio stations are
owned by Clear Channel and they all have the same globalist propaganda.
Don't use Google. If you have an Android device, yoiu can unlock the
bottloader and install a custom OS without this Google shit.

3. Get your children out of the government schools with their NWO Common
Core curriculum along with their zero tolerance policies and transgender

4. Never a borrower or a lender be. We are now a nation of debt slaves.
Pay cash for everything. If you cannot pay cash, then you do not buy it!
Own your future instead of the banksters owning you.

5. Service your car at the local garage and do not use the car dealer’s

6. Stay out of Walmart, Kmart and every other slavemart. Shop at your
locally owned store and stay out of the chain stores they are all owned
by the enemies of humanity (e.g. Walmart slave labor).

7. Dine out at your “mom and pop” stores. Stay out of the corporate
chains as you are only feeding the NWO beast.

8. Buy gold and do not hoard cash. This cuts into the power the NWO
bankers have over you and your country.

9. Never vote for the incumbent. The longer the power hungry are in
power, the more likely they are to be on the take.

10. Store food and water. Buy privately sold guns and bury them so you
have them following the coming gun confiscations. You will need them to
protect your food and water.

11. Try, as hard as it might be, to buy only Made In America products
(or local to your country).

12. Make a registry at your local community mail box of which you list
the trades and skills possessed by your neighbors so you can trade craft
favors. Also, sell your products in the same manner. Trade and barter
and get out of the habit of using credit and debit cards as well as
cash. This will minimize your tax bill. There are laws being passed
against these practices. Ignore these laws. Starve the Federal Reserve

13. Educate your neighbors, family and friends that this government is
controlled by those who would do you harm.

14. Don't use a cell phone. It's a choice, don't fall by peer pressure.
Use a dumbphone if you REALLY, REALLY need one, and avoid a smartphone
because of their pretty addictive nature. Don't use an iPhone, and only
use de-googlified custom ROM for Android devices if you *truly* need one.

15. Grow your own food and try to conceal that fact as much as possible.
Encourage your neighbors to do the same so you are not murdering each
other on the fourth day following the coming currency collapse.

16. Eat organic and avoid GMOs. Exercise, read and take vitamins.
Meditate before starting each day.

17. Let chemtrails become the new symbol of the tyranny that is ruling
over us.

18. Do not ever get on a bus of any kind where they promise safety and
food. History shows that you have a 98% chance of not getting out of the
new place of “safety” with your life.

19. Your best allies are your families and extended family. Plan
according to this principle.

20. Realize that you cannot prepare for all eventualities. Therefore,
enjoy each day, because the future is promised to nobody and we live in
very predatory times.
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