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David Von Pein

Apr 27, 2007, 1:51:36 AM4/27/07
Many JFK conspiracy theorists choose to isolate certain parts of the
John F. Kennedy murder case that they claim tend to lean toward CT-
ism, and then hang their conspiracy-believing hats on those isolated
items, while ignoring virtually everything else -- with this
"everything else" in many instances including such Lee Oswald-
incriminating items as:

Lee Harvey Oswald's behavior before and after JFK's November 1963
murder .... Oswald's guns being proven beyond all doubt to be the guns
that killed both JFK and Officer J.D. Tippit .... Oswald's prints all
over the exact place where a killer was located in the Texas School
Book Depository .... the witnesses who positively fingered Oswald as
Officer J.D. Tippit's) .... the autopsy X-rays and photos which show
no frontal shooter hit JFK with any bullets .... the bullets and
fragments in evidence which all lead straight into Oswald's rifle ....
the brown paper bag with Lee Harvey's prints on it .... LHO's "curtain-
rod" lie .... the "A.J. Hidell" lie that Oswald spun .... and the lie
LHO also told about having never owned a rifle. .... Plus many other
items that favor the "Oswald Did This Alone" conclusion.

It's my firm belief that two specific things in the JFK murder case
hang Lee Harvey Oswald for President Kennedy's murder......

1.) The bag that Oswald brought with him to work on the morning of
11/22/63 (which is an item he later lied about and is an item which he
did NOT take home with him that same day).

-- And: --

2.) Oswald's rifle being found on the very same floor where an
assassin was located during JFK's murder.

The two above items, all by themselves, are devastatingly-damaging
hunks of evidence that are screaming out the obvious, i.e.: "Oswald
Took His Own Gun To Work On November 22nd And Used It To Shoot John
Kennedy From The Book Depository's Sixth Floor".

When you begin with the two things above and then start adding in all
of the OTHER stuff that shows Oswald to be guilty (like fingerprints,
bullets, bullet shells, fibers, lack of a verifiable alibi, the paper
bag found where an an assassin was located, and witness testimony),
Oswald's guilt then becomes crystallized as fact beyond virtually
every shred of a doubt.

A second gunman in Dealey Plaza that day in 1963 (who HAD to have
missed) could possibly have been on the Grassy Knoll, sure. Proving
that "negative" is a bit difficult, quite naturally. But the TOTALITY
of evidence certainly favors "no 2nd gunman on the Knoll".

And a big reason why this is true is the fact that amateur movie-maker
Abraham Zapruder continues to film the motorcade even though a bullet
is (per CTers) being fired very close to him, a blast that he most
certainly should have been able to localize -- especially considering
the fact that any Grassy Knoll killer would be to Mr. Zapruder's
RIGHT, while the TSBD shooter (Oswald) was to Zapruder's LEFT. And yet
Zapruder was unable to pinpoint a blast that should have shook him up
pretty badly if it had occurred from just a very few yards to his
right. ....

"I'm not a ballistic expert, but I believe if there were shots that
were coming by my right ear, I would hear a different sound. I heard
shots coming from--I wouldn't know which direction to say--but it was
proven from the Texas Book Depository. And they all sounded alike;
there was no different sound at all." -- Abe Zapruder; 1967


Switching gears for a moment to another 'Conspiracy Myth' that many
CTers place a good deal of faith in -- The Limo-Washing incident on
11/22/63 at Parkland Hospital:

A Secret Service man (or someone in a position of authority at any
rate) can be seen in photographs and films cleaning out some of the
blood that splattered the back seat of the Presidential Lincoln
convertible after JFK was shot in the head and killed by Lee Harvey

Now ... Can you just imagine, for even a second, a "pre-planned
conspiracy/frame-the-lone-patsy-named-Oswald plot" that includes a
conspirator washing out the back of the bloody limousine while doing
so in full view of gobs of eyewitnesses (SOME WITH CAMERAS!) who could
testify to this activity afterwards?!

What a great Patsy Plot that was, huh? They use a dozen shots and
multiple guns to knock off their ONE target (a target that could have
been killed with ease while using JUST Oswald's gun from where the
"Patsy" was supposed to be...and WAS actually performed this way, of
course, because Oswald did do this given the evidence at hand) ...
then they (the supposed "Band Of Conspirators") are forced to play
"cover-up" from Minute #1 at Parkland, via planted bullets and limo-
washing (in front of people FILMING their criminal act)! Great pre-
planning there.

Now, I'm not saying it was WISE to clean up any blood out of that
limo. In hindsight, it certainly wasn't a wise thing to do, IMO. But
if anybody is of the opinion that the "limo wipe down" was done by
"plotters" trying to "cover up" front-shot evidence, they've got a
screw loose (and so did those "plotters" who would have had to have
possessed gonads to rival King Kong's in order to perform that covert
task in full view of multiple whirring cameras).

The "case for conspiracy" in the JFK murder has been non-existent from
Day 1 when it comes to the PHYSICAL evidence in the case. Every scrap
of physical evidence falls at Oswald's feet and his alone and there's
nothing any CTer can do to change this solid fact.

And, either this six tons of physical evidence is genuine ... or it
was all miraculously (and oh-so-quickly) "faked" and "planted" and
"created" out of thin air by a group of slick plotters who happened to
have at their immediate disposal every bit of NEEDED evidence to do
the job that was required in order to frame their unwitting "Patsy" on
11/22/63 (e.g., Oswald's own rifle, a nearly-whole bullet fired from
Oswald's rifle, a badly-fragmented bullet fired from Oswald's rifle,
bullet shells from Oswald's rifle, Oswald's fingerprints, fibers from
Oswald's clothes, and witnesses who apparently were hired by the
conspirators to lie about seeing Oswald shoot both President Kennedy
and J.D. Tippit).

Likely occurrences? I kinda doubt it. And how anyone can believe that
all of this stuff was magically "created" and/or "planted" by a group
of never-identified plotters to make only Oswald look guilty after the
fact is beyond me. Because it's just plain nonsense which has been
placed on the table by paranoid conspiracy theorists who are just flat-
out scared to gaze directly at the physical evidence in both the JFK
and Tippit murder cases. Because by facing this physical evidence
directly, Oswald is as guilty as all get out and everybody knows it.


Apr 27, 2007, 2:08:24 AM4/27/07
Is this a Public Denial that the Limo was washed at while still at Parkland?

"David Von Pein" <> wrote in message

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David Von Pein

May 7, 2007, 5:13:43 PM5/7/07
>>> "Is this a Public Denial that the Limo was washed at while still at Parkland?" <<<

Oh, you mean when I said the limo WAS washed out while at Parkland??

WTF are you talking about?

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