Arlen Specter's SBT Notebook (DVP's Version)

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David Von Pein

Dec 30, 2006, 7:25:55 AM12/30/06



Virtually all conspiracy theorists who are of the opinion that
President John F. Kennedy met his violent death on November 22, 1963,
as the result of an evil, elaborate plot orchestrated and carried out
by _________ (the roster of potential assassins and conspirators is
nearly endless to use in this blank space), are also of the opinion
that Mr. Arlen Specter and the Warren Commission he worked for in the
year 1964 were all wet and/or full of stinky fecal matter when it comes
to the three words that have sparked debate the world over since the
President's assassination -- the "Single-Bullet Theory".

But if CTers could shake loose the forever-strangling "All Evidence In
The JFK Case Must Have Been Faked And/Or Tampered With" albatross that
hangs around their necks, they could easily see that any theory that
needs to be substituted for the Single-Bullet Conclusion lacks all
credibility and can easily be shot full of holes via "common sense"

Forgive the heavy dose of sarcasm that follows, but I think it is
appropriate given the subject matter. .... I've put on my Arlen Specter
hat when writing the comments below, which are comments that serve as a
"faux notebook" of Mr. Specter's in a sense, as Arlen tries to figure
out what the devil really occurred on Elm Street in Dallas, Texas, on
11/22/63. (And for the sake of my imaginary "Specter Notes", the
dreaded "SBT" is NOT to be considered as an option for even a brief

I can just hear Mr. Specter now, as he attempts to explain the
simultaneous wounding of JFK and Governor John B. Connally in a
"Non-SBT" manner -- which, of course, would be in a manner that needs
to reconcile an incredible THREE-SHOTS-LOOK-LIKE-ONE shooting that the
Houdini-like riflemen seemingly pulled off in Dealey Plaza.

In such a make-believe scenario, Arlen's notebook just might be filled
with comments like this (as of early September 1964, just before the
Commission hands over its Final Report to President Johnson):

"We here at the Warren Commission have come to the conclusion that
President Kennedy and Governor Connally were struck by three separate
bullets (not counting the JFK head shot). These three bullets all
disappeared...somehow...without a single one being recovered and placed
into evidence.

"Re. the subject of bullets -- The Commission discounts Bullet #CE399
as being connected to the actual shooting in any fashion
whatsoever....because we've been told by people with far greater minds
and resources than that which the Commission possesses that Bullet 399
was "planted" in Parkland Hospital by some unknown conspirator in order
to mislead the investigators and in order to falsely implicate one Lee
Harvey Oswald in the President's demise.

"Therefore, the Commission has no choice but to accept this rumor of
bullet-planting as being an ironclad, undeniable "fact"....even though
the Commission has no solid, verifiable evidence to back up such
allegations of evidence tampering. But, I'm obliged to go with the flow
and just assume that said bullet was a plant. Oh, well. So be it.

"We at the Commission are at a loss to explain where all of these three
missing projectiles vanished to. But I guess we'll just have to assume
that they all just magically evaporated into a puff of smoke just after
the THREE (unknown and unseen) separate gunmen squeezed off these
rounds into the two victims.

"We at the Commission are also at a loss to explain just HOW the bullet
which entered Mr. Connally's back created a keyhole-shaped, elongated
entry wound without having hit President Kennedy (or some solid object)
first. But, we'll just have to assume, I guess, that the bullet started
tumbling in mid-air after having hit nothing but Dallas, Texas,
atmosphere between the rifleman's weapon and the Governor's back.

"Also...we at the WC are somewhat stumped as to WHY two separate
bullets completely stopped after striking JFK's neck and back, with
neither bullet causing an exit wound after entering, and with neither
of these two bullets striking any hard or bony substances within the
President's body. Another obligatory "Oh, well" is needed here it would
appear. (Along with a vigorous shrugging of the shoulders, signifying
complete and utter bewilderment re. this matter, a matter that all
CTers think is totally unimportant and, therefore, doesn't mean a darn

"The rest of the WC staff and I are also unable to explain the fact
that the autopsy report (signed by three doctors) unambiguously
determined that the bullet which struck JFK in his upper back
positively emerged from the front of his neck and then went .... well
.... where the hell did it go? It must have gone someplace. But I've
been told by CTers that I can't rely on a "Single-Bullet Conclusion";
so the answer must rest elsewhere.

"And we know the bullet did not do any damage to the interior of the
limousine, because the FBI's Bob Frazier testified to that fact during
our interview with him. (Note -- Check on Mr. Robert A. Frazier's
credibility...he may be "in" on the "cover-up" too, just like hundreds
of others like him, who are bent on keeping the truth of JFK's death a
secret no matter what.)

"Oh well, we'll just leave this additional little problem to greater
minds than the WC's in future generations. For right now, I'll just
pretend this snafu re. the autopsy report (saying that a bullet exited
JFK's throat) doesn't exist at all.

"We at the WC are also a little puzzled as to HOW in the world Governor
Connally was struck by a separate shot in the back, even though he was
seated directly in front of JFK in the car. Given the bullet's entry
point on Mr. Connally's back and its downward and slightly
right-to-left course through JBC's body, it would seem to us at the
Commission that this bullet would have probably had to have passed
through someone sitting behind the Governor prior to striking Mr.
Connally. But, CTers have told us that this one-bullet scenario must be I guess we'll have to think of a non-SBT way for this
bullet to get to Connally by not travelling through the man sitting
behind JBC. Oh well...we'll try another theory I guess.

"Another "WC Stumper" for us dumbbells in Washington is the amazing
"lining up" of the three wounds on the two victims -- with the back
wounds on JFK and JBC, plus the wound on the front of JFK's neck,
seemingly lining up pretty doggone close to being at an approx.
17-degree downward angle through the men, which is, as it turns out by
gosh, an angle that leads back to a 6th-Floor window in a building
where a certain rifle with the serial number "C2766" was found at 1:22
PM on November 22 (just 52 minutes after JFK & JBC were shot by these
{at least} three separate gunmen in Dealey Plaza). Oh well, just a pure
coincidence I guess. I'll mark it down as such a coincidence...but I
want these incredible shooters/marksmen on MY side in the next war, by
golly, I'll tell ya that right now!

"We at the Commission, after looking long and hard at the Abraham
Zapruder home movie of the assassination, are also a tad bit perplexed
at just exactly HOW these THREE SEPARATE (ace) shooters in Dallas were
able to fire their respective weapons in perfect, or near-perfect,
synchronization from their three separate locations within Dealey Plaza
so to have struck the two victims with these three shots/bullets at a
point in time (per the Zapruder home movie) to make it appear that both
men were struck initially by bullets at an identical point in time.
(Note -- Maybe the film has been "altered" in some manner....consult a
certain "Mr. Fetzer" for further info on this possibility; because,
sans "alteration" of said motion picture and sans a whole bunch of
people running around covering up the real evidence, it looks to the
Commission as if this 3-bullet scenario is a real turd of an idea.)

"The WC is also in a quandary over the NAA analysis, which concluded
that the Connally wrist fragments "most likely" came from bullet CE399
found at Parkland. But, if the WC is to believe the words of valid and
bona fide CT researchers who have studied this case long and hard, then
CE399, as I discussed earlier, was "planted" by evil henchmen in the
hospital. (Note -- Figure out a way to make myself believe that there
was ANY way on this Earth that some crazy, suicidal conspirator(s)
would have had a desire to risk blowing the conspiracy plot wide open
by planting a bullet on a Parkland stretcher before 2:00 PM (CST) on
11/22/63, a time when Governor Connally was still in the operating room
and, hence, no "plotters" had the slightest friggin' idea where all the
"real" bullets connected with the assassination were located. Vince Bugliosi in Minnesota or L.A. -- I need to talk to
someone with a grip on reality here.)"*

* = Paraphrased transcript of Arlen Specter's probable notes re. an SBT
alternative, dated 09/08/1964. Exact verbiage may vary from final
notebook of Mr. Specter...but, rest assured, whatever the final
verbatim version of such a notebook would have looked like, the end
result would have been undoubtedly just as laughable and impossibly


The Single-Bullet Theory is so obviously the most logical (and almost
certainly correct) version of the wounding of both JFK and John
Connally....and for so many different and interconnected reasons (most
of which are outlined in tongue-in-cheek style above).

Even the "evidence" which ISN'T present in the JFK murder case (but
SHOULD definitely be in existence if the SBT is a false scenario) is
telling us that the Commission's single-bullet conclusion almost HAS to
be accurate -- e.g., no bullets found in the victims; no other bullets
in evidence except CE399; no damage to the limo's back-seat areas;
plus: virtually no damage done to the interior portions of JFK's upper
back and neck (i.e., no broken bones and no hard, bony structures being
struck by either of the TWO projectiles that CTers believe entered
these regions of the President's body and failed to exit). The total
absence of injuries within Kennedy's neck and back is enough all by
itself to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that just a single bullet
made a clean getaway through JFK's body...without pausing to do any
substantial damage whatsoever.

It's always been amazing to me that so many people who bash Mr. Specter
and the SBT can then seemingly believe in some "alternate" scenario
that is far more fanciful and full of implausibilities and
complications and vanishing bullets than is the Single-Bullet
Conclusion. (And there MUST be a "correct alternate theory" if the SBT
is untrue; so what the heck is it?! Conspiracists never say, of

In short, those who disbelieve the SBT are, by default, automatically
choosing to believe some OTHER theory re. the wounding of President
Kennedy and Governor Connally. And ANY alternate theory in this matter
falls way, way short in the common-sense and realistic departments (not
to mention in the "physical evidence" category as well).

Only an outright fool could believe in an "alternate" theory to the
SBT. Let's face it, the shooting DID occur -- these two men WERE
injured on November 22nd in Dallas -- and somebody WAS shooting at

And I shall ask again -- Lacking the SBT, what is the correct shooting
scenario to account for the seven wounds sustained by JFK and JBC? No
CTer ever wants to tackle that perfectly-valid question. Which says a
lot, IMO; because no conspiracy theorist can answer that question
without making a total goof out of himself.

But even if one day in the year 2099 (when some brave CTer decides to
put forth an alternate theory that he/she thinks debunks the SBT once
and for all), one thing's still a certainty: No other theory postulated
could possibly match the EVIDENCE and, above all, the COMMON SENSE that
the SBT matches and possesses.


"You call it the {Single-Bullet} theory; I call it the 'conclusion'; it
was a theory until we found the facts; that's why I refer to it as the
'Single-Bullet Conclusion'." -- Arlen Specter; 1965



David Von Pein
March 2006


Dec 30, 2006, 12:19:41 PM12/30/06

David Von Pein wrote:
> 1963-1964.....
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stick with oldtime tv program reviews, you do better with those (Just
a little professional advice)

> "You call it the {Single-Bullet} theory; I call it the 'conclusion'; it
> was a theory until we found the facts; that's why I refer to it as the
> 'Single-Bullet Conclusion'." -- Arlen Specter; 1965
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yep, uh-huh ----- LMAO



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