The Odd (But Almost Certainly True) Journey Of Commission Exhibit 399

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David Von Pein

Sep 15, 2007, 1:27:14 AM9/15/07



The sum total of evidence surrounding Governor John B. Connally's
wounds, and the amount of bullet lead that was deposited inside him on
11/22/63 (which was "microscopically" tiny in total weight), and
Bullet CE399 and its condition all suggest that CE399 was inside
Connally's body on November 22, and almost certainly was tumbling like
an acrobat on steroids during its assault on JBC's rib and wrist and

It almost certainly struck the 5th rib sideways (hence, the flattening
of the bullet) and went on to hit the wrist bone on its END (i.e., the
exposed lead) portion of the bullet....hence, a small amount of lead
was scraped off the bullet by JBC's wrist (which was lead/metal that
was extruded out the open bottom of the missile AFTER striking the rib
but BEFORE striking the wrist).

The bullet, now almost totally spent, travels its last few inches into
Connally's left thigh, barely breaking the skin, but not hitting his
femur beneath the skin.

The bullet is then jarred loose from the shallow thigh wound at some
point, falling (probably) into his pants leg for a period of
time...eventually ending up on his stretcher...where it rolls/slides
under the stretcher's rubber mat (partially hiding it; hence, nobody
sees the damn thing in the ER or in the OR).

It's quite possible that Connally's position on the stretcher at the
time the bullet did its little dive under the mat was such that the
weight of Connally's large frame possibly PUSHED UP a portion of the
end of the rubber mat, leaving a gap between the metal stretcher and
the mat. And when Connally was then removed from the stretcher, the
mat (now free from the weight of Connally's body) falls flat and even
again with the metal stretcher, covering (at least partially) Bullet

* = Yes, that above scenario is just a guess on my part (quite
obviously). But it seems like a fairly logical guess, given the sum
total of evidence that indicates Bullet 399 DID, indeed, fall from
Connally's thigh wound onto his stretcher while he was lying on that
stretcher inside Parkland Hospital that Friday afternoon. And also
given the fact that not a single person saw the bullet on the
stretcher prior to Tomlinson (or heard the tinkling of metal rolling
against the metal parts of the stretcher as it was being moved from
the OR to the second-floor elevator area).

The stretcher (with bullet under mat) is pushed out of the 2nd-Floor
Operating Room and into an elevator being operated that day by
Parkland's Senior Engineer, Darrell C. Tomlinson.

Tomlinson takes the stretcher down to the first floor, where it's
taken off the elevator and placed in the hallway next to young patient
Ronnie Fuller's stretcher.

Tomlinson then returns to his elevator and hospital duties for a
period of time....making at least 2 additional trips up to higher
floors in the hospital before finally noticing that one of the two
first-floor stretchers has been moved by someone who entered the men's
room located off of that same hallway.

Tomlinson pushes the stretcher up against the wall again to clear it
out of the middle of the aisle/hallway, and hears a metallic sound on
the stretcher he's just pushed against the wall.

Out rolls Commission Exhibit #399, out from under the pad/mat on the
stretcher, where it was partially hidden (or possibly completely out
of viewable sight for a time)....

....And the never-ending controversy surrounding this little piece of
metal and lead had begun.

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