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Was Jack Zangretti Off Base?

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Aug 14, 2008, 5:05:54 PM8/14/08
He was a Chicago mobster who worked as a manager of a modular motel
complex near Lake Lugert, OK. He will tell friends of his that "three
other men -- NOT Oswald-- killed the president." He also tells them
that a "man named Ruby will kill Oswald tomorrow (11/24/63)."

Sounds pretty convincing to me but of course LNers have said this is
not the truth and they have tried to show he was off base. Two things
make me believe him (and being a CT kook is NOT one of them). Firstly
he also mentioned this tidbit: "...and in a few days a member of
Frank Sinatra's family will be kidnappd just to take some of the
attention away from the assassination." Now even Kreskin couldn't
predict this wild stuff accurately, but it did happen. Frank Sinatra
Jr. was kidnapped and here is the story:

Frank Sinatra had as many mob ties as Ruby (maybe more) so this makes
sense to me.

The second thing that makes me believe him is the fact he found
floating in a swimming pool with bullet holes in his chest a few weeks
after saying these things. Witnesses will say it looked like he was
"floating" for at least a week, but maybe two (meaning he could have
been killed shortly after making these statements. Being killed as a
way of validating what you say in my book.

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