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Justice Will Prevail

Sep 25, 2002, 10:32:49 AM9/25/02
(Bumper sticker "War is good business, invest your son.")

My Divine Right

Destroy bush and rumsfeld now American Patriot soldiers,
fire fighters, and NRA members. We all notice CNN and
CBC management refuse to allow open discussions on the
documented facts outlining the cop killers, bush and
rumsfeld treasonous behavior against the great American
people, deliberately forestalling their criminal arrests
for the mass murders of US as innocent in America. (Or
even the recent broken elections in Florida.) Again, I
repeat, I've spoken to corporate cult Americans, Leon
Harris, Bill Hemmer, Daryn Kagan, Sid Beddington, and
Walter Issacson, just to name a few at CNN. All
forementioned cowards, who would watch Americans be
robbed and murdered, and do nothing to protect
ourselves, are personally aware the bushmob was warned
of the terrorist plot specifically, the fact that Laden
investigations were blocked by the WhiteHouse, while the
bushmob in Enron interests, developed a war plan with
General Ahmad to invade Afghanistan, for an oil pipe line
on a premise of blaming Laden for whatever without
evidence as US innocent, a documented truth that existed
also just prior to 9/11, a strategy confessed to fully
implemented, demanding the bushmob not follow the
criminal leads, that point to themselves as traitors.
Like the bad bush act on 9/11. ( No
arguments are given against what I have spoken on, nor
am I even being adressed by our corporate standards as
inter-nationally responsible. Why? Largely, because, we
are adressing what is as documented to be true,
irrespective of ourselves as opinion, Justice infinite
as indivisable, like the stars in the sky, while the
corporate news machine is refusing to be our own as
legit. Mr. bush, the anti-Christ, and rumsfeld did
9/11 to kill ourselves to steal Constitutional American
values, with their silence only further implicating
themselves to the doubters. Neat eh? (I'm also playing
the Creator, who just wants to be at peace with
ourselves as equals.) As for Iraq, it was the American
administration that removed the inspectors from doing
their, going very successful job, not Saddam, while the
corporate media continues to allow cheney, the evil nazi
fascist bastard, to keep intentionally lying to American
soldiers regarding the facts, like US Air Force
Response, so the bush regime can throw away their lives
as worthless, without meaning. (Agreed, on general
terms, American soldiers are deeply ignorant and
cowardly as cheney continually attests, but they are
still preparing for death, and I understand many can
read human, and haven't been hiding in a undisclosed
location without a television, or newspaper these last
few months.) The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing
and Urban Affairs, found corporate America sold Iraq
anthrax, VX nerve gas, West Nile fever germs and
botulism, right up until March 1992, on hopes
apparently, to risk further American soldier
causalities, who were at that present time engaged in
battle with poisoning themselves mostly. 250,000 troops
are planned to criminally invade YOUR humanity, against
now near SIXTY countries, representing around
2,083,093,468 people and counting, (that also includes
freedom fighters, bikers, the Mob, and Jack), US,
clearly aware of bush and tommy franks nazi plans, like
in Afghanistan. To kill indiscriminately, while running
death squads murdering innocent families, including your
children. As for Saddam gassing the two guerilla groups
called Kurds, who were fighting to murder in a war on
behalf of Iran in 1988, labeled by American murdering
nazi savage bush, Saddam's "own people", here is what
the most definitive document on the issue states. It's
a 1990 Pentagon report, published just prior to the
invasion of Kuwait. Its authors are Stephen C.
Pelletiere, Douglas V. Johnson II, and Leif R.
Rosenberger, of the Strategic Studies Institute of the
U.S. War College at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


Iraqi Power and U.S. Security in the Middle East

Excerpt, Chapter 5


Having looked at all of the evidence that was available to us, we
find it impossible to confirm the State Department's claim that gas
was used in this instance. To begin with there were never any victims
produced. International relief organizations who examined the Kurds
-- in Turkey where they had gone for asylum -- failed to discover
any. Nor were there ever any found inside Iraq. The claim rests
solely on testimony of the Kurds who had crossed the border into
Turkey, where they were interviewed by staffers of the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee.

We would have expected, in a matter as serious as this, that the
Congress would have exercised some care. However, passage of the
sanctions measure through the Congress was unusually swift -- at
least in the Senate where a unanimous vote was secured within 24
hours. Further, the proposed sanctions were quite draconian (and will
be discussed in detail below). Fortunately for the future of
Iraqi-U.S. ties, the sanctions measure failed to pass on a
bureaucratic technicality (it was attached as a rider to a bill that
died before adjournment).

It appears that in seeking to punish Iraq, the Congress was
influenced by another incident that occurred five months earlier in
another Iraqi-Kurdish city, Halabjah. In March 1988, the Kurds at
Halabjah were bombarded with chemical weapons, producing a great many
deaths. Photographs of the Kurdish victims were widely disseminated
in the international media. Iraq was blamed for the Halabjah attack,
even though it was subsequently brought out that Iran too had used
chemicals in this operation, and it seemed likely that it was the
Iranian bombardment that had actually killed the Kurds.

From another American government report:

"Blood agents [i.e., cyanogen chloride] were allegedly
responsible for the most infamous use of chemicals in
the war--the killing of Kurds at Halabjah. Since the
Iraqis have no history of using these two agents--and
the Iranians do--we conclude that the Iranians
perpetrated this attack."


The New York Times reported on corporate America's war
project SHAD, where during the Vietnam war, 4000 U.S.
sailors were gassed deliberately by Republicans with
gruesome biological toxins, including sarin.

As for proving that something is not secretly hidden by
a nation as millions.. practically impossible! You
can't ever conclusively prove that something isn't
secretly hidden from perception by variables
admittingly, unknowable. (For whom would be there to
secretly watch the watchers?) When, and under what
madness of bush tyranny as enslavement of our human
species, would anyone be able to try standing up in Iraq
or elsewheres and state, there is no Anthrax anywhere
hidden secretly to kill bush, the false deity super evil
anti-Christ with? Never I declare as the Son of Man,
will evil bush escape the wrath of our fury as this
Universe is, however, it is the supporters of bush's
irrationality with our poltical will unchallenged by
corporate standards, as these nazi monster, lawless
American cop killers wish to use to terrorize 60 nations
of almost 2 billion innocents without any evidence with.
With an intent to use a paultry 250,000 criminal nazi
soldiers mindlessly stupid on drugs probably, while
corporate America won't give anyone two minutes
nationally to speak on the clear strong factual evidence
implicating bush and rumsfeld for murdering over 3,000
AMERICAN flag wavers in Yew York City? Destroy American
traitor bush now!!! The sanctions against the poorest
of poor in Iraq are also irrational. The Republicans
state the innocent people of Iraq must be denied food
and medicine to starve and die because, they are
practically politically powerless to change their state
to be attacked as the unrepresented, while stating
Saddam, if he could, wouldn't help them survive as a
nation as the Republican justification to terrorize
millions, while cheney skirts U.N. sanctions to sell
Saddam whatever supplies privately in secret? So the
suffering of Iraqis, is rightly attributed on American
terrorist activity by all Iraqis, as the direct cause,
working directly against the Republicans publicly stated
purpose to commit such criminal intent. Example: If a
well spoken father who may not like the policies of
Saddam should go to the hospital with his child, he is
told the bush clan wish his family death and suffering
by American will for being born to our world in Iraq as
human. The oil for food program however, is
intelligently based, but it's purpose is defeated with
the Republican atrocities to blindly murder US with.
The demands for the betterment of the Iraq people
through national oil sales, would make sense, if they
weren't directly suffering under assault by the same
terrorist network cancer cell that denies themselves
inalienable rights to life as our own. Like
pathetically weak as unrepresented American cowardly
soldiers, who were provided no evidence to back up the
evil bushmob's criminal allegations, then went murdering
tens of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan on
the brink of starvation, instead of killing the
documented child killer, heroin pusher, tommy franks, or
bush and rumsfeld for 9/11 in America. Just on bush's
behavior on the day in question, being left unreported
by CNN dictates, should say much to everyone.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Richard Myers
told reporters at the National Press Club about Iraq's
enormous unknown stockpiles of !secret! corporate
american warfare weapons, "It does not take a lot of
space for some of this work to go on. It can be done in
a very, very small location," he said. "The fact that
you can put it on wheels makes it a lot easier to hide
from people who might be looking for it. So, yes we
have evidence." Evidence of what? Nations with trucks
should be nuked? Richard Myers is a nazi warmongering
irrational fukhead, who wishes the murder of countless
thousands, if not millions in AMERICA, who should be
fired today. You see the nazi bastard, you fire him, do
you hear me People? AMERICA? Johnny...? Mr. Myers, your


While we now learn from public disclosures on Connie
Chung, apparently, George Tenant, had only 3 CIA officers
investigating Laden just prior to 9/11. While I
remember last year it was alledged on PBS, the CIA had
taxed the American public nearly 10 billion on those
investigations regarding Laden over the previous year,
but, hmmm, bush forbade police agencies, the pursuit of
such investigations with his secret W199i directive.
Guardian Wednesday 7, 2001 - "FBI claims bin Laden
inquiry was frustrated"

George Tenant must be questioned on these matters, and
his relationship to General Ahmad, then arrested
regarding his inaction on the insider stock traders for
9/11. If neither happen in a timely fashion, he too,
will be destroyed by US American Patriots for treason.

Excerpt From:

NY Newsday
U.S. Hypocritical on Human-Rights Abuses
by Marie Cocco

America's new business partner, Uzbekistan's president
is brutal, and very bad.

The State Department human rights report says the former
Soviet republic now "is an authoritarian state with
limited civil rights ... Both police and the
National Security Services routinely tortured, beat and
otherwise mistreated detainees to obtain confessions ...
Police also used suffocation, electric shock, rape
and other sexual abuse. Neither the severity nor
frequency of torture appeared to have decreased during
the year."

What increased was American aid. It tripled to $160
million, the payoff for allowing U.S. military staging
areas for the war in neighboring Afghanistan. President
Islam Karimov was welcomed to the White House. In July,
Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill traveled to Tashkent and
praised Karimov's "efficient leadership."

Bush has singled out one despot for removal.

He says he has many reasons for invading Iraq. Without
a look at some secret new evidence the administration
may or may not have about Saddam Hussein's arsenal, it
is not possible to find truth. That is how the White
House wants it.

From a smart thinking, great commenting archive
sifting site somewhere titled,

Print Think

Bush planned Iraq 'regime change' before becoming President
By Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President
Bush and
his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure
change' even before he took power in January 2001.

The blueprint, uncovered by the Sunday Herald, for the creation of a
Pax Americana' was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice- president),
Rumsfeld (defence secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld's deputy),
George W
Bush's younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney's chief of staff).
document, entitled Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategies, Forces
Resources For A New Century, was written in September 2000 by the
neo-conservative think-tank Project for the New American Century

The plan shows Bush's cabinet intended to take military control of the
region whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power.


The PNAC report also:


- hints that, despite threatening war against Iraq for developing
weapons of
mass destruction, the US may consider developing biological weapons --
the nation has banned -- in decades to come. It says: 'New methods of
-- electronic, 'non-lethal', biological -- will be more widely
available ...
combat likely will take place in new dimensions, in space, cyberspace,
perhaps the world of microbes ... advanced forms of biological warfare
can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from
realm of terror to a politically useful tool'


Now, as for the corporate world telling US, we believe
Laden is guity without evidence: A reasonable person
doesn't have the justification to believe the
unsubstantiated verdict. This is why the fascists at
CNN propagandized, TERRORIZED, the American public by
falsely alledging that Laden threatened to nuke America,
or that he stated to murder any or all Americans like a
bush would. Laden, like Saddam, or Arafat never was
actually quoted to be that ignorantly stupid as a leader
trying to communicate to the People, but for by CNN, and the
sharon types regarding "Palestinians", as a lie to
themselves to excuse their responsibility to ourselves
as the humans. But EVEN IF TRUE, wouldn't make Laden
responsible for every wrong doings the bushmob was
actually responsible for, like robbing all Americans of
their livelyhoods, unreported by CNN of course, to leave
ourselves to fall victim by the bush regime as shysters
pirating America, by shredding the Holy Constitution.
However, Laden has skated near with the label "Jew", to
be of the criminal, intolerant, offensive, fascist,
bigoted jewish Israeli government, that imprisons or
murders real Jews for being JUST that. Rabbi Hillel
would be jailed by sharon in the israel of today. Wise
Muhammad teachings cover this dumb Jew Christian thing
well, as us all suffering by the illiterate evil
dumbfuks who ignore ourselves, to steal our established
values, while CNN, like Art Bell, forbids debate on
their irrational falsehoods, refusing to protect the
FBI, or the American flag through practicing censorship,
while advocating murder, as Art Bell, the traitor, does
almost daily, while hanging up every human caller.
Next, CNN will be blaming ALL the poor and starving in
the third world, for secret Pentagon frauds through
the removal of the False Claims Act. As, the American nation
contributes the least to the world in aid, in relation
to the GNP. (The give and take.) 5 billion a month to
not feed, but murder innocent people in Afghanistan?
Destroy bush now, and be loved by all as God.

Hey, great! You've actually read this far. Say,
listen... Google, for one reason or another censors my,
and who knows who elses, posts for fear from the
bushmob. The bushmob through Google 'Groups' has no
problem with posts encouraging war crimes by bigots, but
my rational posts regarding the nature of Justice, they
have determined for US, is inappropriate, while bush
prepares to criminally war our world to actually do so
as an unelected mass murdering nazi savage. So I ask
you to have faith in living, and give us your thoughts
on this for yourself. When it's reposted, it makes it
far more difficult to disect from public viewing, and
gives the likely good people at Google, a viable excuse
to not continuing to do so against our better interests.
To comment this post with whatever position you may have
regarding these important subjects, doesn't mean you
agree that we are God, or I'm simply Johnny Wizard, but
for open free communications regarding the true
political state of ourselves worth being heard from.
Murdering innocent people for evil bush and rumsfeld to
steal from ourselves, is a sacrifice in cowadice, I for
one, refuse to stand for as the living. How about you?
Public rebutals regarding my supreme stupidity are found
in alt.sercurity.terrorism.

Thanks friend,

Johnny Wizard


All Wrapped Up

CBC as managed has deliberately with intent, worked to
misinform and propagandize our community on what is as,
documented provable fact, regarding Mr. bush's
complicity to the murder of US as the innocent in New
York City. CBC has refused to live up to our
responsibility to protect our democracy, and in silence,
has pirated our names to murder those understood to be
innocent of the accused offence. CBC has refused to
allow ourselves as the public to understand, Mr. bush
forbade the FBI from pursuing bin Laden investigations,
just prior to 9/11 with secret Presidential directive
W199I (199I WF213589), which had John O'Neil, the
anti-terrorism head for the FBI publicly protest by
resigning over. This W199I directive was put into place
after the administration had been warned by the BND, and
several other legitimate intelligence agencies, of an
impending terrorist plot involving the high-jacking of
American airplanes to be used as weapons and flown into
land marks. In addition to these unreported top
priority political issues that stand to be true as
documented factually, the bush administration had also
secretly put together a sinister war strategy, that was
revealed to ourselves as the public, by Canada's own Jim
Miklaszewski at MSNBC, to have existed without any doubt
as Presidential Directive documents, two days prior to
9/11 at the WhiteHouse. A planned strategy to invade
specifically Afghanistan, by blaming bin Laden for a
crime, but providing no evidence to back up the
allegations. That's right. The super evil criminal
bush dictatorship had a plan in place to not follow the
actual evidence to arrest the true culprits for a crime
that hadn't even yet taken place, but that they were
prepared for to close investigations on, as an
opportunity to invade specifically Afghanistan, propping
up the Northern Alliance who still practice the
barbarity of sharia law, with the bush bonuses of
selling heroin to our world, and most importantly,
building a liquefied natural gas pipe line for bush and
his Enron friends, to rob even more further from us all.
Legitimate FBI officers unrepresented by Mueller claim
General Amad was the principle terrorist funder of
Muhammad Atta, responsible for a wire transfer of
$100,000, who, incidentally was in unusual meetings, the
General was, with the bush administration a week prior
to 9/11, who also not only participated in meetings with
several top officials in the Senate Intelligence
Committee, but also, was reported to participate in
building the war strategy of invading Afghanistan, as
the reported desperate excuse offered for the General
being there just prior to 9/11, and also, was personally
responsible for negotiating the non-surrender of bin
Laden, of which the ISI claimed, the General advised the
Taliban not to do so because, no evidence would be
offered, nor public trial for an offence bin claimed he
played no part of.

We are all in agreement, in truth we rise, evil is just
the deceived disguised. Boo!

The case is wrapped up, and bush and rumsfeld need to be
immediately arrested for 9/11, for murdering countless
thousands for stolen gain, at the losses to our
humanity, that show through every putrid utterance of
scum bucket bush, as contempt for our living as humanity
through Law. Where a person accused of a criminal
offence without any evidence is clearly innocent. For
why I ask you reader, would any unjustified leader of US
people blame someone for a crime who wasn't linked to
the offense, while working to close investigations, and
not follow through with the ample clues to capture the
true evil doers? Just how cowardly stupid can soldier
families be taken without conviction as themselves worth
fighting for?

Justice for all, and glory be to godly.

Johnny Wizard


Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum


Posted By: Rosalinda
Date: Tuesday, 10 September 2002, 11:50 a.m.

[source: CNN, Sept. 9]

OTHER LEAKY EXCUSES. In an interview iwth CNN today, former UN
Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter ridiculed the latest concoctions
of the Mega crowd to justify an attack on Iraq. Excerpts follow:

PAULA ZAHN (CNN): I want to have, hear your reaction to the
whole range of Bush Administration officials yesterday who said
.. that Saddam Hussein has been trying to obtain materials to
build nuclear weapons, particularly trying to buy thousands of
aluminum pipes that could be used in the manufacture of a
centrifuge and ultimately used to manufacture weapons.
What do you make of that?

RITTER: What an absurd statement. Thousands of aluminum
pipes, and we're going to go to war over thousands of aluminum
pipes? Even the IISS report that you cite says that if Iraq was
to have trying to do uranium enrichment, it would take them many
years before they could do it. This is patently ridiculous. These
are aluminum pipes coming in for civilian use. They are not being
transferred to a covert nuclear processing plant or any covert
nuclear activity whatsoever.

But the best way to figure this out is to send the weapons
inspectors in. If they, if the United States has this evidence
that Iraq has these pipes, why not, heck, give me the data. I'll
come to Iraq, hunt it down and we'll bring it to a close. That
would save us going to war, killing thousands of people and
destroying our reputation in the international community.
We cannot go to war because Vice President Cheney's worried
about some aluminum pipes. This is ridiculous....

ZAHN: Let's talk more about what some say is the only
independent voice in this whole argument, and that is the
International Institute for Strategic Studies.... In this report,
it suggests ... that Iraq could make a nuclear weapon in months
if it had foreign help.

Let me read to you what the conclusion was, that, "War
sanctions and inspections have reversed and retarded but not
eliminated Iraq's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and
long range missile capabilities, nor removed Baghdad's enduring
interest in developing these capabilities."

RITTER: Paula, what do we have here? Rhetoric? Where's the
facts? "Enduring interest" in weapons capability? What does that
mean? What evidence do they cite for this "enduring interest"?
You know, ballistic missiles. They say he has 12. What, did they
grow? Where are they? They didn't have 12 when I was a weapons

Chemical weapons? Biological weapons? They talk about bulk
agent in terms of Iraq's biological weapons program. What bulk
agent? Where did they make it? A bulk agent has a three-year
lifetime in terms of storage in ideal conditions. The last time
Iraq was known to have produced bulk agent was in 1990. That
stuff, even if they held onto it, is no longer viable. So to have
bulk agent today, Iraq would have had to reconstitute a
manufacturing base in biological weapons. Where is it?

This report is absurd. It has zero factual basis. It's all
rhetoric. It's all speculative and, frankly speaking, it's
meaningless without, you know, with the sad exception that hawks
in the Bush administration are going to point to this as
justification for war....

ZAHN: What makes you think that if UN weapons inspectors
went in now, after not being on the ground for four years, it
would be any different than the last time around, when Richard
Butler, who was the chief UN weapon inspector, said the Iraqis
often moved stuff when they knew you guys were going to be on the

RITTER: I had been there since 1991 working under Ralph
Ekeus, when the vast majority of the actual disarmament took
place. By the time Richard Butler came, we had already destroyed
Iraq's weapons programs. We were hunting down for, you know,
missing items, you know, a piece of metal here, some documents

And, yes, Iraq could have moved them, but this does not
constitute a weapons program. It's illegal, and this is what
inspectors need to do, come back here, finish the job so that
Iraq can get on with rebuilding its economy, etc. But, you know,
Richard Butler knows for darned sure that the Iraqis were not
moving weapons from his weapons inspectors.

The weapons inspectors were trying to get into some of the
most sensitive facilities in Iraq that dealt with presidential
security. I was the guy leading these inspections and Richard
knows that he allowed the United States to use my inspections to
spy on Iraq, which is why they don't trust the inspection

So let's not bring up Richard Butler. Frankly speaking, he
has no credibility on this issue.

ZAHN: I still don't understand why you think the inspections
will be any different this time around. The administration seems
convinced that if Iraq had nothing to hide, they wouldn't have
broken all these UN regulations and they would have allowed
inspectors in over the last four years.

RITTER: Come on, Paula, let's be fair. The administration
knows that the Central Intelligence Agency used the weapons
inspection program as a Trojan horse to insert intelligence
collection capabilities to go after Saddam Hussein....

You know, I know that inspections did work. We achieved a 90
to 95 percent level of verified, absolutely certain
accountability for Iraq's weapons program, including all the
factories and associated production equipment. This is why I'm
just amazed when I hear reports coming from the IISS that Iraq
suddenly has the capability. Where did it come from? Did they
suddenly grow factories? ...

... Let's get the inspectors back in, let's get them to
find out what the ultimate disposition of these weapons programs
are and if Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction program, thank
goodness, we just diffused a war. And I think that's a good thing
worth trying to do.


From the well recomended document:

US Intelligence and the Terrorists: Pre-9-11

... June 6, 2001. German intelligence warned CIA.

(A) The German intelligence agency, the BND, warned both
the CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists were
``planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as
weapons to attack important symbols of American and
Israeli culture.'' This intelligence reportedly came
from Echelon, a high-tech electronic surveillance system
used by the intelligence agencies of several nations to
glean through electronic communications for certain
keywords. It was first reported by the German daily
newspaper, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung on September
13. Its sources were reportedly from the BND itself.
(Gembeimdienste 6-6-2001; Stafford 9-13-2001; Ruppert
11-2-2001; Ruppert 11-27-2001; Ruppert 4-22-2002; Martin
1-5-2002; Martin 1-16-2002; Thomas 5-21-2002)

According to Gordon Thomas (5-21-2002) of Global -
Intel, the original source of information actually came
from Israeli Mossad agents operating in the U.S. who
had infiltrated al Qaeda. According to his account the
Mossad also informed British and Russian intelligence
about the attacks, who then in turn notified the CIA.
Thomas's sources are allegedly informants within the
Mossad itself.

As of April 22, 2002, no challenges to this information
has been reported. ...

Also, it has also been alledged that the German
embassador Ischinger, On Monday 6, August, 2001, had met
bush personally, and during that meeting, the Bundesamt
fur Verfassungsschutz [German domestic secret service]
and BND [Bundesnachreichtendienst, German foreign secret
service] finding was once again reiterated in person.


! ! ! ! N E W S F L A S H ! ! ! !

September 12, 2002 NewsNight with Arron Brown

Scott Ritter - "The job is to disarm Iraq, not to
penetrate Iraq to take advantage of the unique access
enjoyed by the inspectors to go after Saddam. The
United States took advantage of the information we
collected, and also used the weapon inspections as a
Trojan horse, inserting a signals intelligence operation
which was used to collect information about the security
of Saddam in a manner that was totally inappropriate,
and had nothing to do with disarming."

Richard Butler - "I was in meetings with United States
officials. This isn't some great Revelation. Where I
rejected what they proposed, on this ground, That my
mandate was to seek to disarm Iraq. And were our
program, to be used for other purposes, to seek to
change the government in Iraq, or national purposes, the
interests of the United States, then THAT WOULD HAVE

Scott Ritter - "On seven separate occasions from
November 1997 to August 1998, with inspection proposals
signed by Richard Butler, authorized to proceed in Iraq,
the United States intervened to manipulate these
inspections, stop them all together, to alter their
timing, Richard Butler succeeded to this"

Mr. Butler, did not refute, with his repeated
opportunity, Ritter's documented as fact, with the paper
work to prove it, allegations of american corruption
succeeding, in fact, repeatedly, Butler refused to
answer the direct question, on weather, he, Mr. Butler,
abdicated his responsibility to our world community, and
sided instead to bow as a fascist coward to CRIMINAL
american sabotage regarding the U.N. resolution
inspection's process.

Gee, no wonder Saddam has concerns for his people...

A worthwhile note also, is during CNN new briefs on
Saddam's recent comments, never once was it said, that
Saddam alleges to our world, bush murdered New Yorkers
for financial gain, as he did factually claim, and I do
too, as the evidence is unmistakable. Mr. bush, the
super evil anti-Christ, and too, Mr. rumsfeld, the
sadistic nazi dumbfuk, must be immediately arrested, or
executed by Patriot American Believers, so we may begin
to get this PUBLIC court case regarding the facts on the
mass murder of AMERICANS under way. I wanna lead the
prosecutor's team!!! (I am now officially excepting
book offers.)


Johnny Wizard Here To Tell It Like We Is

So, the bush regime knows that Saddam has no nukes, but
as any person could, maybe at sometime in the future
would target general populations, of which Saddam has
stated to be rationally stupid, immoral and evil. A
tactic that bush, as america, says without pause to
reflect, would do so in our stolen names is plausible
with him in power as a degenerate. The bush regime also
thinks Saddam does indeed have biological weapons, and
has so for decades but never used them, as the only
affordable balance to the militarization of the region.
Namely, to counter the Israeli government's corrupt
political position of American funded bigotry and
lawless behavior, on claims God gave them a right as
criminals apparently, to deprive Christians a right to
live justly, to own property, or use public roads even,
and that most of Iraq should too, be stolen by force
like hitler did, as hitler did measure also, all Jews,
by the same level of intolerance, ignorance and
barbarity sharon does of US as Palestinians, you know,
Catholics, Muslims, Jews and Atheists, absent love for
ourselves as understanding, godly, and principally
innocent until proven otherwise. Mr. sharon is not
Jewish, nor is anyone else allowed to practice as such
in the Likud party. But anyway, Saddam is no Saint,
however, no evidence exists that Saddam has ever used
bio warfare weapons on his own people, while Our Mr.
bush Jr., is documented factually, as a murdering demon
of evilness clearly paraded before ourselves by
corporate command, as a supposed representation of OUR
civilization's true will. As Our Mr. bush Jr. works
diligently to destroy our lives through fraudulent
means, counting on US not trying to save Ourselves by
following the truth to set US free. A Republican who
without laughing, demanded law enforcement agencies not
follow the ample criminal evidence to arrest the true
perpetrators of 9/11, but instead, urged the closing of
investigations, while top secretly, implicated bin Laden
without evidence he couldn't divulge, of which the
British government ended up doing so for the love of our
selves, comprising of only, general maybe if's, of which
only could, can, and does, jeopardize bush, cheney and
rumsfeld by taking such a secret, now public position
against our interests to kill us as the innocent with.
Which is truly why bush rumsfeld and cheney are
warmongering as despicable savages. 5 billion dollars
in humanitarian aid is being blocked by the bush regime
to enter Iraq, like food and medicine. The bush regime
demands children be starved and not receive treatments
for ailments, such as aspirin for headaches, or as
cancer from the devastation the families of Iraq are
still suffering through, since the last time a bush's
american criminal military force dumped tons of
radioactive waste in the region, while murdering
indiscriminately ourselves as anyone, because
principally, toxic American soldiers, like the American
people, hold the title of the highest illiteracy levels
of the developing world, which brings them as
consequence, the worst health care providers to
themselves as discounted, corporately mandated as
unworthy to understand their own behaviors, so they can
be even further rooked as shysters. Over two million
people have died directly because of American aggression
against the practically defenseless in Iraq, who the
bush regime even claims, have little of no power to
change the political landscape, based in loose tribal
ethics as protections, that has been as such, for
approximately 4000 years. And as American traitor war
criminal rumsfeld proclaimed, since american aggression
has continued against Iraq over the last twelve years,
so too, has their economy been devastated, and as
consequence, the attraction to keep the more literate as
wealth driven from remaining, has waned. But what can
bush offer Iraq, indeed to our world my friends? Just
murder US people for stolen cash profit, is clearly his
only motivation, as a tyrant dictator far worse than
Saddam has ever been. Mr. bush indicates he knows
nothing of economics, or the important function of law
to protect our societies, so what if he should kill
Saddam, and maybe a million Iraqi people, then what? He
hasn't thought that far, and clearly, due to his
evilness we witness daily, couldn't care less. CNN and
other corporate professionals refuse to tell the blood
sucking, carcinogenic, corporate American real fast news
blips, of causes they as a nation in total celebrated
televised ignorance, have committed against the Iraqi
struggling to survive People, and indeed around our
world likewise. As was the bush regime's unreported
support of the overthrow of democratically elected
Chavez in Venezuela, who incidentally, as one of the
very few, holds a perfect human rights record, unlike
America, who is the only nation, the World Court has
convicted by factual documented evidence, to be a
terrorist state. There is no record of Saddam murdering
millions of Iraqis, while targeting innocent children,
but there is to the illegitimate bush family, and nazi
soldier tommy franks intentions, the most despicable
savage to ever don an American uniform, who would now
have us all believe, such a evil strategy of criminal
wrong doing, is the only option, to better the lives of
those who barely survive from American oppression in
Iraq as it is. What form of governance would bush be
suggesting? Would it be like bush squandering almost 7
trillion dollars in bad business decisions for our
futures as he has set forth for America already? Or
maybe something like the new criminal heroin pushers in
Afghanistan as foreigners? Costing the American nation,
who holds the title of highest rates of human
depravation in the industialized world, and highest
percentage of imprisoned per populace in all recorded
history, 5 billion dollars every month to prop up sales
in narcotics, and terrorist handbooks. Where political
opponents who criticize the Karazi regime are murdered,
for factually claiming the political aims of Karazi are
not representing US people as the children? Or as evil
bush, who would boldly lie to the face of God, that
there were no girl schools in Afghanistan under the
Taliban, while secretly thanking sadistic scum bag
American traitor, mass murdering savage, wimp ass drug
dealing coward tommy franks, for specifically targeting
those very schools, women reporters, Mosques, red cross
units, literate tribal leaders, men with beards, and
children, while labelling all of Our humanity who would
fight against injustice his enemy? Or that bush would
dare still attempt to get away undamaged by the real men
of this world, to spout his venom hatred for humanity to
what must be drugged out to be so cowardly American
soldiers, by lying to US as the demon of pure evilness
we all witnessed, that heroin cultivation wasn't
factually outlawed by the Taliban officially following
Allah, leaving no position as God's will to back track
politically on later? American military analysts,
including the CIA and former secretary of Defense,
William Cohen, claim Iraq is no threat to it's
neighbors, as so too, does no nation in the region
support bush's warmongering. In Congressional hearings
last week, former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter
courageously stated what many Americans believe, but
rarely if never mentioned by corporate news standards as
the will of the people, "A handful of ideologues have
hijacked the national security policy of the United
States for their own ambitions." Ritter insisted Iraq
was no threat to the U.S. or the Mideast, and later
offered that cheney be forced by Americans on mass, to
offer evidence to his bogus, make believe accusations,
that he wishes to use to actually murder thousands, if
not millions of US REAL PEOPLE. Our axis of evil, bush
rumsfeld and cheney, do not want renewed inspections of
Iraq, they only want war to murder ourselves, and to
create instability in our world through fear to prevent
their rightful capture for 9/11, while we all are
expected to sit back as corporate standard fascist
cowards, to pretend bush was actually elected as
President in America, because actual poll counts were
forbidden to be publicized, therefor, he may have won
our approval to use nukes against anyone for whatever.
With CNN, the Commie Nazi Network, telling us we as the
civilized are also convicted to poll, that evidence is
no longer a requirement to convince US who is criminally
insane, in this nightmare of criminal bush family
evilness, hell bent on destroying your world, and
everything WE, as The People, have struggled so hard to
protect. It would seem any world threat of terrorism,
would be surely from a nation like bush's America. A
cowardly nation that demands we as humanity, be deprived
the guiding principles of Justice like they in weakness
had abdicated as no longer their own as unfairly
represented, leaving as slaves the bush regime to rob us
all of our Freedoms, as a rule of Law instills such as
in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights,
and the American Constitution. All now trashed by
Ashcroft, as clear criminal intent to obstruct Justice
as the American dream for everyone.

E-mail this to somebody for Christ states,

yours truly,

Johnny Wizard


From below:

"Mr. bush you nazi vermin, you attack my America, you
attack US all. American soldiers will not sit back as
cowards entirely, and watch you sacrifice our lives as
worthless without meaning."

I think I love you too much

Wow, your amazing! So, what your saying is bush the
nazi tyrant, the unelected mass murdering fascist
dictator, has no interest following the ample criminal
leads, because they lead to him, rumsfeld, and cheney
likely too, right? And, when that evil monster told us
instead he would rely on secret evidence, but couldn't
tell us why, as too the FBI or CIA, it turned out to be
nothing but another wicked evil deception against the
great American people, Tony Blair, bin Laden, and law
enforcement officers everywhere, to even further give
him cause to close investigations into 9/11 as Reuters
told us, and rob directly from American soldier
families, their lives, pensions, life savings, and blind
faith, in bush, the false diety, super evil anti-Christ.

Johnny Wizard is my Hero.


Weak Pathetic Coward Nazi Bastards

American soldiers are weak pathetic coward nazi
bastards. The recorded evidence stands before all of
our humanity, while CNN silently pleads ignorance on
what is clearly established as documented fact,
regarding Mr. bush and rumsfelds' complicity to
murdering thousands of American citizens, stealing from
all Americans the principles of which the American flag
once represented, now unprotected by corporate dictates.
Encouraging American soldiers to further sacrifice their
dying rights, to murder potentially hundreds of
thousands more for bushs' nazi conquests against
ourselves further unprotected by nazi traitors at
blitzer's war room. ("War Room" is the term used by
nazi CNN nosearch big pay do squat staff who routinely
work to keep America uninformed with their secret from
no one, refusals to protect Americans for the bush
regime, like in the case of "The False Claims Act", or
evidence requirement to convince US who is evil.) You do
five minutes research on the Anthrax suspect, and you
come up with Dr. Phillip Zack, but what does CNN do to
protect the American people? Nothing but mention
Hatfill, not even still a suspect according to REAL FBI
sources, who, you'll notice, Mueller or Ashcroft never
if ever mentions, like point number six of Coleen Rowley
in Time regarding treason at the highest level. Mr.
tommy franks, the nazi traitor heroin pusher, runs death
squads in Afghanistan, executing countless children as
our own, but what does CNN say on behalf of our

Nothing, but to refuse a voice to those they know
murdrered in their names as nazi facists, refusing to
allow open honest discussions on the true political
state of the Union. Publicly advocating to be
accessories to the murder of ourselves, refusing to make
any attempt to stop bush from continuing to murder their
our own families, and stealing from our nations the
concept of Justice for ourselves, (Never mind America's
own life savings STILL sitting in the Cayman Islands.
(Thomas White.)) while advocating even more murders and
thefts against the innocent, because soldiers are too
weak as colateral damaged disfunctional illiterates, to
stand up proud for the American people as equals. Under
the Bill of Rights, as justice for US all, truly brave
and strong, as the saviours of ourselves to be free as
individuals, humanity, WE will never surrender as slaves
to the false diety, anti-Christ, Our Mr. bush Jr.. The
lawless nazi facists mass murdering tyrants, Mr. bush,
bogus cheney, and rumsfeld, are the ememies of America
as the free world, who as WE, will no longer except
lying down to the continuing corporate silence of
surrender, to take us as dead and forgotten, as not
worth our time of day, to stand for yourself, as a
living breathing human.

Johnny has spoken to several hundred at CBC and CNN
including the CEO's of both, regarding the evidence that
no one has yet, suggested they find any contention with.
Destroy bush and rumsfeld American Patriot Soldiers, and
be loved by all as family.

---- Destroying the evil doers

I am reaching out to you regarding an extremely serious
life and death, Heven or Hell kind of development, that
I can only encourage you to investigate on your own to
form your own conclusions, but firstly some background.
As you should already be aware, NBC was recently
provided top secret, presidential directive, war
strategy documents, outlining a plan to invade
Afghanistan, with a pre-requisite strategy, of blaming
Bin Laden for a crime, but providing no evidence,
existing as these documents did, two days prior to 9/11.
When NBC contacted the WhiteHouse regarding these
revelations, not only were they compelled to admit the
paper work was legitimate, but, what can only best be
described as pure evil stupidity disguised to nobody,
confessed to fully implementing. That's right.
Confessed to implementing a strategy that demands the
bush regime not follow the actual criminal leads, to
arrest the true perpetrators, for a crime that hadn't
even yet taken place, but that bush was prepared for, to
gain access into Afghanistan for bush and his Enron
friends to rob even more futher from US all. (According
to the FBI and the CIA, al-Qaeda is headquartered in
Saudi Arabia.) In addition to this, if you remember when
bush told us he wasn't going to rely on the criminal
evidence persay, but knew top secretly better than
everybody else does, that for sure Bin Laden was guilty,
while working to close 9/11 investigations and seizing
as much evidence from law enforcement as possible?
Well, the British government, God love'em, has now made
those documents public, and guess what? There is no
evidence present in those papers, and the only security
they seem to jeopardize, is that of our Mr. bush Jr.'s.
Also, the FBI now inform us, that bush passed secret
directive, W199I, just prior to 9/11 forbidding law
enforcement officers from pursuing Bin Laden and
al-Qeida investigations, of which John O'Neil, head of
investigations for the FBI resigned in disgust over,
while also being informed by the BND (Germany's CIA),
that on June, 6th, 2001, they contacted the bush regime
stating that they were highly aware of a mossad al-Qeida
terrorist plot, to highjack American airliners to be
flown into land marks. You know... Satan forbid, bush
would of been compelled to actually have to arrest Bin
for a criminal offence, (as we do remember the Taliban
offered.) thwarting his intentions, of watching
Americans been murdered in the thousands, so he could
then gain access into Afghanistan, prop up the northern
alliance, who still practice Sharia law, with the bush
bonuses of selling heroin, and most importantly,
building this bush Enron LNG pipeline to rob even more
further from US all. All these points stand as
documented facts, not opinion, speculation, conjecture
or theory. However, CNN's blitzer, the nazi
sympathizing fascist coward, refuses to inform Americans
about the bush regime stealing their livelihoods, while
propagandizing the American public, that they instead,
should as cowards, watch the bush regime murder millions
more in their own names, while stealing pensions and
life savings from their own families without legal
representation. I call upon all peoples, to recognize
CNN's refusal to live up to their responsibilities to
protect the American flag, and upon all it represents,
Freedom, as is, Justice for US all. Where a person
accused of a criminal offence without evidence, is
clearly innocent, and where real soldiers, would now
fully support following the criminal leads, of which
there is plenty, to arrest to true perpetrators, of the
9/11 attack upon our better judgement. How did al-Qaeda
sabotage the Moussaoui warrant? Mr. bush and rumsfeld
must immediately be arrested, to face trial for crimes
against our humanity, taken down by true American
Patriots, committed to democracy, and the protection of
ourselves slaughtered by CNN as worthless on their
alters of apathy, and misgivings about our winning this
war for everyone.


---- What do you know?

Hi everyone, so, what do we know? Mr. bush made plans
to attack Afghanistan just prior to 9/11, for not
signing a contract with Unocal, which would have given
Enron access to LNG. For without, they as members of
the bushmob, would face their impending criminal
bankruptcy, revealing they were stealing from any as all
Americans, their life savings. Without the illegal war
against the struggling to be better Taliban, the bushmob
would have been exposed without fear by America, and
soon, we would have all faced a bright new day
understanding further, the importance of Justice for
humanity as ourselves deserving not to be robbed from.

None of the evidence indicated Afghanistan, and by bush
running without judgement with his plan made prior,
showed a willingness to not apprehend the true culprits,
while warmongering a fury in bigoted corporate America,
to attack our humanity without thinking, or
understanding the reasons why the American Constitution
holds still respect, for it's wisdom granting
protections to the people as we are, individuals with
rights to be represented as equals under the law, in
defence against the evils of humanity, of which, our Mr.
bush willingly as a demon, works to destroy US as the
too weak and cowardly as terrified to know better to
speak up for themselves rightly.

We now have learned just recently by NBC, there was a
thought out, secretly planned arangement two days prior
to 9/11 regarding the Taliban being asked to hand over
Bin without any evidence, knowing full well, that under
such an agreement, the Taliban, believing in God and
finding a Justice system through communicating, as they
had during the Clinton Administration, would refuse
rightly again, outlining the anti-Christ's entry to
commit crimes against our humanity, with a plan that
didn't need ajusting to falsely implicate the innocent
of our world as Bin still is. Then Mr. rumsfeld. Mr.
rumsfeld, the murdering nazi savage, on the one hand,
told us the Taliban would execute their own men for
leaving the fight to protect our world from heroin, and
on the other hand, says they need with everyone else to
be murdered without any questions asked. Ever I guess
rumsfeld the dumbfuck figured. (Forgive my language Mr.
Brown, but I'm supposed to set a few bad examples.) As
an evil bush mobster, he's incompetent, like really
dumb, and a mass murdering savage criminal, unable to
cover his treason against the American people in New
York City, now trying to bribe America's commanding
officers to sell out American interests like tommy
franks. We are all wondering just what are the
percentages in the American forces regarding the
protection of America, the Nation? Or will they be like
the northern alliance still as ignorant and evil to rob
and murder further from our humanity, Justice, freedom,
and liberty? Americans, like our corporate news
services in Canada also, are expected to not report the
murder of ourselves in Afghanistan, excusing their
contempt for themselves as God, to name ourselves,
demonized willingly trying to take you to sacifice your
rights as censored for bush to steal from our families
escaping prosecution. I call news agencies, who as
individuals, see no responsibility to ourselves as
community. I recieve only refusals as excuses to deny
ourselves equal access. Why? They, like deer caught in
the headlights, or swimming in the, it feels so good to
be taken banker advertising, leave us to only death to
others they see not as themselves, be it thousands or
millions, than allow me to enter as simply a concerned
man named John to speak factually as documented, calling
for the immediate arrest of bush and rumsfeld the
murderers, to escape further bloodshed. Or, I'm
baselessly insulted without argument, ouch, or dismissed
as alarmist for screaming for the stopping of the murder
of US as really dying, while my, how am I going to
survive job prospects go vanishing, because of my
excellent research abilities on behalf of the humans.

CBC in Washington just refuses to report as Canadians.

Figuring what? If they just leave me to go it alone,
It'll be left looking only stupid? Mankind? Those that
struggle to stop me from speaking truly, do so almost
always without stated reason, while advocating, you, my
reader, to sit back and watch others sitting back like
would be yourself without thinking, to be robbed your
freedoms as earnings by the bushmob shysters. Check out
the advertised to be a public bulletin board at, post something critical of the nazi, our Mr.
bush jr., if there is something not yet removed by the
censor, to witness for yourself, what it means as
american, to sacrifice your soul for evil. The
corporate cult professionals expect us general masses to
be sacrificed for bush, the evil anti-Christ. This is
why again, I call on the rare truly brave and strong
soldiers in America, for America, The People, in this
trying time, to take down bush and rumsfeld who are
escaping the criminal arrests as our top suspects for
9/11, otherwise, as they are, they will continue in
corporate bred fear against ourselves destroying
American values like legal due process, indeed our
world's freedoms, while advocating huge thefts and wars
against us as innocent paying, or disspossesed as
unrepresented by the corporate establishment of
ignorance and greed. How do American soldiers feel
about sacrificing their lives to sell heroin, and steal
oil, to likely pollute the region as Dutch shell would
as they do murder civilian protestors with Tony in
Britian harboring them? Killing for the World Bank who
will pocket the paid expenses while indebting the
impoverished nation? As death squads against freedom as
cowards? You'd think if they were going to kill anyone
in Afghanistan, it would be the terrorist leader, heroin
pusher, tommy franks and his northern alliance business
partner mercenaries, like the brave Taliban would have
to protect us innocent all over the world, no? The
truth is in while the cowards pretend. You know Dad,
I'm beginning to suspect american nazis on our planet,
don't actually know us too well as the humans yet...

Wide Open

All American people, police officers and soldiers hear
this out please. Mr. Mueller has shown no commitment
to represent the FBI. He has made no responsible public
mention of the investigations regarding General Ahmed,
and his connection to Mr. Atta, nor Odigo's two hour
warning. He has not mentioned the investigations
regarding the Israeli spy ring done by the FBI, and it
has been only FOX News, the DEA, and their spokesperson
Rogenc Waite, who have been able to get around Mr.
Mueller's contemptuous silence for America, while
bushmobster Susan Dryden, states we are all an urban
myth. The FAA, NORAD (Canada's arm), Mike Vreeland, the
CIA even, and several responsible military and civilian
air traffic controllers, and a great many others
disagree with CNN's refusal to mention our public
statements against bush and rumsfeld's contentions.
Never mind Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik who was
handed Atta's passport by someone not named yet, of
which Kerik stated "Apparently, it must have fallen into
the air just as the crash occurred, surviving the almost
1000 degree heat of the fire, then came across a strong
wind to blow it several blocks away." With loose papers
between the pages of the passport even surviving the
gusts. Now we witness the corporate cultists, desperate
to contain us with the magic bullet theorists, we're
expected to believe 2000 degrees actually is the only
way possible, as impossible to prove scientifically.
Also remember, the buildings weight were bore by
interconnecting columns of steel through a central core
design named "tube within a tube", not like a simple
toothpick project laid out by fancy computer grapics,
that neglect the actual blue print designs, as thought
through since before the Roman Empire. If still so
though, how then can the desperate doubters explain
building Seven, or maybe Six, not struck by planes, but
fell just the same without melted bricks?, of glass? As
also reported, Atta actually taking the time to pack,
yes that's right, pack his suicide letter is too stupid
for even the average American intellect. Nevermind the
sneaky suspected terrorists arguing over a parking space
restricted at the airport yelling. Or, Mr. Mueller's
ATM picture of a 'highjacker' who was already dead while
the picture was supposedly taken. Hmmm... dead men as
the terrorists named Mohammad or something like that..
Jesus! Then finding out according to James Woods, the
double agent actor, bush's Mueller had secretly, only
two officers responsible for following more than 30,000
selective as important leads over a crime of such
magnitude. Bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing
bing bing bing bing bing.. Hey... Did you hear that?
We see the weakness of the many stuck as bushmobsters,
like possibly completely innocent Myers, and his
inability as cowardice to speak out regarding his
political position as responsible to America, likewise
as so many others, showing no concern for the nation as
US people. Typical of a usual ignorant fascist right
winger sellout like bush has been his entire career to
his barely living self of evilness never before
witnessed. And, I could go on for twenty more pages on
the motives, Enron, and the proven to be criminals at
the Pentagon, with the official corporate news story
failing the simplest of scrutinies.

Reminder: first tower was struck at 8:45, second, 9:03.

Airports were closed at 9:17, but the soon to be shot
down flight 93 calls in at 9:50 apparently according to
rumsfeld, asking for permission to do a u-turn, fly east
an hour and a half, to land in WASHINGTON? (two planes
don't seem to have highjackers on them, and I guess the
plan got messed with the remotes somehow.) While the Bin
Laden family is preparing to leave America at bush's
request, to escape any questioning, regarding the soon
to be blamed Holy man Bin Laden, without evidence by the
Washington Post in the late edition of Sept. 11th, by
the surprisingly thoughtful monster henry kissinger,
while CNN reports a story unbiasedly in the forth party
apparently, (heard it from a friend who heard it from a
friend...) of a call just received to their private
newsroom from somebody somewhere to whomever, about
friendly, er.. no mean Muslims on board, pre-activating
pay phone services without doing so, or so we can only
guess, a falsehood truly painful to relay completely.
Mr. bush and rumsfeld killed those good Americans in
New York, and must not under any circumstances be
allowed to continue as escaped leaving the scene, to
repeat offend against ourselves, who under these
circumstances, must not be taken as granted by Chris at
MSNBC. I have repeatedly offered my position of
responsible debate with any corporate cultists, that
refuse to represent our democracies being toppled into
lawless dictatorship. Why does corporate America refuse
to report on elected Congressman Kucinich? Again, Mr.
bush and rumsfeld need to be immediately arrested or
executed as traitors by the brave and true, strong and
righteous. We need to seize all available evidence that
Mr. Mueller has stolen, like airport video tapes, as
well as recordings done from within the airliners. Or
provide me, Mr. death, to testify to the recorded
gruesomeness as unbearable. Anyone in the bushmob who
stands in our way to do so, must as will be also found
guilty of treason by all the loyal American people. I
call on all police agencies, ball clubs, loggers, swank
hotel clerks and the PTA, to pull together under this
banner, and make the world something better for
everyone, before getting back to wrestling amongst
ourselves over what have you. Mr. bush's evil is very
real, in this time I, as a strange voice from the
wilderness, who does not make your decisions to do the
right things for yourself, plead for you to do so as you
should. Get off your ass. I mean, who and for what are
our soldiers still killing people for in Afghanistan?
The heroin dealing puppet government of foreigners with
the World Bank are in place losers, and do I understand
they have already spent near a 100 million dollars of
ours on things like 3 million school text books for
practical terrorism from the eighties, while leaving so
called heroin addict alliance forces happy to oblige
without 'official' pay checks. CBC in Canada shamed the
world by running a propaganda piece on school funding,
but neglected to mention the 'new' books, just like the
'old' books came from the bushmobsters again, also with
CBC 'pretending' to not know that the Taliban had begun
girl schools in Afghanistan, a story that had already
been almost correctly covered by the Washington Post,
amazingly about a month ago, albeit, without the girl
schools element, but Jeeze, the truth seems to be
finding it's way, despite the tommy franks grouped with
the northern alliance targeting youths who can read as
the enemy Taliban right? Mr. bush displays a hatred
expressed against our entire human race as himself, to
kill us all truly as his position, that he in self
contempt, refuses to acknowledge, while we further fall
dying unjustly, for who I ask you? Mr. bush has
actually publicly positioned himself to state he does
not support effective treatments for cancer. Why?
Because there is no money or ours as tax payers to steal
from. Deception is an element of all living truth, and
evil secretly is just being openly stupid like bush is,
(you can't pretend insight as wisdom truly), leaving the
biggest secret being, here is but only one, you too, as
we all share nothing as no secret in silence as a
reflection of all living dreams. GOD IS AMAZING. There
is no spoken answer to the question of a mystery asking
as forever endlessly, as life could be unbelievably
fantastic at a level of real world sustainability, but
you know what my friends? Nobody at corporate mind
control seems to care, but only to say how wrong we all
are on everything, by people who do not know any better
for trying to do nothing. Do not know any better. No
argument, no science, no reason, just almost as robots
working for the death machines in cowardice and self
loathing against ourselves not represented. I, as the
make believe Creator, attempting to represent freedom of
will eternal, can't help hate and despise bush, your
false deity as much as any real man would, I'm sorry.
News corporations refuse me a voice as the publics, and
have so for years to also our acclaimed scientists,
political writers, mathematicians and historians, while
Mr. bush as the super dumb anti-Christ of evil
incarnate, demands openly in OUR public arena, I not be
allowed to live my life in unity, as an individual god
seeking a potential Heaven for myself singularly, doing
my own thing naturally. Mr. bush demands by threat of
murder, I relinquish my equal rights, to become his
willing slave. Mr. bush demands I not be permitted to
protect myself in a true democracy as Justice for all.
(Mr. bush, you either understand us as fairly to be
equals with justice as anyone, or your threatening our
freedoms as a criminal terrorist without room for
argument.) Mr. bush demands I fear his murder rampages
against the innocent, as would be myself, still living
to say, NEVER! Never would I lie to myself like a
cowardly American soldier to bomb innocent villagers to
waste billions, before killing tommy franks for ordering
me to do so. Never would I lie to myself like a
cowardly American soldier to bomb innocent people in
Bagdad to kill people, before killing tommy franks,
cheney, bush, rumsfeld, or even Mr. Powell if need be.
Don't like Saddam? Well, talk to him openly about
freedom for ourselves then. Talk to the people of Iraq,
and on what we together, can do to make life better.
What is it about the functioning government in Cuba,
that could be made better as measured? Why not?
Because then it would be understood, bush is a savage
criminal, and incompetent as wrong and seriously evil to
all of US. As he clearly knows nothing about Justice
and freedom, or economics as he currently is destroying
the economy of America, while cashing in our real lives
creating hardship, as only ideology. I mean, removing
the cash from our streets, while stealing billions for
himself as a degenerate man! (Our wealth is not
infinite, nor do the hungry, have magically, meals
mysteriously appear in front of them.) He wasn't
elected, falling short by more than 600,000 votes before
demanding the halt to counting, and is a nazi murdering
traitor who speaks only of his stupidity, while robbing
America as our world, of Justice to be free and living


Thank you for everything,

Johnny wizard




American Corporate Bleeds the humans!

Mr. tommy franks was asked, "At the end of a month,
now, what can we show that says, `Hey, we're winning?'",
tommy franks the nazi heroin pusher replied, "Our job
has to do with terrorist organizations.." Right. Our
humanity will not rest until tommy franks the terrorist
leader stands open public trial as fair in a real
Democracy for crimes against humanity, or his death
sentence committed to by every real American Patriot who
believes in Justice, as freedom for US humans. If Bin
was the wanted culprit, why didn't bush's Pentagon of
criminals and fraud artists just arrest him? Mr. tommy
franks targets almost entirely civilian targets like
reporters, tribal leaders, teachers and students, while
calling us all al-Qaida. (Peter Jennings recently
discussing the UN report of the nazi forces intent to
continue murdering intelligent young students, (Taliban
is Arabic for student) committed by the druggie northern
alliance as their nospeak procedures, while being
thanked by Mr. franks as the nazi sadistic savage he is
cloaked in corporate censorship. Like bush's business
partners have done in other countries around the world,
seeking out the literate as educated to be murdered, so
the rest will be compelled like they do mindlessly in
America, to give as beaten slaves to bush the evil
anti-Christ, their false deity, who is openly robbing
ALL Americans to actual gravely death in his evilness as
opportunity, leveraging the moment with a huge America
pays, cash grab tax give away, while corporate news
machines don't say it's unpatriotic to question the
American interests being lost to the extremely weak
murdering bushmob dictatorship of liars and cheats, as
treasonists without argument, again. Al-Qaida is the
group of which the American Republicans have stated no
actual criminal evidence against to convict in a actual
Court of defence as our own. The al-Qaida, who's public
political stance is almost entirely focused on
documented as proven criminal Republican nazi terrorist
atrocities against innocent civilians never granted
corporate interviews, while CNN now reports they, the
al-Qaida, not only committed a terrorist act in the
Philippines against civilians, but would actually take
credit for something they have repeatedly condemned as
seriously dumb and evil against God, like Republicans
advocate straight faced as normal everyday, praising
Israel's condemnation of US Christians not allowed to
own property, nor equal representation in their bogus
law rooms. (Or praising China's human right oppressors,
while sanctioning Cuba for doing more for human rights
than any other nation, and having a better educational
and health care system than corporate America has ever
dreamed of publicly.) A few years back, a nazi Isaeli
soldier strangled to death three Lebanon Jews, plead
guilty, and served two months behind a locked door. As
well, nazi Israeli soldiers have been ordered to break
the bones of youths who throw rocks at invading tanks,
of which in Canada, we've witnessed on actual film. And
too, the criminal theft of everything you own by simply
not being classified jewish, is a terrorist horror that
happens almost daily, that CNN refuses to acknowledge to
happen as the cause to begin with. (Frontline however,
did do a documentary that I believe has never been
re-aired to my knowledge.) What would it be to ban Jews
from owning anything as earned, and to criminalize them
for Just being so stupid? To see what CNN censors
yourself in Canada, would easily compel you to have
arrested, the nazi Israeli leadership and maybe Ted
Turner as the criminals they are to themselves clearly
funded by Republicans. Explaining hitlers too easy rise
to power, against those known at the time to have
committed the biblical sin of charging interest against
Christ's better judgement, showing no interest in
themselves as living community! Nazis. I've written
about easily defending effective approaches to cancer
treatments, progressive tax systems, and free trade that
isn't paid in hidden corporate criminal us human
subsidies, and do the corporate news profesionals think
we're newsworthy to make of ourselves a better world for
anyone? Mr. franks knows practically first hand there
is no evidence for 9/11 to the Taliban or Bin according
to Mr. Mueller who meets daily with George Tenet, and
that rumsfeld and bush killed Americans in New York
City, according to everyone familiar with the facts gone
unreported as not important to working harder, American
civilians who pay and pay and pay with their lives
falling silenced. Mr. franks the anti-American traitor
does nothing to protect American interests as soldiers
families, while murdering, what must now total near
100,000 men women and children on the brink of
starvation. Who again, have committed no crimes by just
being born to survive. But, if they would be like bush,
rumsfeld, sharon, and tommy franks, their surviving
relatives would take it out on the easy prey, likewise
guilty American civilians and police officers who have
been robbed and deprived of Constitutional Justice,
Freedom as Liberty in corporate America, and would cheer
only witnessed on extremely wealthy corporate owned
private news channels, damn right! Right? Right
unheard 200,000 marching protestors? VLT petition
signers demanding 100% payouts? Right book wormers?
Right freedom fighters? Again, why am I not addressed
by OUR corporate news media, but only to profess to my
truthfulness as ourselves as one concerned legitimately
without contention practically through usenet? This
paper too, I assure you, I have mailed to,

It's Nothing - Mr. bush and rumsfeld are traitors to
every American, as they are both guilty of war crimes
against humanity. Where are the American soldiers to
arrest or kill them both as murderers trying to escape
the wrath of the American Constitution's protection of
the masses under Justice, that they are attempting to
destroy as ignored against the interests of mankind?
Again, bush had no evidence against Bin, for a crime he
demands we not know the perpetrator of, by attempting to
stop, or not address the criminal investigations
completed already. With the corporated cultists cashing
out hard working American tax payers by labeling us all,
as not caring to be biased. Telling our soldiers to
attack without thinking, the third world Taliban
government for asking about evidence as a true American,
Allah, Christ, or Buddha would, ending the heroin trade,
and attempting with communications, something better for
the people of Afghanistan. Mr. Mueller has informed
us, as one more informed than any other who meets with
George Tenet every day, the only evidence we have
implicates bush and rumsfeld for 9/11, and soldiers have
yet to stand for America to destroy bush and rumsfeld,
the murdering bastards desecrating our judicial process.
Why? Nazi cowards, not willing to protect the American
flag, while watching their own families be robbed of
their life savings and pensions through Enron, and open
Pentagon frauds, while bush, the anti-Christ, hopes
soldiers will learn from the bankruptcy, for next time,
while we, as humanity, watch the Republican Congress
today, allow the thieves to escape, with, MAYBE, a fine,
while walking away with billions stashed away secretly
in the Cayman Islands, or left responsible for secret
Army financing, like Thomas White, as their two timing
Secretary. It's too bad we can't separate American
soldiers, by who wish to uphold the American
Constitution as Justice for all, and those sadistic
savages like rumsfeld who enjoy murdering innocent
people while stealing from everyone our humanity, then
we would have a real war of good as powerful, against
the extremely weak and pathetic illiterate nazi cult
scum, eh? I mean, if you actually knew who the soldiers
were as responsible for bombing villages in Afghanistan,
and red cross units, literate tribal leaders, or having
40,000 surrendered given to be murdered, wouldn't you as
a real American Patriot Soldier, just kill tommy franks,
bush and rumsfeld the nazis without thinking twice? I
mean, to be humane or godly? See my friends? We will
see again, no traitor to America offer an actual public
argument to their position of ourselves to not
communicate freely with our facts, but will without
reason, demand we not be able to truly, like CNN, MSNBC,
CBS, Art Bell, and the like, while attacking
ourselves personally for demanding we no longer be
murdered for the evil bushmob, who ignore our concerns
as legitimate under universal law actually existing, as
not heard from really dying, deprived equal say as the
Bill of Rights still demands. See? American illiterate
evil nazi scum, think the all mighty as this Creation
will be made only to suffer and die as murdered by the
weak, dispossessed and cowardly, so sharon the bigot
racist parasite can rob and murder innocent persons as
Catholics, Muslims, Atheists and Jews forever and ever,
financed by corporated nazi cult Americans left in the
dark until their bitter enlightenment, about who lives
the airwave as true to be ourselves. Justice infinite
as indivisible shall prevail as a Heaven or Hell, you
decide. I am calling for the immediate imprisonment or
death sentence, to the proven to be world terrorists
without given argument against, who admittingly have
committed the deliberate mass murders of US as innocent,
sharon, bush, rumsfeld, and tommy franks. Forty dollars
for bush and rumsfeld, ten for tommy franks, and the
Jews of God's creation will wake I'm sure, to deal with
the nazi bigot ariel sharon, without further going
payment. They advocate as demons, enemies of US all,
the murder of innocent people, of which we must no
longer allow. I'm available for debate or interview, of
which news corporations refuse to grant. Just as they
do on every other serious life affirming issues. Our
nations greatest, most popular scientific and political
writers are barely, if never even acknowledged. Many
have read my words, yet next to none argue in
disagreement, but for insult lacking reason. Why?
Because some people are just stupid, and as in open
polite discourse are exposed to be carbon copy right
wingers suffering under suggestion to do nothing to help
themselves. Like, how does someone argue burned jet
fuel smoldering, could reach a temperature of 2000
degrees Celsius, in an area of standard building
construction not melting before steel would? Or,
because someone commits a crime in New York, or did
years ago because they were beaten down as deprived
human rights and had all their property stolen, sharon
can then excuse himself to murder anybody else he
wishes, maybe hundreds or thousands more to steal their
lives and prosperity? How does Mr. bush jr., the
anti-Christ, get away saying we're all against him
discarding the rule of law to find ourselves not to be
equals under God with his tyranny of injustice and
slavery, that he expects every nation to suffer under in
fear while he attempts to plunder and murder everyone as
evil incarnate? Digesting fluoride for no other known
or unknown reason to science kills us, and nobody else
says different, so why must CNN insist we keep doing it
by not covering the facts documented for decades? I
say, who cares why right wingers want to destroy our
eternal Universe as themselves unworthy, let's just stop
doing it today okay? because it makes us look really
really stupid to the other civilizations of our Universe
that don't practice censorship of our advancements in
science as know how. What an embarrassment. Why as so
does CNN refuse all the other crimes committed by
Republicans to go unheeded as recognized? Like the
denial of equal rights to non-jews in Palestine? I
don't know, let us just work to make our world a better
place for all. I want my own show. Why does the
American Coast to Coast radio network forbid all
intelligent discussions to protect American values, as
repeatedly offering no comment allowed to understand
this dying bit? Scared of the Lord really getting


In It for US

Your either with US as equals under a rule of law as
Universal Justice, or your a mindless slave whore
sacrificing your soul for bush, the anti-Christ, who
will as he continues, stealing and murdering from our
families without any good reason, or provocations as
evil incarnate he is to US all. A murdering nazi demon
of evilness never before known. As he as shown, he
would steal from every American, Justice, Freedom, and
Liberty, while only saying, no he's not, as who knows
how many are illegally arrested as disappeared, and he
funnels billions of real American worker tax dollars
into criminal thefts through the Pentagon. The False
Claims Act. Like he has polluted ourselves in Texas, as
he directly supported the murder of tens of thousands in
Afghanistan without evidence, stolen tens of billions
from Americans for himself, and fought against smart and
healthy universal heath care as educated, and continues
to support the legal inaction against Enron, who fleeced
any American pensions they could get a hold on, of which
the biggest criminal in the Enron debacle, outside of
Ken Lay is Thomas White, who he has made no indications
of arresting, or even firing, as the Secretary of the
Army. Mr. bush gave his buddy Krongard the right to
murder any law abiding American citizen as soldier, and
escape criminal conviction, a traitor to America is our
Mr. bush jr., Constitutionally, plain and simple. A
nazi warmonger, who wishes to murder millions with
nuclear weapons, a savage, a monster. A demon who has
placed in his secret administration, those responsible
for the death squads of Nicaragua, and the shipments of
cocaine into America, to increase crime against every
community, while his supporters support the school of
the Americas, by removing free speech from those who
wish to point to those Republicans ultimately
responsible for harbouring real terrorism, (Mr. bush
Sr.) according to Sergant Chuck Couglin of the Milwaukee
Sheriff's Department. He has also said he wishes no
interest in stopping his increase in the heroin trade.
He, as pure evil, who holds practically no deception to
ourselves if you'd only listen, has destabilized the
world in his commitment to the destruction of our legal
due process, by suggesting his entourage, can not be
found guilty of any crimes against our humanity, of
which they spout like rumsfeld in silence to torture,
and murder those known by all to have committed no
offense, through now military dictatorship, of which,
true Americans will not allow him to take US further, I
will not stand for it, nor should you as a Patriot
soldier protecting the flag. I demand again, the
immediate arrest of bush and rumsfeld for crimes against
humanity, in New York City and Afghanistan, or their
rightful execution by all free thinkers in America who
own firearms, and can read of our stories not present by
the corporate establishment. Mr. bush and rumsfeld
expect every single human on our planet to relinquish
our rights as living human beings. Mr. bush had no
qualms about doing business with the Taliban in August,
if they would only, by bribe, collectively sacrifice
their interests in serving for their country, as bush
has done to America for his entire career degenerating.
Mr. rumsfeld asked our living World for the murder of
"Omar the Just", for the only reason of requesting
evidence. Bin Laden, as we all remember, offered his
arrest to authorities upon the showing of any evidence,
for a crime he stated was no part of, including all the
other baseless claims made by the Clinton
administration, who too, could not arrest Bin Laden then
either, when he sat in jail for 47 days uncharged
waiting. Which is how we know again, Mr. bush is
directly involved in NYC, as would too, as have to be,
rumsfeld to let the towers fall, but too stupid evil
they both are, to not know the wise intentions of
America's founding fathers, or myself as the Messiah,
Johnny Wizard. For as we knew, all the planted evidence
and otherwise, that was publicly available, pointed only
to bush and rumsfeld for not seeking who was
responsible, only to leave blame quickly as not
possible, on a Nation accused without evidence, that had
a month prior been planned to rob and murder from for
Enron was desperate to hide their crimes against every
American dollar. All documented. Kill bush and
rumsfeld on site American soldier, and be loved by all
as Saviour.

---- A Better Way

Again, we see, corporate America holding no
responsibility to the atrocities committed in their own
names, while infering they represent ourselves as
civilized. Do they address our concerns with rational
arguments for funding murders of ourselves as clearly
innocent, trying to survive in peace by Justice? No.
Mr. sharon, the nazi parasite, told the UN, if any
investigations are done with Israeli soldiers, he has
demanded none be able to testify in confidence, as he
insits by threat to demand his SS officers to be present
for every interview, while government officials in
Israel have stated in government they have evidence of
the nazi troops filling trucks with dead civilians to be
buried in Israeli territory. While Peter Bouckaert,
from Human Rights Watch in New York, states he sees no
more that 22 civilian deaths, caused by 200 missles, and
the blowing up of hundreds of buildings occupied and
otherwise, unending helicopter machine gun straffing,
houses destroyed while families were inside, something
like over a hundred ambulances, bodies in the sewers,
with a totalitarian nazi government of terrorists, that
forbid anyone from entering or exiting the crimes
scenes. What are you Peter, maybe you know something
the rest of our world doesn't? (snpd) Now sharon and
bush as the terrorists they are with ample evidence,
state a nation as people terrorized should go to war
against the nations which perpetrate terrorist crimes
willfully. But, I ask as the most powerful individual
in this Universe as Christ, should I therefor kill
police officers in America, and slaughter thousands of
innocent civilians for funding the criminal acts of
sharon, and the wanton destruction of human rights as
Justice for all around our world? No, god damn it, I
just demand the immediate arrest or execution of the
terrorists, bush, rumsfeld, tommy, and sharon, for
attempting still to escape our judical process, while
taking the nation of America, indeed our world, for
granted as themselves. The evidence speaks for
ourselves, and stands irrespective of my personal
opinion. Steel just doesn't melt at 815 degrees, but
glass and brick does near 2000, though doesn't weight
any more than it would luke warm. Atta couldn't have
been on board flight 11 with checked luggage as the
'official' CNN unbiased story tells US of a world crime
hidden of errors. There was, as is no evidence linking
Bin to 9/11, but for a hokey tape found later after the
evil slaughter started, a tape that is proven false
already, as it seems he would still be left handed,
wearing his wedding ring, and the argument he had
cosmetic surgery and gained a hundred pounds for the
filming, then went back to how he was quickly before
then after again, seems just... well.. seems highly
unlikely. (But surprisingly to the dim-witted bigot
right winger contingent, actually wouldn't reason to
matter.) The FAA has contradicted rumsfeld at the
crucial contacts, including North America's NORAD, the
FBI, the CIA, and to make things even more unbelievable,
the DEA has even made pronouncements as Patriot
American. While CNN acts as traitors to the American
value of Justice for all, by refusing to report on
anything relevant. Biological weapon systems are really
evil man. There is no effective use in ANY WAR but for
to slaughter ourselves as innocent bystanders. (Just
spectulating mind you, but, maybe this explains why so
many, like almost every mad scientist involved in the
field of bio-war around the world, have recently been
murdered since I made the scene.) Only bush, the
anti-Christ, still stands as evil incarnate advocating
using such horrors against ourselves, instead of weeding
his evil intent out as a demon to every human of our
humanity. I offer myself to any debate through
corporate news channels, of which they decide we are
unworthy to defend from any angle. (Like Fluoride,
Dutch shell, Monsanto, lottery revenues, private banking
of public currency, cancer treatments, and Republican
scammers of America's birth right.) Protending that we
are not actually being robbed and murdered by the
bushmob. Americans who watch CNN we can be sure are
deeply ignorant, as the station routinely propagandizes
Americans, with massive sharon is normal coverage, so
they can be robbed by the bushmob of their life savings
and now freedoms, as the American Consitution is being
trashed as unprotected as a valueless hemp product.
American soldiers are too cowardly to protect American
interests as their own families. Like the bushmob
partner's theft of billions through Enron, of which in
Congressional hearings, nobody wanted to know the
pension money is still sitting in the Cayman Islands,
ready to be returned to the helpless victims, like an
American soldier's family being deemed by Congress, as
unimportant to their standard of living. No care right
nazi soldier? Just murder innocent third worlders to
tell your mother how much you care so for her? While
the war criminals, working for Dutch shell, heroin
dealers, and the monsters from Iran-contra, rumsfeld and
tommy, the nazi fucks, search the third world for people
who speak outrage against corporate America funding our
deaths by murder through censorship. While I sit here
writing as Johnny, waiting for a corporate proffesional
to deem me worth topicing on as unstoppable sweet
goodness. Look, read of our no counter opinion critics
in google 'groups', who publicly call themselves morons
or traitors willingly. Spooky dumb I'll tell ya. What
a terrible waste of time is going. I'll remind you,
this Israeli nazi government of injustice as inequality,
is the same that called Nelson Mandella a terrorist, and
as their disease spreads further across our lands, they
continue to demand Christians and Atheists be not
allowed to own property as unbelievers, and also be
murdered if sharon should fancy to kill more Jews
anywhere, like recently again he did more than likely,
smiling his usual madman way, while knowing people are
murdered for his Republican tax give away. Mr. sharon
tells us almost on a daily basis, with CNN always
prepard to film it, he has no respect for God, nor human
life as YOUR own. Jewboy. He bombs villages to kill
who he knows to be people! Like bush demands of America
today, to have Americans robbed or prosecuted with death
sentences requiring no evidence. (It's a secret he tell
us!) Americans are dumb to not stand strong for
themselves as a once great nation, eh? Instead, as
cowards, they steal from us all, our humanity, for
Republican bribe through payments made by the blood of
our own families. Explaining why America has the worst
health care system of the developed world, and indeed
too, an educational system that promotes it's own
devaluation. Not teaching the values of compassion for
themselves as caring community, that comes at free of
charges to be a living human. A democracy suiting the
interests in doing for others to seek helping for
ourselves as independent, is to become rich in happiness
with little work and much play time snoozing. A dream
of which on this planet, seems unrealistic as almost
unatainable. No, instead, the American value system is
based like the anti-Christ bush or sharon's career, how
much can you lie, cheat, murder and steal from others
for, to measure yourself worthless without stolen
dollars? I suggest after we convict bush for the
terrorist acts in New York City, we give the billions
he's stolen from Americans, to a legitimate government
of Justice through equality in Afghanistan and
Palestine. We are all the Palestinians being counted
without value by corporate dictates ignoring the human
subsidies. The Truth is Marching On We continue to
witness the American corporate news degenerates refusing
to report on the 200 missiles fired into Jenin, the
attack on hospitals, police, education and health
organizations, along with ambulances. While now getting
us ready to except nazi sharon's evilness like he's
something close to human. Arafat in Arabic and English
has explained with intelligent reason, using terror
tactics against innocent Jews, suits not the means of US
being murdered as civilians with nazi gestapo excuses,
perpetrated everyday against our interest by America's
corporate elites, who are only so, by robbing and
killing ourselves through censorship. While sharon's
anti-Semite parasitic disease forbids all Christians
from owning property, of whom as Americans, fund to
murder and steal from us as believers. The recent
corporate approved news story is that sharon nazi
soldiers, who after slaughtering hundreds of innocent
civilians state, there only sorry for killing a woman
and her two children mistaken for terrorists. But what
of the hundreds of other murder victims, and the
destruction of government facilities and media outlets?
While all the while stealing and pillaging from a people
deprived of Justice? No comment, no coverage, no
excuses, sharon must diet! Mr. bush, the anti-Christ,
has murdered thousands of New Yorkers, and has stolen
billions from every American with criminal frauds going
undetested by corporate standards. Mr. Dick Armey, as
the official leader of the Republican party, is a bigot
as is a functional illiterate, and also supports
genocide apparently of us Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and
Atheists he wishes to see deprived human rights he
vocalized. True, America has the lowest literacy rate
of all developed countries, but Christ can't Republicans
at least find a traitor to our humanity capable of
pretending to be otherwise? Nope, impossible. CNN
demands WE, as humanity, have no rights to know who was
responsible for the terrorist acts in New York City, to
further sacrifice our lives for their pay bonuses from
the traitors in the bushmob and Ted Turner, to steal
further from YOUR life and family, while propagandizing
our world with their terrorist propaganda, like Bin was
threatening to nuke America, while they sit smiling,
advocating the murder of those who the entire world
understands with the facts as innocent of the crime they
accuse ourselves of unbiasedly, as never heard from to
speak in defense for ourselves. Email this document to
your favorite corporate news office to confirm for
yourself why they refuse to ever interview, or hire our
world's most popular prolific political writers. Mr.
rumsfeld the evil traitor nazi bigot fuck, advocates the
murder of those known by all to be innocent, the
Taliban, who only several months previous to 9/11 were
given 47 million for farmers, and praised for opening
girl schools, doing our world so well in only five years
regarding heroin, and moving their nation towards a
better future for women, albeit slowly in their state of
starvation, while also being open to communications,
communications that is obvious to everyone, what the
bushmob with CNN destest as a method of our self
awareness, and potentials for a better future for us
all. Like those who demand I be forbidden to defend
myself with written word, because I'm so brilliantly
alive, by exposing the evil of which is Mr. bush alone,
depraved. Just as Art Bell will censor any true
American who talks on protecting American values like to
protect Americans from being robbed and murdered from.
Bigotry reins in corporate news America, while they
watch the Constitution and the Bill of Rights go
undefended by themselves without care to represent the
interests of America being discounted as valued
investment. No one has disagreed with our wanting for
Justice, though the corporate cultists suggest we have
no rights to defend ourselves, call them up and ask them
to be ourselves, CJOB for example as the advertised
corporate voice of Winnipeg. Not one god has disagreed
with my stance on the immediate arrest or execution of
bush, rumsfeld, or sharon, but for in mindless ignorance
holding opinions based in bigoted propaganda, as not
documented or recorded substantiated facts. Only the
nazi ariel sharon believes in murdering innocent people
as a terrorist he admits to us all publicly, while
Arafat sees the flaw in reason as not suiting to fit for
any peace for our communities. How can killing,
torturing, and destroying the homes of innocent
civilians be considered anything but, terrorism? More
than 300 buildings and 2000 homes? The death count
could be thousands. Mr. bush, the anti-Christ himself,
stated he personally as evil personified didn't need
evidence to know Bin was guilty, and therefor bush could
murder tens of thousands in Afghanistan for a crime he
and rumsfeld are responsible for, to steal from us all,
the right to freedom, justice, and liberty. But I am
not a coward as a True Patriot to my Humanity Mr. bush,
and we'll destroy you myself for being a demon of hatred
against our God of love, peace, and understanding. Mr.
Mueller, the head of the FBI, who meets everyday with
George Tenet, the head of the CIA, stated recently after
reviewing his quoted statements stated, actually they as
officers of our laws have no evidence whatsoever
connecting anyone but the bushmob to the terrorist acts
in New York City, testifiable through the public
information given by ourselves, the DEA, the CIA, and
the FBI in our fields, of which Mr. Mueller seems
completely absent minded of publicly speaking anyway.
Look see for yourself.

''In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single
piece of paper -- either here in the United States or in
the treasure trove of information that has turned up in
Afghanistan and elsewhere -- that mentioned any aspect
of the Sept. 11 plot,''

Gee Mr. Mueller haven't you heard of Mike Vreeland with
court documents dated and everything? The 61 page DEA
report talking about film taken of the Sears tower? Or
how about Odigo? Maybe writing done by myself, Johnny
Wizard, the Son of Man, two weeks prior? How about the
film footage the Japanese have regarding an American
missile? Have you seen it? Our RCMP have. How about
the ten or so FBI officers now testifing against your
athourity to act on behalf of America, due to their
attempts to warn Americans before hand, to only do
silenced by the bushmob with threats of incarcerations?
Is not the stealing of evidence by bush and two bogus
FBI badge carriers worthy of your attention? What about
the 'put options'? Who shot down flight 93? There can
not be five terrorists aboard flight eleven, indicating
the tampering of evidence by the two bushmob
investigators day one into the investigations. How did
Atta miracle sprint back and forth from one side of the
Airport to the other, (to check his packed bag of party
crackers), without being captured on the cameras, even
for a flight he wouldn't have boarded without his
passport? Are these not aspects of imformation
regarding the Sept. 11 plot? What about eight or more
of your suspects being alive and well? As pilots? Who
came up with your bullshit story Mr. Mueller? How is
it possible to believe bush the war monger's position
against Bin without evidence then, doesn't implicate
himself and rumsfeld directly as nazi vermin, the most
horrendous evil the world has ever witnessed my friends?
Hmmm... Kill the terrorist traitors, bush and rumsfeld
American Patriot Soldiers. Every country but
corporatized America, including every human rights group
condemns Mr. sharon as a nazi demon, while bush and his
degenerates talk as if there is an argument to be made
politely, but so only when we, as civilized are silenced
from communicating as if never heard from. Look, all
the evidence is in, bush and rumsfeld killed Americans
in New York City to impede the impending criminal
bankruptcy of Enron, who in August, had Ken Lay frantic
and the bushmob threatening to bomb Afghanistan if the
Taliban rufused to except Republican bribes, desperate
to give access to run the generators at the bushmob's
Enron power plant in India through Unocal, worthless
otherwise, and without war would have rightly condemned
the bushmob as thieves to every American pension holder
and otherwise. American news agencies do everything
they can as traitors to American values by silencing any
concern that brings reason to our interests, fearing
their exposure to be what they is, cowards as nazi
sympathizers like Art Bell while leaving us all to die
as murdered by the extremely weak and pathetic bush,
rumsfeld and sharons with nuclear weapons, the demon
monsters, that we must squash as gnats as the living
people of this world who hold justice to be of
ourselves. I will not sacrifice my soul, this planet,
our universe, so bush can steal my life and destroy our
worlds in his own contempt for living as himself, pure
evil scum. A sell out of evilness against our humanity
never before seen in our history is the anti-Christ, our
Mr. bush jr.. Mr. bush the terrorist, tells us he
wants to kill innocent people while he steals our money,
while advocating the support to those who deal cocaine
and heroin, and who finance death squads. Kill the
traitors bush, rumsfeld, and sharon for mass murders in
New York City, Afghanistan, and Palestine American
Patriot Soldier, baker, Police officer, truck driver,
biker, janitor, and Insurance salesman, as US, the tax
payers. ----------- CNN now tells us, without any room
for question, nor discussion, the sooty fires at the WTC
towers reached 2000 degrees? Place an iron nail above a
unsmoldering soot free, oxygen a plenty, Roman candle
for some time, (tricky), and see, wow, like magic, the
steel doesn't melt even placed directly in the white
zone for hours on end. CNN is refusing to stand with
our widely understood science, and the FBI in our made
public investigations regarding the anthrax from Fort
Detrick, and Dr. Philip Zack, (not Muslim), who was
caught on video tape entering the only secured storage
facility of our world for the Anthrax strain. Anthrax,
that Barbera Hatch Rosenberg, of the Federation of
American Scientists, who through genetic analysis
confirmed, was the Ames strain, identical to the stocks
of where Dr. Zack was caught lurking red handed. But
no, CBS is able to report that nothing of this is going
on presently. We all know bush and rumsfeld hold no
responibility to ourselves as humanity to find the true
culprits for 9/11, because their both evil murdering
nazi facists as traitors to us all, unAmerican, ungodly
and scumballs. Mr. bush the anti-American dictator,
has criminally stolen over 60 billion American worker
tax dollars so far, (and like Enron), from every
soldier's grandmother, and sees no other purpose in his
hellish dark shallow existence, but to see more suffer
for his contempt for ourselves living to be free of his
tyranny. Explaining why they neither, bush nor
rumsfeld, address my made public, world wide military
alegations of their murdering criminal actions, of which
to the common man they are both to be found guilty of,
and as they both continue to do not so in their own
defence of which they have none, goes for to show
further, they rob and kill US humans by ignoring our
strengths and convictions, like WE don't truly exist, to
hide their lies as being cowards, and pathetically weak
as individuals, traitors, who will be brought down by
the full extent of the rage in which we possess against
themselves as guilty of continuing crimes against our
freedom to remain democracies.

The Messiah vs. sharon, bush, and rumsfeld

Look, anti-God sharon says his troops need reasurences
that the world community through the UN, US, will not
criminally charge them for mass murders by hating Jews
to be peaceful. Mr. sharon's evilness works to
undermine the Israeli people, and props up the terrorist
threat, by not arresting criminal sadistic nazi savages
like sharon is to us all, an advocate of world crimes
against ourselves, trying to be Just like God would, but
the news corporations refuse me to be adressed as one
with something to defend.

Jesus Christ! Terrorist nazi sharon must be arrested or
executed today by the Jews, so does Johnny demand also
immediately against the American traitors, bush and
rumsfeld for 9/11. Look, if a terrorist crime occurs in
New York City, and I say it was secretly committed by a
Christian, can I then murder Christian bankers and their
families anywhere openly, or steal money from everyone
but who I label Jewish, and then escape unarrested, on
hopes to increase Republican corporate bleeding of the
masses unheard from? America's corporate cultists, who
would report themselves to be unbiased and inhuman, do
so by practicing censorship of us screaming for Justice.
CNN refuses to report on 9/11 like rational living
humans. CNN refuses to report the criminal murders and
thefts perpetrated by sharon's nazi regime like rational
living humans. CNN refuses to report on the world wide
outrage against Israel's anti-semitism like rational
living humans. Palestinians are Catholics Muslims Jews,
and Atheists. Mr. sharon's government has advocated
the murder of those to be known innocent, of which as
nazis, pursecute a people who are being openly robbed of
their livelyhoods. Because sharon is a nazi terrorist
who murders and steals from innocent people willingly,
can I then kill or criminally steal from any Jews
indiscriminately? When sharon's nazi soldiers would
approach YOUR house, or perhaps Chris Mathews' house,
and then steal all his families possessions with
American tax payed for ammunitions, and then send him to
live in a bombed refugee camp with only his shirt on his
back, or a bullet in his ass, deprived all legal
recourse by a regime that states no belief in Justice
for any community as a true democracy would be, would
Chris still blame his criminal assault on Arafat's lack
of complete control over the solar winds near Jupiter?
The Israel Balfour agreement of 1947, demands no
criminal displacement of Palestinians. Abraham wasn't
just Jewish, and he wasn't just a Muslim, he is a holy
man named Abraham, fond of growing hemp. The Book of
Daniel states to publicly advocate, as a political body,
a transgression against Johnny's Dad, G-D, a
transgression against the will of Allah and Buddah, ie:
"thou shall not murder, plunder, and steal from US
individually as innocent", will cause the forfeiture of
the then politically represented as evil parasitic nazi
scum, like bigot sharon bush and rumsfeld are
illegitimate, as bush was unelected, revealed in this
light as today to be against all of US as humanity
capable of using communicated reason as intelligent
enough to not commit ourselves to funding suicide as a
species. Leaving the mass murders, sharon, bush, tommy
franks, and rumsfeld, no longer as never baring a
rightful claim of equality within OUR living universe of
democracies, that without argued contention, exposes the
nature of their criminal evilness against yourself as
any reader truly. Mr. bush, rumsfeld and sharon would
steal from any of our families, as they do to every
American today, and murder us as unworthy to themselves,
like in New York City, unruling our Laws against such
The MEN of this world will no longer except our families
to lie down to die as murdered cowards. The bushmob and
sharon have forbidden the UN to count US as dead
innocent bodies recently murdered in Palestine, while
spouting there are no such casualties to be seen
presently. (Why then would they make the effort I ask
you to think?) As a Jew, the Messiah orders you to kill
sharon, bush and rumsfeld on site for committing mass
murders attempting to escape our wrath, that they still
wish to continue against ourselves as innocent being
silenced by corporate censorship. Any Jew, who after
reading this, refuses to protect our great God from
murder rampages, by not killing the nazi terrorist
sharon who has escaped his rightful prison sentence,
will suffer in contempt for God as themselves in hell
damned forever, probably. I'll see to it myself, maybe.
After the American funded nazi sharon troops executed
well over 500 civilians, lined up police officers then
shot them dead too as our law providers, including
demolishing homes with US people still inside, shooting
indiscriminately at everyone, bush the anti-Christ
called his role model sharon a man of peace, while
getting ready to murder potentially millions more in
Iraq and elsewhere, to thwart our demands for his,
rumsfeld, and tommy franks immediate war crime arrests
or military executions, God help us please. Mr. sharon
is a terrorist, who advoates as a Republican funded
terrorist leader, the murder of an oppressed people
being robbed of Justice. Hitler murdered people under
the same unchallenged argument, measuring all persons
worth not as individuals with equal living rights, while
preying upon those too weak to know better. That is US
out there being murdered in Afghanistan by nazi troops
while stolen openly from in America, while corporatized
CNN people refuse to inform the public on the American
drug lord robber barons bush and rumsfeld, the weak and
pathetic evil nazi fucks. There were only two so called
'bushmob assigned' FBI officers investigating the crime
leads of 9/11, so now reported by James Woods, the
insider actor, gone reborn Christian vampire. Mr. bush
and rumsfeld committed themselves to the terrorist acts
of 9/11, by both playing their demon parts in covering
up the criminal investigations as traitors to every true
American soldier, police officer, and fire fighter
committed to OUR humanity, AMERICA, Justice, the Nation,
The People, the Constitution, Freedom! God Bless
America Mr. bush and rumsfeld need to be immediately
arrested as traitors for the terrorist acts of 9/11, or
to be executed by true American patriots, who believe in
Justice for all. We all are painfully aware of
corporate America's refusal to report on the relevant
FBI, CIA, and DEA investigations, and too, the
irrationality of the bushmob's contentions, while
forbidding all democratically elected officials from
viewing the evidence that they have confiscated, only to
thwart our struggles for freedom as legitimate
democracies being toppled into dictatorship. In the
essay "Muslims suspend the laws of physics" by J.
Michael, we are reminded that not only were the WTC
towers built with what architects call a "tube within a
tube" design, where the central spindle interconnects
iron columns that bare the weight of the buildings,
relatively untouched by the explosions, but that steel
doesn't start melting until it reaches a temperature of
1538 degrees Celsius, and that burning jet full maxes
out at 900. Then there is the fact it took the first
tower 104 minutes to fall, and the second, which was
struck nearly at the corner, only a mear 47 minutes.
Both collapsing with the disintergration of concrete,
indicating explosive demolition charges. Also, why
would a would be terrorist group of flunky pilots, work
diligently to steal ID's of only actual accomplished
professional pilots, who we now know to actually be
alive as not involved as the bushmob still insists in
evil stupidity? Read essay, "Alleged hijackers - Alive
and Well." What purpose would the bushmob have to seize
as much of the evidence possible and the attempt to stop
all the criminal investigations regarding 9/11, but to
implicate his and rumsfeld's guilt of treason?

Mr. bush you nazi vermin, you attack my America, you
attack US all. American soldiers will not sit back as
cowards entirely, and watch you sacrifice our lives as
worthless without meaning. I have spoken to the Secret
Service in person, and all who read this can be assured,
so has mr bush scumball jr. by the date this is posted,
and as he continues to pretend to not have, only further
shows his contempt for your life and Justice for our
communities. For bush's contempt for the American
constitution as Justice and freedom is ungodly to every
proud American police officer and citizen the world
over. Mr. bush must be arrested for his terrorist
crimes in New York City immediately, for the evidence of
his and rumsfeld's criminal behavior is overwhelmingly
censored by CNN and the other corporate cult cogs, who
refuse to protect Americans as ourselves, the dying
community falling unheard from. The patriot act will be
rescinded, unless anyone can actually provide a counter
argument as to it's purpose other than to destroy our
freedoms, while the bushmob continues to rifle our
pocket books. Who is Who? Hello all. I am a
challenger to the corporate establishment of terror,
perpetrated by censorship against what is understood by
many. Reason is based in relationship to truth, as the
absolute is in relation to the infinite. Some ideas are
more powerful than others. It is this power of wisdom
that corporate automatons like Art bell and Chris
Mathews, (suffering from suggestive states of
unawareness), who work tirelessly to deny ourselves open
communications to save ourselves. Here is an example.
Mr. sharon the corporate American funded terrorist,
steals people's property, actively with intent murders
innocent police officers trying to protect our
communities with a rule of law, as well as civilians he
argues to murder as a bigot nazi racist. Arafat doesn't
support vocally as a public leader, stealing pillaging
or murdering anyone of us. Palestinians, as the
Children of Israel, are Catholics, Muslims, Jews, and
Atheists. Nowhere in any Jewish teaching does it
condone blatant crimes against ourselves as God through
humanity. Mr. sharon condones the crimes he says he
condemns, but as extreme evil is, doesn't understand why
killing innocent people as a terrorist is wrong as
against God, the Torra of Moses, or that he should be
immediately incarcerated for first degree murders, or
executed by the real Jews for our own salvation. Mr.
bush's nazi America has attempted to refuse the UN to
count the dead innocent bodies. All the arguments I've
heard through CNN for those who support his criminal
actions replayed every day are seriously absent reason
as right wing fascist nazis always have been as are so
revealed to be in the light of understandings. If
someone commits a crime in Nevada, and unfortunately
gets away unapprehended, does that mean, as bush or Art
Bell from Parump, and sharon would suggest through
corporate censorship, we should fund the execution of
our police officers? Should bush be allowed to steal
all of Art Bell's property, especially if Art Bell
wasn't involved in anyway to the criminal matter in
question linked only secretly to bush jr? Mr. sharon
supporters would say yes, and would kill anyone, because
by and large, their mostly weak and pathetic as
criminals, as many proud self labeled Republicans are,
and so is why, they in silencing us, steal our freedoms
by oppressing ourselves, believing they have gained by
making the rest of everyone else lose to their ungodly
like character. Art Bell recently advocated world wide
on radio, the procedures of the nazi concetration camps
as something American soldiers as all militaries should
do to their own spouses and families as us victims
silenced with Art's cooperation, and as a coward nazi
sympathizer, always censors callers who talk truly about
Israel, Afghanistan, or the bushmob. Hiding from
nobody, he is witnessed deplorable, and a disgrace to
all of humanity when advocating the murder of those he
knows to be innocent. Why? Because he knows his
political position of silence falls as fearfull and
ignorant by voiced reason, so he sides to oppress all
instead of looking not to, refusing to face his
responsibility as a real human being who wouldn't act
the way he does inattentively. Art Bell is a favorite
to bigots and racists like himself represented, because
he'll let them talk about killing and warring endlessly.
He's received almost every paper I've written, and still
espouses to kill the innocent people in America,
Afghanistan and in Palestine through his deliberate
denunciation of every plead for Justice and reason as
another opportunity for him to oh so disgustingly, shut
down US callers as all listen to his contempt for
ourselves as humanity struggling to survive his silence
but for to plead, "what is truth?", then to hang up on
the one answering. Christians are forbidden to own
property in Israel. What kind of unequal tyranny based
on bigotry is that? CNN tells us without any room for
question, that the murderous nazi dogs sharon orders to
murder us as people, must be thought of as our law of
the land who are unbiased in American tanks attacking
civilians, while Art Bell denies the voices of those
falling dead as murdered by his own inaction destroying
our souls. Sadly, Art Bell is the best thing on the
corporatized radio media, and too, will receive this
letter, and likely choose to do nothing on behalf of
ourselves suffering for his power trip. The Hamas is an
American tax funded terrorist group, who received much
of their start up funding from the nazis collaborators
in the Israeli government, a right wing political group
established in the eighties, on hopes to divide the
Palestinian peoples complete support for the PLO, so to
further bleed American tax payers dead. This is why
Israeli nazi soldiers break Hamas leaders out of jails,
or release them as netanyaoo did, but target
specifically police officers, as too, women and
children. Mr. sharon, like bush, doesn't care who he
murders, as long as they believe they benefit from
killing your family, and can get away with it by
censorship with Art Bell and CNN's help, they as demons
will continue to do so against you, as our humanity
continues to suffer for not allowing me as John to speak
in challenge freely under the banner of Justice as
public representative to make most Americans look really
inept and stupid politically, because for the most part,
you are. Why is it that CNN won't allow me, or Arafat,
or any historian to vocalize these well documented facts
to Americans, allowing them an opportunity to think on
behalf of themselves, but provide the proud war criminal
nazi sharon all the space to spout unchallenged as a
unarrested mass murderer, who has been convicted by his
own government for crimes against humanity? Why? To
continue stealing and murdering ourselves, so Larry, Art
Bell, and Arron can get big fat pastries soaked in our
blood. Mr. bush the terrorist is a thief and murderer,
who's con game as the anti-Christ, is a crime against
all of life as our nature. What has bush ever done in
his entire career for the public's interest? Outside of
poisoning, robbing, and murdering Americans. Tick tick
tick... I told you, Mr. bush is evil incarnate.
But, mr. bush has claimed that if I as an
individual in Canada disagree with himself disgarding
our universal Justice system, he will choose as he has,
to be all our enemy while murdering ourselves. Mr.
bush has pitted himself against humanity as all our
Nature, by demanding by threat we relinquish our rights
as equal human beings absent Justice for all eternally.
Mr. bush the savage and criminal is no diety, nor of a
Christ mentality, and certainly has no more rights to
life than any one of us others do who he works to steal
from. With a little luck Mr. rumsfeld the
rotten, the American Dream murdering nazi savage, was
reported recently to state yet again, that mindless
American soldiers don't want to take prisoners, only
murder them, or by leaving savage lawless heroin dealers
to do so. Prisoners as innocent police officers who
were protecting their communities to the best of their
growing better as the third world abilities. Did you
hear? The nazi american troops will not, as they
haven't, be providing any security to the area, but to
guard workers who are putting in bush jr.'s 'export
only' oil pipelines already, robbing all of Afghanistan
openly, how deceived does bush think you are to be? Gee
eh? Mr. bush threatens to kill the innocent people of
Afghanistan in August because they refused to take
bribes like a Republican, and insisted on making the
better choice on behalf of their nation. Then 9/11. Mr
bush doesn't want anyone to see the evidence that
implicates himself and rotten rumsfeld, (the Enron share
holder), almost entirely all evidence available, then
tells us as the anti-Christ, we don't need any evidence,
for we know without thinking who is responsible under
his criminal dictatorship absent Justice Infinite. The
Taliban, er.. no, the al-Qaida, er.. no, just any
civilians. Who is an al-Qaida? Do they walk around
with a neon sign above their head? No, all I know for
sure is their primary political position: american
corporations shouldn't be allowed to fund military
dictatorships, while murdering enslaved innocent
civilians stealing our livelihoods. Who believes they
should be murdered for holding such a thought? Tommy
franks does. Tommy franks who targets almost entirely
unarmed civilians, poor people, women children he don't
care, would tell you, as he has on CNN, he doesn't know
why, only but that he actually enjoys murdering
practically defenceless people by the tens of thousands
as a serial murderer while not following any rules of
Law, making him believe he's actually human, when I
personally would slay him today as a monster happilly,
as would any other real man of hounor and dignity. He
tells us he wants to go into Pakistan to bomb civilians
that he suspects, without any evidence, to be worth
murdering, because he thinks it makes him oh so fucking
powerful. Tens dollars Canadian I'm offering for his
immediate death sentence to face the criminal
convictions he thinks WE'LL let him continue getting
away with while we all fall down dead, deprived, unheard
from. But shoot, American soldiers refuse to put their
lives on the line to protect freedom for Americans, and
instead, side to murder and steal from the desperately
poor and near starving, killing on behalf of Dutch
shell(unocal-contra), which explains why they're so
fucking stupid, as dim-witted Republicans, as the
American nation's tax paying public is being robbed
left, right, and center as to what they really kill
ourselves for. Cowards. Can they defend themselves
with reason for being so evil? No. Can they tell us
how they live with themselves knowing that Mr. Atta
received 100k as terrorist funding from bush friends at
the State Department? No. Can they tell us why they
refuse to protect the never till now heard from GOOD CIA
officers who uncovered bush buddy Krongard's direct
connection to having prior knowledge of the towers
falling? No. How about fellow American Navy Lieutenant
Mike Vreeland? Are they willing to protect a fellow
officer, a true living American patriot, brave and
strong, who reports in Canada that the bushmob knew of
the terrorist acts of NYC, in August? (Mike reported in
AUGUST to authorities and reporters in CANADA as an
employee (documented as proven) under rumsfeld. No they
can't. How about protecting employees at the FAA, as
too, at several American Air Force Bases? No, they'd
turn against their own brothers, to leave them die as
murdered. Why? Because they are cowards I tell you,
and pathetic to all who know the facts they hide from
regarding bush's criminal escapades, and my simple
wanting as a human being to be addressed by the public
news corporations. Like why wouldn't CNN dissprove my
world wide statements I've made to all military
officers, on the demanding conviction of bush and
rumsefeld? Huh? So, instead of standing proud under
God as true men, protecting the American flag as Justice
and Freedom it once did represent symbolically, they
advocate the censorship of our truth to be spoken,
(wanna be, bank cult CNN members giving their life
savings to Enron) the destruction of the American
Constitution, the murdering of individuals fighting for
Justice, and stealing poor boy Johnny's Amiga computers
even, working to deny freedom from themselves as all
others they leave US undefended until now, because real
American and Canadian soldiers, brave RCMP and too, all
local police detachments, as sparse and rare as we are,
who can almost read and otherwise, are starting to get
really hurt feelings over bush, rumsfeld, and tommy not
thinking we're prepared to defend our OWN families
against nazis who wish to deprive our humanity of our
humanity, still bound by Law to protect our freedoms to
do or die. Those three bastards need to be immediately
arrested, tried and convicted, or shot smiling as
traitors to America who in whole as ourselves, are
stilling with an anger growing focused as unfearful and
ready to demand, at the very least, an oportunity to
allow me to face any polite debate on OUR CNN television
airwaves, (bush you traitor nazi murdering savage, face
me), regarding these important, why are we murdering
innocent people, issues. Mr. sharon the parasite,
advocates stealing peoples property, kills police
officers and civilians willingly as a demon leader hell
bound, funded by the American tax payer. Would you
support something that would take your house and all
your property, and then send you to live in a camp
deprived equals rights as a human being? A Catholic?
Chris Mathews and all CNN staff would willingly, and
then would blame Arafat for it because he was unable to
stop a crime in New York City. Hey Chris, CNN? Why
don't we just blame bush for all the crimes that take
place in the world, because we all know as it is, bush
doesn't do anything for the American people, but deprive
ourselves liberty, freedom and Justice directly on
purpose. It would seem Chris would likely support the
execution of bush, now that he publicly thinks about it
in these real word terms, eh? Well, we can be almost
certain the MSNBC censors will surely censor this paper
as not read by us masses, so please, help yourselves by
breaking this through to the other side, to demand our
voices heard across the great divide. You either
support Justice for ourselves as freedom to be, or your
going straight to hell without your own liberty. You
think I, as Johnny, am joking about this?

Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

This paper outlines the direct connection of the bushmob
to Enron's desperate need of a contract for LNG, as an
attempt to escape a criminal bankruptcy. Freedom
is only garnered through Justice for all equally

Nobody deserves to be murdered, but a murderer escaping
to recommit

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" wrote
Samuel Johnson, and he wasn't just mixing words.
Patriotism is not about mindlessly as cult slaves
obeying bush the unellected nazi fascist criminal
dictator, it is about protecting freedom for all as
democracy demands by law. Ours. Mr. bush has said
that if we, as Nations, don't agree with himself as
world dictator, removing the guiding principles of
constitutional Justice as freedom for all instills,
while actively destroying America and murdering innocent
people for no crimes who struggle now only to survive
from his criminal tirades, advocating torture while
declaring wars against anyone poor and unrepresented,
with a complete disrespect for all human life, and our
courts of Law, has clearly stuck himself to be our enemy
everywhere, as being evil personified, which
inextricably demands his immediate incarceration for the
crimes he is committing against ourselves as a true
terrorist without question, no? The bushmob desecrate
the ideals of freedom, Justice and democracy garnered by
truth as our own being to be individuals, and is exalted
by CNN claiming to be representing ourselves while
watching us be robbed and murdered as stolen from
openly. Mr. Turner, you have terribly disappointed our
world in this great time of need for ourselves as

Again, all relevant evidence, circumstantial and
otherwise, regarding the WTC terrorist act, points to
the bushmob, and rumsfeld especially. Flight 11,
all ticket sales are accounted. How did terrorists
board without purchasing tickets? No, the airline
industry did not take the names off the lists on Sept.
11, as too on the 12th they confirmed so with a small
correction, but if they had, how then would, or could,
the desperate doubter explain strange flight 77 from the
same company, which does leave room for terrorists to be
on board with the given total. Oh... I think I know.
Two flights had duped terrorists hired by the bush
wrecked state department, explaining the State
Department connected money transfer discovered by the
good FBI to the head terrorist, Germany's Mr. Atta,
unreported by the Commi Nazi Network of course, showing
a belief on Atta's part, that he would not die with the
top secret arrangement he had made with the bushmob
privately, explaining why the bushmob had his passport
in their possession secretly, and why Atta couldn't have
checked in with baggage. (Ya right, he's gonna pack a
jet fuel consumption calculator and a video titled, "How
to fly a jumbo jet airliner in twenty minutes for
dummies" left behind of all places in baggage,
explaining the secret bushmob audio tape still to be
never released where Atta is heard mumbling, "Jeeze,
where's my lucky shirt?" and, "Does anybody here know
who's flying this thing?") The $100,000 didn't go far,
and Atta clearly wasn't a devote Muslim, as in the bar
he drank vodkas and flashed a huge wad of hundreds and
fifties to the manager, and everyone else in yelling
distance, bragging how much the bushmob had paid him
stupidly to do so, for a flight he couldn't possibly
have boarded as a viable pilot or passenger. Also, why
need carry his passport loosely as needing to remain
unnoticed, if he didn't buy a ticket, nor planned to
travel anywheres, if he somehow magically just appeared
on the plane in mid-flight after an all night bender
with hookers? Also, none of the four flights easily
indicated that they had been highjacked, while the
transponders were all turned off by code from inside the
locked cockpits, at roughly the same time as if by
automation, with flights not changing their flight
course for as long as fifteen minutes, like no passenger
ticketed terrorists aboard flight 11, ("Hey Atta! check
out the view!", or "You left the manual where?", or
"Gee, thank God you have the final draft, suicide letter
still with you for when we burst into a fireball."), as
too, the 200 mile precisely aligned trajectories,
without HUD, do attest something not quite normal,
according to experts in the Air Force with thousands of
hours flight experience and some chaos theorized war
gameroom background, and elsewhere, who know of bowling
a perfect game while blindfolded, using a checker.
Flight 77. The planted terrorists failed to highjack
due to the fact, the plane was returned to control of
the real pilot who managed to use communications after a
fifteen minute fight for something. Conversations that
the bushmob confiscated. For after 77 changed course in
the dramatic after some struggle for the controls, it
then returned to it's original flight path, and okayed,
but, not for long, for now they knew inside information.
"No, I wanna fly this plane according to procedure while
you guys fight a fair three round fight." or "You say
planes have actually flown into the WTC towers?" or
"Let's just pretend we're the real pilots, and maybe no
one will notice?" But shut off transponder only then?
was it on again, or had it never been off before? If
the terrorists were subdued, or gave up by showing their
red bomb boxes only contained confetti, how do they so
quickly take the pilots place, (who had just been last
near for calls after returning to normal), to push the
codes? This is why the bushmob took the tape. CNN
tells us rumsfeld says the FAA didn't contact NORAD
until 9:25, while at the same time, CNN also tells us
controllers who handled 77, knew it had been highjacked
at 8:46. Also, explaining the now no longer strangeness
of why bush desperately ran to confiscate those airline
videotapes of the passengers boarding flight, not
thinking to know we now know who they all were. (Maybe
things didn't go exactly according to his evil nazi
plan?) Truly brave American soldiers would arrest bush
and rumsfeld by the end of a loaded ready to fire rifle,
and any other who stand to stop us from viewing our
evidence available. Why, that's called obstructing
Johnny Wizard. Also, consider this, the thought to
necessitate the order of the terrorists to force
passengers to use cell phones as secretly planned, two
flights, (Time magazine Sept. 24 - Flight 93 "We've
been highjacked. They're being nice.") but make no
declarations on behalf of themselves leaving no point
for departure? With a communication plan not controlled
from the air perchance? Ah, but not on flight 11 or 175
where terrorists weren't present, as again, every
passenger accounted, but no calls? Only one not talked
about, because it doesn't fit with the bushmob lies.
Flight attendant Sweeny was reported as the only one I
am aware of to make a cell phone call over the entire
hour on flight 11, or 175, to the ATC at Boston, giving
seat numbers to highjackers that were not on board as
registered ticket holders, (so how did she?) nor even
sitting where Meuller lies, who in so doing, disputes
she made the call to know factually. Makes no sense to
me also, and CNN, we can be sure, will do nothing for
the Americans who lost their lives over the senseless
ignorance of their corporate cult status, that
perpetrates this form of dim-wittedness without helping
you by interviewing anybody involved in the
investigations, to rather let the bushmob continue
dictating unchallenged to murder more of us, for staying
unawares of our silent screaming. hmm... Any unboarded
tickets? Apparently so, for it was reported all
purchased tickets were used but one. Another koinkydink
regarding the hooting and hollaring, drinking and
carousing in the strip bar the night before of the
bushmob barkers, is that nobody would PURPOSEFULLY give
their lives in a collective criminal operation for CASH
payments through the State Department as to go gone dead
broke next day, against living life's costly riches
freely would they? Did Atta from Germany even attempt
to give the 100k to his wife and children for safe
keeping? Bingo. Also it has recently been revealed by
India's officials, and Pakistan's Foreign Secretary,
Niaz Naik, that the bushmob had contacted their
governments in AUGUST as himself typically idiotic, as
privately to public representatives in a unreported
meeting in Berlin to state, he, as the anti-Christ,
would slaughter the innocent people of Afghanistan's
government, who had ended the heroin trade and were
protecting the country while progressing towards equal
rights for women,( We will sue CNN for every dollar
Turner has.) making illegal, slaves and murder, by
forming national laws that five years previous didn't
exist, also making it safe to travel, and started
opening schools for girls while being starved for doing
so good for everyone. Why would bush the demon attempt
to do so? To shore up corporate banker support for
Enron, who had placed a 3 billion dollar investment in
Dhabol Power Company, and needed liquefied natural gas
in a big hurry, what with Qatar drying up, and the
tripling in price of naphtha. Stuck no longer able to
garner partnership with the present pipe deal contract
offer for Afghanistan agreed to as well by tribal
leaders who Tommy murdered, as too, India's insistence
in not being ripped off any longer, by a company the
entire nation learned easily to hate over the past
decade, and the laundered employee pension money
unretractable in the Cayman Islands proved to be of
little use apparently, and of course most importantly,
also the secretly known to fellow shyster cheney,
impending criminal bankruptcy, and we must also not
forget bush had excepted 2 million dollars in bribes
from Ken Lay, who had his own late night office suite at
the White House for their private encounters, so it has
been kinda reported, but difficult to believe bush
manages to whore so much, but understandable, what with
the way he walks so funny. See, the Taliban had
excepted a deal from Bridas, a pipeline offer to help
rebuild the nation, while the bushmob just threatened to
murder all their families for Enron's conspiracy tied to
the Republican nazi regime. Enron could never obtain
investors desperately needed, to attempt with capital,
to hide their crimes against all the American people,
without a binding contract, investors such as from the
multi-billionaires in the post WWII charity
organization, World Bank, of which as unocal, being
typical Republican, only offered bribes to officials
from Afghanistan to hurt their nation they, as the
Taliban, truly believed in working for. As a another
example where these nazi vermin relate their uselessness
against us all from, Mr. phil gramm lobbied for slave
labour at 10 cents an hour for America, while sneaking
in a bill for California to have their electricity price
quadrupled, for his relatively paultry personal check of
one hundred thousand, while California citizens payed
billions and billions as stolen from without police
protection, as companies fell going bankrupt due to
gramm's assault, leaving many out of work to get
swindled even further by Republican corruptions that run
rampant through the entire state in other places,
without me there to bask on the beaches to give an
occasional cameo appearance, while flexing my muscles to
the tune of some free beer, a place to crash, and maybe
pretzels, hint hint. Achem. On the morning of the fast
paced Sept 11th, bush was aware of something special in
NYC that he would comment on as asked SPECIFICALLY he
stated while leaving his hotel room, on his way
unswavered directly to hear about goats from school
children by nine, as it was reported his comment to be
so nationally, on ABC News with Peter Jennings reporting
on the terrorist highjackings. While we now know
according to the FAA's official report, that at 8:20,
officials were made aware of the unprecedented emergency
while channelling through authorities, (the bushmob as
rotten rumsfeld through CNN speaks nothing about it
saying, all the FAA employees are lying, and don't keep
watch professionally) and according to the criminal
indictment against the bushmob filed by Ilarion Bykov
and Jared Israel available at,
the Secret Service are kept more informed than anyone
concerned with bush's safety, so, you'd figure, would
have made bush aware of all four flights, since he was
already familiar with one important thing going on in
NYC, that he would talk to the media about directly
later as massed for it, right? (Perhaps someone should
ask Andy?) Bush was also reported to receive a call in
his motorcade about the horrific event, with him also
confirming to witness the tragedy of flailing bodies
from the epicenter of disaster, you know, the WTC
towers, commercial airlines thing?, school television
sets we presume existed that he left only a moment to
thought, as he then quickly entered smiling
nonchalantly, a different world stage, the class room
unshaken, without thought to think he may have been
confused earlier to then attempt seeking clarity, no, he
sat for 25 minutes unalarmed, chit chatting like nothing
was happening, just as we rehearse, and as disturbingly
deceived evil as ever to be believed, as anti-Christ he
is it would seem to be. He later after tinking tried as
dumb as he is, to deflect his gruesome macabre conduct,
by suggesting he had learned only of the doom just prior
to entering the classroom, where he immediately without
thought, quickly attributed the disasters to pilot error
while making a funny, while completely dismissing his
concern as not even present for the loss of innocent
American lives, bankers even, (then, before, and now
he'd even tell you unblinking, "What?"), just like the
tens of thousands as children in Afghanistan, and the
terrorist crimes he advocates in Palestine, as he then
pressed on to more urgent matters regarding his press op
cover up. Did you see his media reaction in front of
the classroom, when he heard the news for the forth time
officially that morning, as again, he even admitted to
actually visually witnessing some of the devastation
before that moment, and that only then, had it become a
serious matter to change, or not change his demeanor?
Stuck he was then, with no mind to ruse, er.. time to
snooze, Arg! What was the cue? Errrch... If he moves
with priority interest as concerned openly honest public
figure, as he knows a legitimate President would have
been to first learn of such carnage, THE MONTH BEFORE IN
AUGUST, why not previous before he left his Hotel room
with a television? Outside the Hotel? In the
motorcade? With school staff as you'd figure would have
been present too laughing, no? Instead he stayed as he
had been to give no orders publicly, nor attempt to make
public inqiries, but to listen with such unbelievable
absolute devotion, equating a beautiful child's story,
as if it were Jesus from the heavens himself, speaking
directly on the living Nature of our Universe... Okay,
maybe we won't be able to convict him on that, but, if
that isn't worth enough salt to be considered
newsworthy, how about when bush said he didn't hear of
the towers until he was at the school building, nixing
the recorded comment reported on by John Cochrane of ABC
News with Peter Jennings, that bush made a noise saying
that he was importantly aware of something in NYC to
speak directly on later? Or how about at the memorial,
when he publicly stated it would take two whole hours to
read the names of those he would without thinking,
murder as innocent for Enron he told India and Pakistan
in August similarly, so he would just read the titles of
companies to say Grace, then would press on to more
urgent matters.

"Crime is terribly revealing. Try and vary your methods
as you will, your tastes, your habits, your attitude of
mind, and your soul is revealed by your actions." -
Agatha Christie


March 11, 2002 Too many loose ends... By Barrie Zwicker

... Yet at 6:30 the evening of September 11th NBC
Nightly News, along with many outlets, reported: "It
was after the attack on the Pentagon that the Air Force
then decided to scramble F-16s out of the DC National
Guard Andrews Air Force Base to fly ... a protective
cover over Washington, D.C." ...


Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers testified
to the Senate Armed Service Committee of Sept. 13th,
that no fighter planes had been launched until after the
Pentagon was hit. CBS reported the next day, three days
after the event took place, that everyone in the media
and government as Myers, who of all would surely know as
much as anyone with the paper work he had to prove it,
including also highly respected employees at Andrews Air
Force Base, and at New Jersey, were all lying without
explanation nor reason to, and that at 8:44 two F-15s
scrambled from Otis Air National Guard Base on Cape Cod,
and were racing to New York at less than 300mph, below
20% throttle, to arrive way too late from over a hundred
miles away, making the 'official' CNN story implausible.
Although, the FAA has stated that it, as required by
statute, and rehearsed for decades as practiced,
drilled, and executed flawlessly, alerted military
authorities in Colorado, throwing the command to
rumsfeld's chain at the first sign of a possible high
jacking, and did not sit staring at radar for 29
minutes, then yet again for another 20 twiddling through
the manuals as bush would have us believe without
suggesting. The attackers clearly did not act alone, as
rumsfeld fights to threaten us with murder to think
anything but his assuredness of who are the evildoers
without evidence available to us all as facts to speak
for ourselves, which to the trained observer,
incriminates himself as suspect on the purpose. (None
of even the how would anyone know who 'suspects' without
having purchased tickets, are al-Qaida, nor from
Afghanistan, according also to the FBI's Mr. Mueller,
who in his knowledge of evidence as it pertains to
criminal conviction required for our civilization
stated, only "one --->--- OR ---<--- more" might.)
Showing a cowardly fear nullifying judicial procedure,
by swaying the numbed corporate automatons to think
likely as machines, while not searching nor speaking to
give reprimands for correction, which would be done as
normal, if rumsfeld wasn't directly responsible for the
crimes himself as nazi traitor. Why else? Because real
soldiers as American employed at Air Force Bases have
whispered behind our locked corporate news doors, with
no place to speak openly as national, being corporate
news is taking none of our phone calls, as Americans are
generally broadcasted to be illiterate and cowardly
because generally they seem to be that way actually, as
I too, still haven't been addressed as someone with
something to say by our professional, they know us
better than ourselves, news standards. However, I am
presently working desperately with many at CBC for an up
coming let's slam Johnny documentary, or possibly even a
legitimate news story, and others in the alternative
media are slowly opening up channels of communication by
returning my phone calls, of which, you as well, could
do the same in our name. The universe is turning, take
hold somewhere. As I was saying, real soldiers as
American employed at Air Force Bases have stated without
an ability to be wide open, leaving this point very
difficult to confirm as of yet on our part, without
jeopardizing ourselves as dazed and confused hopelessly
lost nowhere. Example, our media giants we all suffer
without answering any of our important questions,
airwave savvy broadcasters such as Myers, rumsfeld,
Mueller, Ashcroft, Chris,

Arron's -Exclusive Private DumbDumb Club - Arron's


shrub, and the overwhelming cowardice of others to
spread this document to feed newspapers, soldiers, and
law enforcement officers everywhere, enemy or otherwise,
that has so far, found no rebuttals regarding the
evidence before us, and rational for Justice to be
served as a protection for our freedoms we must struggle
to maintain always forever. That stand down orders
forbidding any military aircraft taking flight for
defensive measures were given out verbally right after
the first airliner hit the tower. Mr. rumsfeld and
bush's immediate public explanation to us meetin like
this', given to surviving American families of murdered
police officers, fire fighters, and soldiers everywhere,
leaves us by their continuing silence of no statement to
counter this extremely serious accusation that demands
resolution either way immediately, (or both their right
deserts by watering frauds), found recently at a very
popular respected web site or two, would make one heck
of a NRA town hall gatherin, eh gentlemen? Now, back to
Myers in a later different congressional flub. (That I
would sight if I could, but a small miraculously
unawares group, holding our title of RCMP, has seized
property of my own such as computer equipment without
officially charging me for writing truthfully, that I've
always freely publicly admitted to doing privately
through all local news media outlets here in Winnipeg,
(that give me next to nothing as political coverage for
being critical, scientific, and possessing elementary
math skills such as addition and division regarding our
public ad revenues) several legitimate newspapers across
Canada, and as a secret to themselves even group, only
two officers seemed vaguely familiar with deductive
reasoning, along with our actual history as humanity,
that they had spent two months with overtime pay
researching only on how to use Google apparently, are
presently pouring through Amiga Basics as we speak,
looking not for my well documented claims they balked in
secret terror to tell me it wasn't about them as
individuals to answer, but to threaten my freedom with
their excitement about the prospect to find personal
works to use against myself to this world I call home.
In darkness they claimed they would not be individually
involved professing from somewhere if asked by another
playing evil against the wall, and therefor as anyone
could be entrapped as victim, would get Johnny on a
indefinite termed mental health care rap for being
intelligence, they would try, to publicly accuse myself
lacking hounor and character, on behalf of the secret
service good cop bad cop Don jokingly told me for life,
as trapped helpless supporters of cop killers and
lottery scammers stealing from our grandparents, just
ignoring their jobs, our lives, my written words, that
do largely include, my publicly made requests to protect
our communities as legal bound claims based in our
criminal codes as Constitutional, who as themselves will
attempt to stand publicly not to bring attention if
afforded the effort of public accusation against myself,
pretending to be us they'd suppose eventually, captured
in our public arena against me as unworthy. Standing
otherwise to Lord over us against themselves. Truth,
Justice, freedom and liberty destroy ignorance as
injustice, slavery and oppression, like it or not, here
come's Johnny with no lawyer. If a murderer is on the
loose recommitting, do we not use the required force to
stop the transgressor from re-offending? The media is
our messenger. Anyway, (Jeepers, I sure can go on eh?)
as I was saying, Myers later in another committee
addressing the timeline specifically, stated something

Oh, I don't know any longer, now that the professional
news corporations are dictating our existence without my
records, and our democratic governmental testimonies,
left me thinking to not bring anything with me as
required this time, sorry, no, actually, I forgot why I
came here today. Is it over now?


Here I am,

Johnny Wizard

Gene Zippy

Sep 25, 2002, 10:52:25 AM9/25/02
I am impressed. Very impressed.

On 25 Sep 2002 07:32:49 -0700, (Justice Will
Prevail) wrote:

>forementioned cowards, who would watch Americans be
>robbed and murdered, and do nothing to protect
>ourselves, are personally aware the bushmob was warned
>of the terrorist plot specifically, the fact that Laden
>investigations were blocked by the WhiteHouse, while the
>bushmob in Enron interests, developed a war plan with
>General Ahmad to invade Afghanistan, for an oil pipe line
>on a premise of blaming Laden for whatever without
>evidence as US innocent, a documented truth that existed
>also just prior to 9/11, a strategy confessed to fully
>implemented, demanding the bushmob not follow the
>criminal leads, that point to themselves as traitors.

ONE sentence! Isn't that amazing? She did all that in one sentence!

|O| Be well. Travel with a light heart.

Brother Gene .*.
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Rita Hill

Sep 25, 2002, 6:07:01 PM9/25/02
You had better hurry up. I have proved that all of America is racist.

If people understand what "Racism" means, if you don't want to get
filled with all of the world's trash of Hell, then RISE UP NOW.

I don't know exactly what happens when I righteously leave, but it
probably involves lots of mutants from Europe, Asia, and everywhere.

Niggers that play "blue baby with lesbian women's kids. Eunuchs
breeding tiny head people. I have see what The Hague turns into. The
Hague is the test case for America. Hell always happens the same way.
REALLY! This is no joke.

Get rid of racism now. The world hates this racism.

John Baldwin

Sep 25, 2002, 6:35:43 PM9/25/02
An absolute "wall of words"...... Did anybody track this post beyond
first line?? For my part, can suggest such walls need not exist at

Let's see.... we've already got Hadrians Wall, Great Wall of China,
and whatnot.

What i like best is signature/adress:(alt.everything>..truly
apocalyptic prose

Cooling our jets and chilling the world at large is common wisdom
among benevolent and simple folk. Yet somehow they're always
rabble-rousers who would choose to stir the dust. To hell with them,
I'd rather drive a truck!

Any solutions?

.......what you see is what you get


Sep 25, 2002, 8:06:45 PM9/25/02
What a waste of space. And an insult to your freedom of speech. Do you
honestly believe anyone will read your bible-length trite ramblings?

Rita Hill

Sep 25, 2002, 10:43:13 PM9/25/02
Do not start war upon the Arabs If north of "Hadrians Wall" is not a
"no nigger" zone.

These times are about teaching racist word how to breed.

Women have the right to know about chromosomes and breeding.

Deal with it!

enemy of G. W. Bush

Apr 28, 2004, 10:53:17 AM4/28/04

/ / As reported by MSNBC, during the five week lead up to 9/11,
while bush personally received several warnings of an imminent
plan in progress to highjack American airlines, bush continued
in relaxation with his "vacation", and as reported, did not speak
or meet with Tenet, the head of the CIA, during that entire time,
but for a brief moment on August 17th. During this five week lead
up to 9/11, as too, reported on by MSNBC, while bush is absent
mindedly "vacationing", he, rumsfeld, and Condoleezza were working
"top secretly" preparing the leaderless American military for an
invasion of Afghanistan plan to secure a liquefied natural gas pipe
line for Enron. The once "top secret" documented in writing plan is
premised on blaming Laden as a terrorist but providing no evidence,
thereby, guaranteeing [invasion, and ] the murder of thousands to save
the wealthy business partners of the bushmob. The bushmob, facing
their imminent criminal bankruptcy, stealing they were and did so far
get away with, stealing, from any and all Americans, their hard worked
for life savings and/or pensions. \ \

There, now that is clearer.


Is It Just?

/ / Is it just coincidence that 9/11 is also bush's
"acceptable" reason for warring, (planned TOP SECRETLY
prior by several days of 9/11, and confessed to US
already as fully implemented by the Whitehouse)
Afghanistan with a FALSE ALLEGATION [ n o - e v i d e n
c e ] to heroin push, [is still leaving] ..the STOLEN
American soldier pension money [...] sitting in the
Cayman Islands? \ \

I guess perhaps I wasn't so clear previous, but listen:
How's bush and rumsfeld's Afghan plan, gonna go down, if
there is to be no surprising 9/11, nor any evidence,
(not a scintilla,) gathered for public inditement
against Laden for shoplifting? (No advisement from
Tenent, nor Richard Clark?) Would bush start a war
against life itself, by just simply stating, we don't
need no evidence of our suffering?, with him demanding
an innocent family to be crucified?, to save Enron?
Again, bush is the for real antiChrist of all biblical
folklore, hated this entire timeless universe more over
than anything else Johnny cares to mention. George
bush's naked treason as an enemy of Humanity is hidden
from no one. A true soulless degenerate George W. Bush
is, whom is purposefully attempting to destroy Your
freedom as humanity with his utter contempt for our
flying fricken flag. If a person has no evidence to
substantiate an allegation as personal opinion on the
advocation of perpetrating senseless bushite barbarity
against those understood as US innocent, then your blind
faith in evil bush as bushite, not lies with your God,
your nation, your family, your neighbor, OR YOURSELF,
but as the willing to be sacrificed for the ungodly
bushite war crimes as enemy of everyone. Listen:

Kill un-arrested bush and rumsfeld for murdering the
good American People thought left undefended by
corporate edict as the still unjustly dying and near
forgotten, and you'll be respected by this universe as
truly honorable and courageous, in these of God and
Humanity's, most troubling of times under the criminal
dictates of Our evil Mr. bush Jr..

Those evil brethren of the bushite clan intend, through
censorship, to allow the demon bush cabal our rights to
leave, but where does the brethren of the bushite clan
think bush is a gonna flee himself from, eh? We, The
People are a' coming to get you George W. Bush for
almost escaping our police protections. For, when the
bush brethren clan wake up to the plan, that they'a
have'a been'a deceived, the last think anyone would
want, is to be without police protection... (Can you
believe, the war monger thief and liar, Our Mr. bush
Jr. actually banks for Christian fundamentalism,
thinking he's gonna ride them bible belting for all he's

Again, America needs to wake up, load up, and go out to
freely bag US some un-American bush and rumsfeld, all to
save the lives of the leaderless dumfukked bush-teens,
who are prodded criminally as cowards to die for the
enemy. Those who would murder innocent Americans as
bushite, then further publicly advocate as enemies to
freedom, the victimization of God as the innocent
elsewhere, should be turned against instead, questioned,
arrested granted full legal rights through public due
process, or hunted down to be destroyed by US real
Patriots of this world as God's great believers. I'd
destroyed any un-arrested proud bushite for warring
America by indiscriminately dropping toxic cluster bombs
on our friends and family, to get rightly killed more
leaderless cowardly soldiers with Grand parents they
leave undefended in bush's evil amerka. Who doesn't
hate bushite I ask you to think as you should?

You kill bush because, we had unrestricted access to do
anything bush pleased throughout Iraq, prior to
sacrificing any good for nothing, cowardly bushite nazi
dumfuk whore.

Now, because truly, the Iraq bushite war is
illegitimately premised without any actual cause, the
humans are faced with two questions that have no
legitimate answer.

1: What can the ungodly and evil demon bushites do now
in Iraq, that they couldn't prior to murdering one
child, but for to rob from America by towing his
bushwhore nazi coward soldiers to commit criminal acts
to rob freedom from all of US as Humanity?

(Kill an proud to be evil bushite, and all day long
you'll have the thanks of every surviving American
police officer, and a nod from all the American
pensioners who are promised that maybe bush's america
can learn for next time while the bushites just walk
away with the stolen loot laughing.)

2: What could Saddam do, that he wasn't asked for?, to
stop the senseless first degree murder of our friends
and family?

Saddam provided the sites where all bremer's WMD was
destroyed, the documents, the personnel, and so on, but
corporate america won't let the facts be delivered
without their bias of, who cares neutrality. A refusal
to report for American interests regarding the sacrifice
of American lives for the un-arrested criminals hiding
inside Enron, Dutch-Shell, five dollar a day Bechtel, or
double billers, commi Halliburton. Example: soldiers
could have more effectively went into Iraq unarmed to
search wherever, for there were no restrictions placed
upon rational behavior, but just no money for the
bushites to steal from America. The proud dumbfuk
bushite soldier is coward and betrayer to America and
God, by not, for America's America, killing bush and
rumsfeld for near escaping the murder scene of 9/11 in
New York City. Instead, they attack the defenseless and
innocent with cluster bombs laced with toxic waste they
happily eat themselves to die as the ungodly soulless
bushite traitors. You get your gun Patriot, and instead
of punishing a town, city, or state, bag yourself some
individual evil bushite, and be respected by all true
loyal Americans as a real freedom fighter. With the God
of every religion by your side rooting you on for the
home team, You'll be loved by all. At least until, we
or me, can make the national news programs to
communicate. Again, the management and news desk staff
of CBC and CNN know, that the American FBI contend:
bush's business partner, the un-arrested in retirement
General Ahmad, funded Atta, the 9/11 mastermind. (While
no evidence was established against bin as connected, to
justify the Afghanistan war crimes. Nothing.)

CNN and CBC, in our names, are with malicious intent,
refusing to allow justice to be our interest in
protecting always.

Johnny Wizard


/ / Just before dawn Wednesday... AC-130 Spectre gunships
launched a devastating punitive raid over a six-block area
around the spot where the convoy was attacked, firing dozens
of artillery shells that shook the city and lit up the sky. \ \


/ / Then there is President Bush, whose recent press
conference demonstrated his tortured relationship
with reality. "The PDB was no indication of a
terrorist threat," he said. Just what doesn't he
understand about, "determined to strike"? \ \


/ / Incredibly, Bush admitted that Iraqis were "not
happy they're occupied" and that "I wouldn't be happy
if I were occupied either." What was his answer to
this? The president said he would send more troops
to occupy Iraq, [...] \ \


/ / "For a nation to question those who help the needy
is an attack upon the faith," said Bill Coop, a retired
pastor and long time civil rights activist. "Linking
helping Iraqi children with 9/11 is just ludicrous."
Coop helped organize Dhafir support meetings at South
Presybeterian Church. \ \


/ / Wolfowitz contended that U.S. military interrogators ''
unencumbered by the presence of Yousef's defense lawyer
''might be able to get the inmate to confess what he and
the lawyer have steadfastly denied: that he was actually
an Iraqi intelligence agent dispatched by Saddam to blow
up the World Trade Center in 1993 as revenge for the first
Persian Gulf War.

[...]In his new book, "Plan of Attack," Washington Post
reporter Bob Woodward writes that at a Camp David meeting
shortly after September 11, 2001, Wolfowitz, who was pushing
for an immediate invasion of Iraq, estimated that there was
a "10 to 50 percent chance Saddam was involved in the 9/11
attacks' 'an odd conclusion that reflected deep suspicion but


From Johnny's

/ / - The Real Deal -

/ / But the Pentagon's OWN energy support center pointed
out that it also was delivering some gasoline to Iraq -
for only ABOUT $1.00 a gallon. THE PENTAGON'S audit
agency then asked halliburton officials for internal
documents to justify its pricing - but the officials
refused. \ \ (Not Democracy)


No Evidence

/ / ....thereby, guaranteeing the murder of thousands
to save the wealthy business partners of the bushmob.
The bushmob, facing their imminent criminal bankruptcy,
stealing they were and did so far get away with,
stealing, from any and all Americans, their hard worked
for life savings and/or pensions. \ \

For those who miss the criminal intent here, pay
attention: Because the bushites confess publicly to,
not using evidence to substantiate their, then would be,
unsubstantiated allegations against bin Laden, [MSNBC,]
all to GUARANTEE their invasion of Afghanistan made
prior to 9/11 for Enron. Whom pray tell as America, is
going to be left committed to find those, if any, other
unknown individuals responsible by following the actual
crime leads from the real murder scene? Not in bush's
damned america, MSNBC told you when interviewing Tom
Dashle in discussion of the official public contention,
that immediately after the terrorist act of 9/11 in New
York City, (where thousands of American People were
murdered,) bush and cheney frantically, desperately,
INTENTIONALLY, worked paid overtime to close 9/11 ( You
know?, the justice-freedom thing) investigations on who
or whom planned to get away un-apprehended with the
still living as freely wealthy General Ahmad. (Whom
according to the FBI, of these United States of America,
financed Atta, the "9/11 Mastermind"! Is it just
coincidence that 9/11 is also bush's "acceptable" reason
for warring, (planned TOP SECRETLY prior by several days
of 9/11, and confessed to US already as fully
implemented by the Whitehouse) Afghanistan with a FALSE
ALLEGATION [ n o - e v i d e n c e ] to heroin push,
while the STOLEN American soldier pension money is still
sitting in the Cayman Islands? Are you convinced that
an American Grandad, can just say, maybe bushite america
can learn better for next time like trying to escape
bush and rumsfeld would, will actually get a Grandad,
his retirement package he's worked a life time to save
up for?

Maybe, America does know better, it's just the bushite
won't let US say so with conviction on this true freedom
thing ruling the stay in our media circles...

Gee, thank God You're here!

Kill un-arrested bush and Rumsfeld my American friends,
and you'll be living for the love of God and country.

Then, will tackle some bigger issues.

Johnny Wizard


/ / "They killed all that moved, even the animals. These people are
the enemies of mankind," he added, calling on people of "good
conscience to act to stop" the bloodshed.


/ / American troops cannot be tried in civil courts for killing
civilians in Iraq. Local courts are forbidden from hearing cases
against US soldiers or other foreign forces after the US-controlled
governing body in Baghdad issued a directive last June. \ \


/ / I was happy to have a sense that there were folks out there,
mostly military, who would be interested in the insanity I was
witnessing on almost a daily basis in Donald Rumsfeld's defence
department. \ \


The duo of doublethink,3604,1197127,00.html

/ / And that's nothing compared with the rest of the Bush-Blair show.
Behold the comedy of the president's declaration that "our coalition
has no interest in occupation". Or the prime minister's insistence
that no "outside" forces will be allowed to determine Iraq's future -
as if the US and British armies are not outside forces doing precisely
that. These are examples of doublethink to rival Bremer's exquisite
remark to an American interviewer earlier this month that the Iraqi
resistance is made up of people who "think that power in Iraq should
come out of the barrel of a gun. That's intolerable and we will deal
with it". (Where does the coalition's power flow from, if not the
barrel of a gun?) \ \


Get Bushite

To get un-arrested bushite, is likely one of the
greatest gifts a human being could give to life as
Humanity. Just think of all the innocent lives that
could have been saved if the marines contained one
American brave enough to fight for real freedom, and had
justly executed GI killers russel and blount for
targeting God as the innocent, or perhaps earlier on
with bush and rumsfeld for the murder of thousands of
countrymen in New York City on 9/11? Just think of it.
If a, soon to be toxified to die cowardly by rumsfeld
cancers marine, killed evil antiChrist bush when the
demon spewed that, complete, unrestricted access with
out any delay to will anything inside Iraq, with
Saddam's full co-operation throughout prior, prior to
any war crimes beginning, just think of all the American
lives that would have been saved. But alas, as a
bushwhore is evil incarnate, it's just not enough to
take for the bushite, war money by murder profiteers.
So instead, they steal life earnings by the needless
sacrifice of thousands of our brothers and sisters, led
leaderlessly. To their graves in true self contempt.

I as the Son of Man ask again. Who wouldn't kill a
bushite to protect our families? Our God? I ask all
People to consider, allowing the evil bushite to
continue thieving from an American soldier's grandmom
left as soully undefended, is a collective form of
punishment I as Johnny refuse to stand silent about any

The US would kill any proud bushite for supporting the
blind murder of US.

To get the unarrested bush demon whom is escaping public
trial for the first degree murder of a great many
American police officers, and firefighters, is truly,
the most giving experience that can befall any human
being alive. The love and kindness you would express by
committing yourself to such humane action, to save the
lives of innocent families, would be reward enough in
knowing you fought and defended for the good God in all
of US, who win as the never silenced to be forever
forsaken by ourselves in hatred.

Love the World by destroying unarrested bush and
rumsfeld, and live on to fight defending all People, you
know not of, and you will be fighting to protect
ourselves as God is, the innocent unseen.

Our World Wide Works of Wonder enterprise needs
financial support here people, in the form of five
dollars, or how about three? For, I just may stave off
my impending public court appearances as a down and out
vagabond on the brink of a new great life giving dream,
for only a few more moments, then I'm going to seriously
need bus fare, can you help a guy out who's down on his
luck buddy?

The bushite we see as Humanity, would sacrifice their
own kin with lies and deception, to tell a returning
disabled soldier, you warred God as without honor or
real courage, warring innocent people blindly with toxic
bombs to fight for the ultimate escape of bush and
rumsfeld, those whom murdered thousands of your own
countrymen in New York City. Slave any returning GI
soldier is to not face that their own free minds are for
thinking about the true consequences, of not knowing, or
truly living, for the real America, as so enshrined by
the Constitution. Bushite soldiers use the Bill of
Rights for asswipe, then just say, no they don't.

Justice as God is all,

Johnny Wizard

Kill unarrested George Walker Bush and Rumsfeld for 9/11
my friend, and be loved by all as savior.



/ / [...] August 2001 - Coleen Rowley of the Minnesota FBI
office, warns her superiors of the activities of
Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged '20th hijacker', and his
possible connections to Al-Qaeda. She requests a FISA
warrant for surveillance on Moussaoui.

Before passing the report on to the FISA court, Rowley's
superior removes all references to Al-Qaeda from the
report. The warrant is refused by the FISA court... an
unprecedented event.

[...] December 2002 - Coleen Rowley's superior at the
FBI, who in August 2001 tampered with Rowley's warrant
request report by removing all references to Al-Qaeda,
receives a `performance bonus' equivalent to somewhere
between 20% and 35% of her salary. \ \


It is very difficult to explain to an Iraqi that a man
fighting from his own town with a Kalashnikov or RPG
launcher is a "coward" and a "war criminal" (because,
apparently, he should go out into the desert and wait to
be annihilated from the sky) but that someone dropping
2000-pound bombs on residential areas or shooting at
ambulances because they may have guns in them (even
though they usually don't) is a hero and is following
the laws of war.

/ / In effect, the neocons pulled off a coup d'etat, a
palace revolution in which veteran government officials
like Richard Clarke, and the CIA and Pentagon "old
guard," were pushed aside. (Go here for an up close and
detailed description of the purge by former Pentagon
analyst Karen Kwiatkowski.) If the purpose of the U.S.
government is to protect American security and
interests, then why did there need to be a "separate"
and competing government - unless that government was
pursuing other, non-American interests? \ \

/ / Families in Fallujah repeat the same story, that when
American troops search their homes, they take away all
the cash and gold. They are nothing short of conquerors
and thieves masquerading in the world press as
`liberators.' The reason for Fallujah's lack of
electricity is due to resistance attacks on American
troops. It is American punishment for those that dare
to fight for freedom.

In Sichir, outside of Fallujah, two US fighter jets
dropped nearly a dozen bombs or missiles on some poor
farm houses. Zaidan al Khalaf, a survivor of that
attack, said, ``None of us are interested in politics...
I swear we don't have any weapons in our homes and we
don't have any intention to fight the Americans. But
the Americans have become a heavy weight on our
shoulders. They don't respect human beings, they
humiliate the Iraqi people. They promised freedom and
democracy. Is it freedom to kill people, make bloodshed
and destroy our house? Is that what they mean by
freedom?....We are only peasants here,'' he said. The
Americans ``came like terrorists.'' \ \


/ / A US soldier, a ``combat leader,'' writing on the
Soldiers For The Truth web site, who claims to have
participated in the Samarra battle, explained that
``most of the casualties were civilians, not insurgents
or criminals as [is] being reported. During the
ambushes the tanks, brads [Bradley Fighting Vehicles]
and armored HUMVEES hosed down houses, buildings, and
cars while using reflexive fire against the attackers.'' \ \

/ / Why do you let your loved ones be sacrificed like this,
dear sisters? So murdering beasts like Bush, Rumsfeld,
Sharon, and Halliburton would get richer and more
powerful? Is that a good reason for them to die? We
think not. We want it all to stop, for us and for you.
So please let your children leave Iraq alone.
Sincerely, An Iraqi Mother \ \


W's Reality Gap

/ / Whenever President Bush is now confronted with an
unacceptable reality, he either changes the subject -
is steroid use really more important than the environment?
- or expresses confidence in his certainty. "I'm absolutely
confident that..." he'll say, as if the issue is his
determination rather than his conclusion. \ \

It's his faith infinitive as the antiChrist, where he
has hypnotized the dopey with merely the power of
suggestion, that has brought him to US as foolishly not
conceiving, or most importantly, truly understanding.
So, do we feel sorry for his ignorance as fallibility we
are all prone to own as the human rendition? No. But
for stupidity thinking he could murder US as the
innocent to steal our free values, and just get away
with it by lying to no one continually, is where the
Lord makes our stand for God unseen as miraculous.

The demon bush dictate is not exceptable for my just
little man universe. I knows too much about freedom to
go on dying in bush's forsaken place as innocent
sacrifice. With corporate america's unarrested demon
bush forcing my hand, I would decide to defend by
concluding, he is truly, the enemy of all America.
America: weak without leadership, yes, but not as dumb
as some would have us believe. When is it that we feel
sorry for the thousands of lives bush's deliberate
actions of mass murder have taken for no good reasons?
Their ain't nobody to defend america's overlord, but
through corporate censorship of the reality of who's
really dying for the demon bush liar. I'm the one
anyone would ever have a legitimate fear of getting on
the wrong side of, and if your not in the process of
attempting to get away with murdering some defenseless
family for nothing but to rob from; to each, his or her
own, mostly, right?


'Five Lies' Lives On

/ / Why, then, had the reports become so shrill on the topic
[of Iraq] after Bush's inauguration, presenting the same
intelligence with a completely different interpretation? After
all, the CIA even had the same director under Both Clinton
and Bush.

..."You had senior American officials like Condoleezza Rice
saying the only use of this aluminum really is uranium
centrifuges. She said that on television. And that's just
a lie." \ \

Uncle Sap Suckered Again

/ / So we lied. So shoot us. Who cares what the Americans say,
anyway: they're stuck in Iraq, and there's no backing out
of it now. \ \


/ / ...12. True or false: At a Pennsylvania hunt involving the release
of five hundred pen-raised pheasants, Vice-President Dick Cheney
refused to participate, asking, "Where's the sport in shotgunning
a bunch of tame birds?" \ \


/ / While Perle was confidently concurring with fellow Defense
Policy Board member Ken Adelman's prediction that the conquest
and occupation of Iraq would be a "cakewalk," a State Department
study (shelved by the neocons) accurately foretold the mess we
find ourselves in today.

So, tell me again why it is that Tenet has to step down.

Perle is right when he says:

"I think, of course, heads should roll. When you discover that
you have an organization that doesn't get it right time after
time, you change the organization, including the people."

Heads should roll, alright: starting with Perle's, and don't
think he doesn't know it. That's what the chutzpah strategy is
all about: brazening it out.

...But if you look at the National Intelligence Estimate,
a document prepared by the White House with input from all
agencies, the section on Iraq, which postulates a whole arsenal
of active WMD, is filled with dissenting footnotes authored by
the very agencies Perle would purge:

....Dick Cheney's henchmen were feeding both the President and
the country a strict diet of pure science fiction and fantasy
authored by the Office of Special Plans: in a very short time
a whole new genre of speculative fiction was spawned by the

...Mired in scandal, and hardly a team player of the sort that
is supposed to be typical of Team Bush, here is someone who
openly calls for the resignation of top officials and refuses
to take any responsibility for the failure of policies that he
championed. \ \


W's Reality Gap

/ / [of bush's falsehoods to Freedom's America] his policy
process is more catechismic than empiric – instead of facts
leading to conclusions, conclusions lead to "facts."

Second, he is openly uninterested in learning and reading
– the Bushes "aren't serious, studious readers" he has said,
also admitting that he now reads headlines, not articles. The
point is not that he's stupid, only that he knew less about
policy and the world as a presidential candidate than the average
graduate student in government. Lacking Eisenhower's worldliness
or JFK's intellect, however, Bush is prone to grab onto a
politically useful intellectual framework like a life preserver
and then not let go – whether it's Myron Magnet's sour
interpretation of the 60s in "The Dream and the Nightmare" or
Paul Wolfowitz's Pollyannaish analysis of the likely consequences
of an American invasion of Iraq.

The result: the most radical, messianic and misleading presidency
of modern times.\ \


When the ‘Big Lie' Becomes the Truth

/ / What these revelations suggest is that President Bush has now
been exposed as an outright liar and war criminal `from within',
by several of his trusted appointees and close collaborators.
And that he's going to be running for office, in November 2004,
with this record. \ \

It's like some ultimate battle of faith between
freedom's true as life call censored, and the criminal
intentions of flagrant bushite evil, as though bought
for already by news programing. There ain't no real
King and Lord of Creation who calls the media up alone
as John again to protect our throne, so instead, give
your life and country unjustly in silence to the lawless
bushmob in unholy sacrifice for plunder, as your,
un-chosen dictator.

King Johnny wants America's mass murderers, demon bush
and dummy rummy immediately arrested for public trial,
or executed for nearly escaping the crimes starting on
9/11 in New York City.

It will be done, in our kingdom to come. ..or.. maybe
I'll decide to just give up on this whole show for now,
and go back to the rehearsal stage... Doh!

U.S. pays millions to discredited Iraqis

/ / The letter, a copy of which was obtained by Knight Ridder,
said the information went directly to "U.S. government
recipients" who included William Luti, a senior official
in Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld's office, and
John Hannah, a top national security aide to Cheney.

The letter appeared to contradict denials made last year
by top Pentagon officials that they were receiving
intelligence on Iraq that bypassed established channels
and vetting procedures. \ \

Bypassing America as undefended freedom,, sacrificed to
die for slavery under the unconstitutional as blatant
evil, bushite decrees. Demon bush tells America, and
indeed the World, since 9/11, evidence will no longer be
a requirement to convince US who is a mass murderer, and
corporate news america sells on without the human
opinion present evaluating his true asking price. Man,
that demon bush is sure one true evil bastard when you
think of what he, rummy, and Ashcroft is stealing in our
names censored through nazi fascism. [Granted, I am

God or no God, I don't like that demon antiChrist, Our
Mr. bush Jr. very much.


Democracy How?

/ / "The database is comprehensive, extremely detailed,
and at least 97 percent accurate, with every safeguard
possible to cross-check the records," said Ahmed
al-Mukhtar, a Trade Ministry official who is overall
director of the ration system. "If you gave me one
month and enough paper, I could open registration to
anyone who was exiled, allow them to register, and then
I would give you a complete electoral roll." Even British
occupation officials in southern Iraq have reportedly
endorsed this proposal. \ \

By Annan not publicly addressing this very serious
issue, will not be fooling me he hasn't heard it
mentioned. The families of Iraq are accounted almost
entirely by "comprehensive, extremely detailed"
measurements. So what the hell is going on about
supporting our world community by not condemning war
crimes?, Just where is Annan on the issue of an
international commitment kept I want asked religiously
across this world. Now.

Boy, if I were make believe King...


How the war on terror has become a war on freedom

/ / From the moment we followed George Bush into war, our certainty
as a future target was assured. So, eternal vigilance is little
more than common sense. Expenditure on sound intelligence is
clearly essential. Diluting legal rights and dispensing first
and second-class justice is is not just totally unacceptable but,
in truth, another victory for terrorism. \ \

Terrorism of the worst kind for God's America. GET BUSH NOW!


Falling for You

Brahimi said. "We need to organize elections as early
as possible but not as early as impossible."

Help me understand: Why can not Iraq start on the
process of


NOW to work towards gaining accountability for soon as
possible? After June? What the... Can't we people
talk while walking? Look, the future is likely coming no
matter what, and what ever illegitimate government is
embarrassingly stalled by evil WMD proliferator baathist
bremer to steal unaccounted American tax dollars from
the "willing" victims dying, (like by bush bitch cluster
dud) will still necessitate the need, to have started on
the process of fair elections for our Iraq before hand.
Corporate america might not care of sacrificing America
to rob from, but real People are honorable, and won't
reserve the scourge of nazi bushitizm a place to suffer
any further if we can help it.

The bushites are sorrily, simply not qualified under the
dire circumstances they've assaulted ourselves into for
mugger war profitizing, as leading US to be dying
undefended while failing miserably on my behalf to
demand Justice as freedom is truly.

Now, it has been vaguely suggested that a, steven "you
can't have public health care or he'll murder whomever
for thinking" russell, or a buford "bush bitch" blount
as treasonous evil nazi bushwhore, to undermine freedom
and democracy everywheres in our world might cowardly
attack defenseless innocent families at the polls while
leaving "bin Laden" fingerprints, criminally warring to
kill more American dumdums for commi Halliburton et al,
continuing committing as unaccounted massive waste in
America by over billing the dying People. Why would
bushites do this? Evil is blind irrationality,
disguised as thought out faithfully by fascists. The,
nothing to fear suggestible absolute nature of
non-linerality, is 99.9 percent, super fractal wowy
miraculous as crazy about the fringes, (or is that
bridges?). But, without Justice ruling our stay, we
leave for a Heaven waiting, on a sea of madness as
enemies of life to all things eternally being.
Translated: We need to arrest these specific war
criminals at the end of our, ready to fire rifles. Done
to stop them personally, from robbing or murdering
America indiscriminately as enemies to everyone. But in
addition to that, (like at the same time) who says the
polls can't be stretched out over several days or a
week, with multiple options on submitting votes
registered through the oil-for-food program? I want to
know where Annan is on this., why it can't be done., and
what his position is on returning the Iraqi Humanitarian
aid stolen by Halliburton, or Iraqi Central Bank
deposits cashed by HAS TO BE, current pirates. Annan,
be a man, an acknowledge our presence as relevantly
important for our world's living sake.

We had 100 percent access throughout Iraq prior to
allowing bush, rumsfeld, and franks to sacrifice
literally thousands of innocent lives. Who are now DEAD
or DYING NEEDLESSLY as first degree murder victims, in
some bastardized Lord's name apparently.

(Quick, somebody call upon everyone to get up off their
knees, God's coming to read as one person today of the
unbound wonder of what it is to be uniquely ourselves
within a nude sunrise grinning. To make some progress
forward for a better future, we're not meant to just
pray for someone else to come and stop whom from
cheating who of Liberty? What is it that you can't
think of? Every wonder? Who wouldn't do God a favor if
they could imagine so brightly. Who's stopping you from
defeating tyrant bush as war criminal, but for only
yourself contained by his continuing bad example? Tell
you what: let's together find ourselves of one mind on
putting the bushmob behind bars awaiting immediate
public trail, and I'll promise to try visiting them
every year, just to see how things are developing. Or
instead just shoot bush and rummy for almost escaping
Operation Infinite Justice of a real American Patriot
soldier's undying love for his soul brother.)

Any improvements of the current situation in Iraq today,
are going to be less that what would have costed to not
kill innocent people for nothing but evil bushite war
profitizing at it's level worst in this history ever of
all Humanity recorded. The demon antiChrist of
corporate america has got to go, and he's got to go
immediately as arrested or shot dead by the Patriots for
treason, before he causes US anymore needless losses and
grief to our friends and family. Like for the next
fifty or so generations what with the plutonium being
fed blindly as willed to cowardly, weak, American teen
enemy bushite soldiers presently. (If we could seperate
the bushites from the rest of US, this might be a good
thing, but they have no real leadership to speak about
freely as the dying stupidly.(PRINT THIS PAPER AND MAIL

DYING like those from 9/11 did, or dying slower, like
with NYC air quality as best Oz has to offer. (Harmless
corporate TV tells US without opinion.) Either or even
in other ways, the demon bush is truly killing God's
America in Your name not heard from. Help me you idiot.
You! Yes you there, reading here. I am your secret
friend see?, and.. well.. the Universe needs your help
desperately pal. Please? For me? ..Oh God help me
your really dumb without you aren't I too? Listen: we
need to talk.

We are here to save all of creation from needless death.
Big deal. Your are of a real eternal nature, that
exists also, (as understood scientifically) timeless.
For real. (The big bang is now. (All mass is also of
not as seperate energy, then there's our gravity...))
Our possibilities for a great, better future are
staggering, if we are capable collectively as
individuals to defeat the "kindness" of George W. bush,
the dying embodiment of evil as the very true demon
antiChrist of all biblical references ever mentioned.
His lying isn't just deceitful, it is downright hellish.

You know what I think? The evil enemies of Humanity,
don't want US People to be recognized from being victims
under tyranny through corporate cult censorship.
Without Justice ruling our ways under the irrational
criminal bushmob dictate, we lose as losers cheating
ourselves as not worth the consideration to be free

Granted, I am an actual god familiar with the rights
present within the Constitution of America. THEE God's
god, here to teach the world about needless sacrifice,
caused primarily, for the effects of inflated egg shell
egos. As Creator, I goofed somewhere in the, order to
chaos mixer. I didn't plan (it was a mistake) for
Americans to be so cowardly and weak when it comes to
defending their very own selves from needless death and
sorrow through blatant, naked, how can you miss it, evil
criminal enterprises. So, perhaps, now if I stop
writing, and fake I flied off vamoosed into the
unknowable, a couple people on the planet might go
'hmpht', and decide to carry on bravely, the real,
honest to death struggle for freedom living without me
as sorrily missed. (I as John am not anything special
paradoxically.) This is fear itself, ain't nobody
nowhere as terrifyingly terrifiable as this is just
truly super terrific being only my simple written
taughts, yet, ... I'm like.. just fiction writer, big
dreamer Johnny Wizard, looking for some happiness, human
respect, and a good last supper before I check out from
this made by the earthling "space explorers" dungeon

But who cares about me, or my great, he thinks he's so
brilliant ideas? Everything's seriously a pain to him
sometimes, and he talks to himself like he's the, been
here and gone as eons now, King of the Universe for the
holy Word from the Heavens above or something. What a
poor dying fool to chance that anyone would willingly
help themselves by caring for someone. ..You know, I'm
beginning to not be all that crazy about the demon bush
liar continuing to war humanity in my own true name also
now that I think of life in this way honestly. H-e..Y -!
(Morningstar has been accused of a lot of things, but
you'll notice, always plays fair as your rules.))

What freedom in Iraq will come that allows a, buford
blount to walk unaccosted by 'legal' services? Or where
rummy's cluster dud advocates gain silent gratitude? A
nation high-jacked by bremer's buddies who illegally
sold Saddam WMD, then the product wisely gets destroyed
as functionally useless being primarily indiscriminate
warfare, then bremer's buddies come in again and murder
untold thousands upon thousands, all because your magic
TV is letting them get away with it as considered too
embarrassing to the billionaire private stake holders.
Fuk you corporate american Human haters for not
reporting the bushites as war crime supporters.

Where in the real world are the nazi bushites gonna
demand we go to allow 'them' to continue warring the
Constitution while wearing a bushite soldier's uniform
in their dying universes of Universe? Leaderless
corporate america?, injured and dying as the unjustly
starving? What can the bushites do now in Iraq, that
they couldn't do before the needless murder of untold
thousands upon thousands of innocent people with loving
families? Before dumping thousands of tons of
radio-active toxic waste as enemies of God's children?
Only to rob, maim, and destroy God's great work through
Love. We had complete unrestricted access throughout
Iraq, and Saddam was offering the national media for
bush to pontificate, while not refusing dialog for any

I ask:

Can not America invite me formally for brunch, by
somehow bypassing the war mongering nazi tyrant held up
in the Oval office? I'd invite you all, but my place is
still a mess, and I'm stuck eating for survival just
now. I don't qualify for help, because surely, a person
with your talents, should have someone willing to stave
you off the, who cares about saving the world for you
buddy, laughing in all seriousness shtick. (cool eh?)

I give you my world:

To save humanity from tyranny will be accomplished
through the value of these free ideals recognized.

Isn't life grand sometimes when the bushites aren't
needlessly murdering our innocent families in your name?

I again,
will now leave
you without me,

forever loved,

Johnny Wizard - Your "other" parent or guardian advising
you to immediately, by Citizen Right, arrest the
President's 'cabal' in the name of the Lord, who already
died for this once already god damn it, and I'm not
sacrificing any longer unknown as forgotten in the
absence of any true reason to our existence, I want to
celebrate. I want to afford a cold brew to nuzzle on a
warm sunny afternoon, at a hideaway somewhere, lost
in my comforts of having few real worries, but for
unintentionally offending someone for not having the
time to except their generous support, or gratitude.


/ / "We need to find a mechanism to create a caretaker
government and then help prepare the elections later
- sometime later in the future," he added. Mr Annan
said that there was "wide agreement" \ \

Unelected care taking government? What is the group
their now supposedly doing? Where in the process is
corporate america to simply fix the Russian generators
they've been paid over and over again already for as
doing nothing in The People's interests?, As unaccounted
to? Where is corporate america to fly in the emergency
food and provisions for the innocent as victimized?
Who's care will this continuing robbery of America
through war crimes further fail to serve? How can Annan
gain "wide agreement", with no poll on the issue? Who
personally did he talk to, agreeing to leave Iraq
without working for an elected government of the
People?, and who consented to give up on such dire
needs? Where is Annan on the thousands of tons of
radio-active toxic waste dumped by rotten rummy? Is it
not an issue he should personally be addressing for
Humanity, to demand an immediate clean up paid for by
those responsible? Imagine that: Truly toxic as dying,
American Patriot soldiers making it up to God's great
Creation, by hunting down the actual bad guys, who done
did crossed the wrong family this time.

Wow, now that would be a war worth televising!

Soldier for the Truth: Exposing Bush's Talking-Points War

/ / She would soon conclude that the OSP -- a pet
project of Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense
Secretary Don Rumsfeld -- was more akin to a nerve
center for what she now calls a "neoconservative coup,
a hijacking of the Pentagon."

...I mean, these people have total disrespect for the
Constitution. We swear an oath, military officers and
NCOs alike swear an oath to uphold the Constitution.
These people have no respect for the Constitution. The
Congress was misled, it was lied to. At a very minimum
that is a subversion of the Constitution. A pre-emptive
war based on what we knew was not a pressing need is
not what this country stands for. \ \

No End to War

The Frum-Perle prescription would ensnare America in endless conflict.

By Patrick J. Buchanan

/ / And if God accepts the existence of evil, how do Frum and
Perle propose to ``end'' it? Nor can any nation ``win the war on
terror.'' Terrorism is simply a term for the murder of
non-combatants for political ends.

...If it is America we defend, An End to Evil makes no sense.
The Perle-Frum prescription for permanent war makes sense only
if it is the mission of the armed forces of the United States to
make the Middle East safe for Sharon--and here we come to the
heart of the quarrel between us. \ \

As you can probably guess, me and Patrick might have
some good politics to debate on that I would disagree
with him about, but I can't save enough praise for
reading this most recent informative and often
entertaining take, while reviewing about the Frum-Perle

I think we can all agree, both Perle and Frum are now
clinically deranged by hanging on to George W. Bush for
so long in dumbness. Do they qualify for some sort of
special treatment programs under their respective health
care plans? Strange days where we see the limited words
of a mind bound for slavery. All I wants is the war
mongering mass murders arrested for treason against the
flags of Freedom everywhere, is that to much to ask from
ourselves still God asks? (You know?, I think, i'm
getting better at this!)


DOJ To Attempt Shut Down of 9/11 Evidence

/ / ...that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will intervene to
control access to all evidence and documents related to all
private litigation before Hellerstein's court regarding the
terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 -- citing ``grave
national security concerns'' as their motivation. \ \

This is where most definately those responsible for 9/11
would try to control from.


Dear Mr. Prosecutor

/ / Dear Mr. Prosecutor

...There is at least one person who knew of Valerie
Plame's relationship to the CIA even before Novak
published his column: Clifford May.

...Mr. May's assertions raise some troubling questions.
Exactly who were the "insiders" for whom this was
"something of an open secret?" How did they obtain
this information and why did they pass it on so readily
to someone like him?

...Moreover, the information was not given to him under
any formal agreement of confidentiality, the likes of
which exists between a reporter and his source. According
to Mr. May's original account, the remarks were "offhand"
and freely volunteered, without any injunctions about
their disclosure. \ \

And they're off!

/ / As for not being a war hero, Cleland earned the
Silver Star in a separate incident that occurred just
four days before he was injured. The citation reads,
"When the battalion command post came under a heavy
enemy rocket and mortar attack, Capt. Cleland disregarded
his own safety, exposed himself to the rocket barrage as
he left his covered position to administer first aid to
his wounded comrades. He then assisted them in moving the
injured personnel to covered positions. …His gallant
action is in keeping with the highest traditions of
military service and reflects great credit upon himself,
his unit and the United States Army." \ \

'We want answers: why have they been held so long without charge?'

/ / "I am desperately worried for Moazzam. I received a letter
from him six months ago, and I have heard nothing since. I fear
he is not in good health, and he is being tortured. I want to
go to the US and take up his case, that is all I can do." \ \

Moazzam and his wife you'll remember, were some of the
ones teaching through the girls school running under the
Taliban. What? did a heroin pusher, like the bushmob
is, lie to you again on the reason for blindly bombing
villages in his name as tyrant deity? By CNN and CBC
not correcting ourselves, every time bush lies directly
about reality, (Saddam didn't let US in or the Taliban
sell heroin to Allah), leaves our directions for
maintaining freedom subterfuged in as real as it gets.
Life is politics, and lawless bush, he commits mass
murder to steal from the innocent. Democracy? Freedom?


Washington Post defends Bush, Iraq war against Paul O'Neill's

/ / Until the middle of March 2003 Bush came before the American
public claiming that he had not ``made up his mind'' about war
with Iraq, that diplomacy would be pursued, that military force
would only be a last resort when all other options were exhausted,
etc., etc. O'Neill's exposures, including the existence of
documents, prepared months before the September 11 terrorist
attacks, that outlined plans for a ``post-Saddam'' Iraq and the
handing out of lucrative contracts, reveal Bush's performance as
a charade filled out with falsehoods. \ \

Isn't this fascinating... a post-Saddam plan to rob humanity
by killing too cowardly American Patriot Soldiers for
Halliburton and Worldcom.


The Last Word

/ / It was just reported by Chris Marden on the 27 November
2002, that bush's top whore richard perle, has advised
Britsh MPs, that bush secretly as the anti-Christ has no
intention of allowing the Iraqi inspection process to
succeed, and instead, is committed to murder ourselves
either way. \ \


The "pending bonanza"

/ / The agency had been chasing the CPA and the UN to account for the
expenses, but was not given any answers. They quoted
one senior diplomat as saying, "We have absolutely no
idea how the money has been spent. 1 I wish I knew,
but we just don't know. We have absolutely no idea." \ \


/ / Less than two weeks after the shock and bra of the Super Bowl,
Bush's congressional cronies were already holding hearings on
the matter. Compare that to the foot-dragging that followed
9/11. It took 14 months -- and a candlelight vigil outside the
White House by the victims' family members -- before the
president finally relented and the 9/11 Commission was created.
Now that's indecent. \ \


/ / Cancer is different in that the emergence of a cancer can
actually occur from as little as one asbestos fiber
interacting with the cell of the lungs or another cell in
the body in such a way as to start the chain of events that
creates a self-reproducing malignant cell. \ \


Center for American Progress


Reuters reports, "President Bush on Tuesday sought to
blunt criticism he exaggerated prewar intelligence by
saying his conclusion that Iraq had banned weapons was
shared by the U.S. Congress and the U.N. Security
Council." However, writes the NYT, that's not an accurate
portrayal of the facts. Members of "Congress say the
intelligence they were shown by the administration had
been stripped of caveats or ignored dissenting views
about the threats it purported to document." \ \


JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together

/ /..Until the full case against Al Qa'eda is made
available for public review, we have absolutely no
assurance that this "proof" isn't exactly like the
"proof" of Iraq's weapons programs -- i.e., a big fat
lie from top to bottom. \ \


New Moon

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the business
locations. The evil unAmerican cop killing bushites
think they're gonna party in Manhattan on our dime in
apartments for around $15,000 a month, while sneering at
a homeless beggar on the streets, who thought he was
still in Vietnam.

An oil-for-Iraq program needs to be reestablished, but
transparent to all as addressing the immediate emergency
needs of Iraqis. Private, in the secret back room with
the bushmob nazi bankers, and their private inept
collaborators flustering as international fraudulent
behaviors, just wont do., try as bush might to murder
perhaps millions of Americans uncovered by his
criminally enforced, reduction in health care coverage

Part 1 - The usual suspects

/ / This latest US intelligence, though, makes little
sense. For starters, al-Qaeda pigeons are highly unlikely
to move around with computer discs in their briefcases:
since early 2002 a disabled al-Qaeda has used women
couriers to deliver strictly verbal messages. \ \

Kimmitt in collusion with the bushmob perhaps? To cover
up an investigation set up to encourage the blind murder
of America as bushite by attempting to divide all the
People of Iraq as Iraqi?, na... not in a tribal based,
enduring practically timeless, inter-woven culture.

Those who ran public healthcare and university are all
the bad guys for thinking, the blind bushite bigots
would conclude illegitimately., and I would say to
yourself: no, the People with equal rights to stay
united for good times, are a people sworn to uphold law
that serves our freedom's best. Iraqi assets are not
bush and bremer's right to steal without question, nor
either, American generosity swindled by WorldCom, Enron,
Dutch-Shell or Halliburton is the final, be all answer
to everything.

You as sure would know that unjustly victimizing the
World in our name because "they" didn't believe in
blindly worshiping with servitude, the war mongering
mass murderer demon bush liar, is freedom stolen from
any. Wide, across the board, ask anyone for comment on
where the bombs dropped from. Needlessly in bush's
name, but to war God's love, and my good life.

Demon bush is not America, America is America.

This is all I'm ever doing as King, but perhaps also,
not going left hungry. If you can help me help you,
we'll be set for something better.

Truth can pose serious problems, when we idolize blindly
the evil demon antiChrist for criminal sacrifice,
instead of arresting him for 9/11 along with cheney, and
bummer rummy, the silent but radio-active cluster dud
dropper who murders American Patriots for a nickel.

Too awe shock embarrassing is it to ameliorate for the
sake of a dying American Patriot Kimmitt?

For, why would Laden want the bushites to stay to
further rob America through creating instability within
his own ranks? without denouncing the demon bush war
lies, that are paying a very real price.. ? What would
it cost commi Halliburton, to face public accountability
(Democracy) in Iraq on where Iraqi money is being
misappropriated for? Do you think they'll get to keep
the oil business, to sell back to all of Iraq at
uncontested mark up freely? To steal food aid to under
pay the third world? Starving?

To steal public utility services paid already as owned
completely by IRAQI, (America dying for the bushite
American pension thieves at WorldCom or Britain's
"Dutch"-Shell,) ain't gonna change the public business
locations. The evil bushites think they're gonna party
in Manhattan on our dime in apartments for around
$15,000 a month, while sneering at a homeless beggar on
the streets, who thought he was still in Vietnam.

Perhaps, he is.

Another American soldier owes me a beer, or will be
dying to steal life from themselves as sacrificed for
the evil criminal dictate of Their Mr. bush Jr.. Don't
go silent as the unknown dying enemy to God and
humanity, stand with Justice and freedom in America for
Americans, and I swear, we won't kill ya as the good
guys in the epilogue.

By the bushmob attempting to create unrest, so
Halliburton at al, can continue in the tommy franks
chaos to rob America blind with false billing, instead
of cash paying, is costing the lives of American teen
soldiers. Who god love'em or hate'em, don't have the
intellect to strategize their way out of an open paper
bag, never mind evil bush's false creeds without real
leadership present as living for. Instead of bruising
our egos, the bushites are dropping bombs illegally on
the family.


Ask a dying soldier how it sits to know commi
Halliburton pocketed Humanitarian Aid? Go ahead,
ask'em?! Then ask'em why they die as cowards by rummy
cluster dud for the bushmob to rob their own direct
families left unprotected? Ask'em! You know what
they'll tell you? They're not happy about these bushmob
war crimes truly destroying America in America,
"freedom", "democracy", Johnny Wizard or otherwise., Or
instead they'll mumble something incoherently while
jaunting away to murder some one found defenseless, or
innocent to pay further while dying to slave under the
criminal dictate of the really evil demon bush Jr..

A proud bushite is a toxic bushite halting from warring
the innocent by stealing your human values truly.

We need to see an apology to come from America, an
apology to Humanity for this carnage waged unnecessary,
but for these contemptible war profiteering practices as
direct assaults to all as God is. Assaults that we have
been unable to remedy by openly communicating to bush's
secret White House, rumsfeld's secret Pentagon, or
Ashcroft's secret Justice Department.

Just who's running this show anyway, I wanna know.

A - g - a - i - n

Will Americans save themselves with help from the rest
of US, by arresting bush and rumsfeld immediately for
high treason?, or will they cower and DIE as the
innocent, in false gratitude to the lying traitors
bushmob? To with their dying breath proclaim
unattested, to be ridding the Universe of their
continuing criminal behavior.. a.k.a. evil?

Evidence is a must to establish a crime scene
provocateur, to deny such privilege is to deny freedom
be served as consented through any government.

Hint: Demon bush, rumsfeld and Ashcroft, they ain't no
struggling democracy entirely.

Look, the thing about God coming down, and having it out
with humanity on some various critical issues, isn't
like going to happen, it is doing.

We had complete unrestricted access throughout Iraq
prior to murdering any innocent child in america's name.

These verbs will strike that antiChrist demon down for
ever and a day, and if I've gone, faded away, these
words will still remain,

till now we meet again,

as you were,

Johnny Wizard


Part 1 - The usual suspects

/ / American commanders and Iraqi police chiefs continue
to repeat the same mantra: the attacks show "al-Qaeda's
fingerprints". Who profits from exploiting these
"fingerprints"? The Bush administration, of course. \ \


The criminal intention is mind boggling to the mortal
mind. Yup, Demon bush Jr. is the real antiChrist, for
doubts about it barely exist. Thank God Your here to
save Yourself.. Na?



/ / This means that many Iraqis now know that in the name
of their "liberation", the Americans have killed or maimed
200,000 people. When something like this happens, you don't
need any help from al-Qaeda to fuel your anger. \ \


Barely seven weeks prior to 9/11

..That idea, they said, came strictly from Ashcroft's
FBI security detail. \ \

/ / The more fundamental question is why, if there was a
threat, did Ashcroft not warn the American public.


No freakin' kidding eh. Ashcroft, America wants to
speak with you about something.


Words from the Son of Man:

/ / Morally equating the rest of Humanity outside
of Universal Justice as US fairly represented? Mr.
bush tells God his plan is to victimize Humanity in
America's name, by hiding behind who's flag again?

Destroy the war criminating, unarrested American cop
killer, our offensive Mr. bush Jr. instead my friend,
and be thanked by God in person.

Look, Mr. bush, rumsfeld, and franks have STOLEN food
and medicine from Iraqi children by confiscating
"Saddam's Money", and, it is now publicly understood
that tommy franks, sabotaged the ORHA plan to create
insecurity and chaos so to rob the central bank of
billions. \ \


9/11 Families Valentines Letter to President Bush

/ / You claim that September 11th made you a war president.
But this is not true. By responding to the terrorism of
9/11 with an unending 'war on terror,'and a doctrine of
pre-emptive war, you and your administration chose this
path. \ \


Iraq's lethal Catch 22

/ / All that matters is that we did not go to war to fulfil
the only task remaining in Iraq - the transformation of
a society and economy ravaged by Saddam's brutal regime. \ \


Bush Administration Officials' Lies

/ / No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate
threat to the security of our people and the stability
of the world than the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

- Donald Rumsfeld, testimony to Congress, Sept. 19, 2002 \ \

According to whom in our world?



"All of these acts are contrary to the laws of the Geneva
Convention, and all were ordered as written, established
policies from the top down. And the men who ordered this
are war criminals."


WMDs or no WMDs? That ain't the question
Bush backpedals, continues refusing to admit mistake

/ / Bush citing Clinton as a credible source? There you go. Like Pat
Robertson buying a fringed leather skirt because it looked good on
Christina Aguilera.

Bush has even been forced to call for an investigation into his own
intelligence. And you know what's going to happen: they're not going
to find anything. \ \


Blair's New Weapon Of Mass Deception

/ / For the latest in a catalogue of evidence, turn to the Wall Street
journal, the paper of America's ruling elite, which has obtained
copies of the Bush administration's secret plan to privatise the
country by selling off its assets to western corporations while
establishing vast military bases. \ \

Again, I hate to over stress this, but sacrificing the lives of
leaderless American Patriots as measured worthless with is the secret
evil bushmob strategy.

The U.S. Begs for UN Backing in Iraq

/ / So, What Do We Call For?

1) We call for an end to U.S. occupation, and withdrawal
of American troops. Because the U.S. invasion destroyed
the governing capacity in Baghdad and undermined security
for civilians throughout much of the country, the withdrawal
of the U.S. forces should be followed by a temporary
combined mandate for the United Nations, Arab League, and
OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) to provide
direct support for Iraq's reclaiming of sovereignty. That
would include election assistance, humanitarian and
reconstruction aid (including control over all international
funds, including those coming from the U.S. Congress,
designated for Iraqi rebuilding), and peacekeeping/security
deployment. \ \


Ann Coulter - "Liberals just call Republicans names."

Her suggestion is against the common sense of a literate
segment of humanity who knows something is a farce about
this tart, and for me, entertains for words to gain a
better understanding for proper acknowledgment.

Coulter is bigot rousing on purpose I think, just to get
all the american corporate monetary gratitude, in
selling herself not present as a significant baitor
unaddressed publicly in our corporate news circles. She
sells excuses to cowards, of not addressing specific
acts of treason committed by individual traitors, like
rummy or Ashcroft, and instead, suggests all people have
no ability through bushite america to recognize
themselves being robbed their freedoms or murdered
directly for the furthering of the evil bush demon war


A repuglicon nazi bushwhore, who will say anything to
allow bush to steal further from America, is not a tried
and true Republican blue collar. Is it in Ann's
contention, that all Republicans can't imagine
themselves having any independent opinions? Or, is Ann
saying that every Liberal blames Republicans of every
stripe throughout History instead lawless bush
personally for sacrificing the nation as evil
incarnate?, committing to murder individual New Yorkers
as America sacrificing, then further acquiescing to
needlessly feed toxic waste to all American soldiers,
while loyally blowing themselves up dead as individuals
to pieces with sexy rummy cluster dud, all for being
blind disciples of the unAmerican bush demon antiChrist,
their ungodly evil false-deity as enemies of God's love,
America, and our good names?

Naming the repuglicon demon bush a terrorist recruiting
cop killing heroin pusher, who played a central part in
the murder of thousands of New Yorkers is well
established factually, and publicly confessed as all
planned to act upon before hand. Who says? MSNBC's Jim
reported with the White House, as a 'top secret' [Oops,
deceived America wasn't suppose to read this one Condi]
strategy of not following the 9/11 crime scene evidence,
and confessed as 'fully implemented'. A General Ahmad
plan to blame bin Laden as innocent of to secure
invasion of Afghanistan. For Enron et 'al, the
treasonous g-e-t-t-i-n-g . . . a-w-a-y. ... Pension
thievers. Robbing from American Patriots as lead
worthless in value with. Dying.

Remarkable to say the least.

Anyway, solid, documented evidence including the
circumstantials, like cheney's "The Dabhol Working
Group", Niaz Niak, and the quietly contacting of allies
publicly to attempt legitimacy of faked collusion, as
such, with rummy's Pentagon arranging a same-time, what
if a 9/11 occurred plan involving everyone misled, like
also dummy rummy's P2OG, where dummy rummy writes to
commit terrorist acts against our innocent families, he
prefers if any connections have to be made, they be made
with the widest banner of "The Pentagon", as to hide
himself from corporate american news scrutiny, who
instead will report it as, the Pentagon isn't speaking
about only rumsfeld's high office involved in blatant
treason, and naked evil doing. Documented, and
admissible evidence during the up coming bushmob trials:
P2OG. Tenet undermining America's CIA assessment with

How Bush misled the world

/ / Once the document was declassified after the war it became
known that it contained 40 caveats - including 15 uses of
"probably", all of which had been removed from the previously
published version. Tenet further ingratiated himself by
remaining silent about the OSP. "That's totally unacceptable
for a CIA director," said Thielman. \ \

(Thielman, the most previous Chief of the INR. INR, the
official State Department's bureau of Intelligence and
Research. )


white house "official" James Canorton the EPA,

/ / For example, on Sept. 16, 2001, a draft press release
from the Environmental Protection Agency said: "Recent samples
of dust gathered by OSHA on Water Street showed higher levels
of asbestos in EPA tests." That was deleted and replaced with
this: "The new samples confirm previous reports that ambient
air quality meets OSHA standards and consequently is not a
cause for public concern." \ \

(EPA tests showed levels of asbestos ranging from 2.1 to
3.3 percent. EPA views levels of 1.0 percent as the
People's scientific definition of asbestos
contamination. MEASURED "material" was as high as 30
percent in some places. (The EPA has by written
mandate, to never play an unknown, as falsely safe, or
directly lie about doing what is officially required to
ensure protection of America. For good elementary
reason, because again, we're talking American lives
risked for what(?,) by still refusing a proper clean
up?) Research: Juan Gonzalez)


and tommy franks, the State Department's ORHA.

/ / The museum was No. 2 on a list of 16 sites that ORHA
deemed crucial to protect. Financial institutions topped the
list, including the Iraqi Central Bank, which is now a
burned-out shell filled with twisted metal beams from the
collapse of the roof and all nine floors under it. \ \

(Also, to succeed in assisting in robbing the Central
Bank, and museum, the nuclear facilities containing
radio-active contaminants were left unguarded, as not
centrally relevant to franks why soldiers were told
they're still sacrificing their lives for. "Duh, why
are we here to kill good people needlessly so the
bushmob back home can further rob our undefended
families bro? Bro?")


This is for all to agree settled as official History.

America devolving into the criminal tyranny of the evil
bushmob is happening. All the while, we witness, the
LEADERLESS nazi bushite soldier cowering as cowardly
sell outs to their very own friends and family being
robbed back home, left undefended through blatant over
billing as UNACCOUNTED, leaving their own sons and
daughters to dutifully eat plutonium, and going further
silent when it comes to rumsfeld and franks needlessly
dropping thousands of land mine cluster bombs to murder
us people indiscriminately, which, kills their own
aplenty, in a more way than one knows. Karma. (rummy's
pentagon is misleading soldiers on how many have so far
died to allow Halliburton to criminally steal
humanitarian aid from The People, as one example,)
Again, as bushite fascist nazi vermin, they let those
responsible for destroying America through the bushmob
war crimes, still sit in the, for sale freedom captain's
chair, high-jacked from US true Loyalists, attempting to
get away the bushmob is doing from 9/11, by going real
fast .. nowhere.

Second, if Liberals include whomever, how could Ann
possibly assess that all would consider calling
ourselves anything but, unique as individuals? Bizarre.

The American Constitution is our souls included in those
timeless thoughts of Justice for all as The People. The
bushmob is destroying freedom by persecuting the
innocent as terrorists, when they, in AMERICA'S NAME,
throw out the concepts of Justice for any. No publicly
understood evidence to form our conclusions, is a
corporate demand your faith be in the unjust bushmob
'cabal', and not in Freedom for all through establishing
the actual "bad guys". Closing the public criminal
investigations on 9/11, is a critically essential part
documented as the evil cabal's "top secret" criminal
treason plans, put together prior to the murder of
thousands of American citizens. Prior to the event as
hidden question, and, confessed as never considered.
Ya, right.


Investigating the Investigation

/ / After playing a tape of Cheney's statement, Russert asked
Daschle, "Did the vice president call you and urge you not to
investigate the events of Sept. 11?" Daschle flatly contradicted
Cheney: "Yes, he did, Tim, on Jan. 24, and then on Jan. 28 the
president himself at one of our breakfast meetings repeated the

...."[T]hat request was made" by Cheney not only on Jan. 24 and
by Mr. Bush four days later, but "on other dates following" as
well. \ \

-- : FBI Called off Terror Investigations

/ / Two veteran FBI investigators say they were
ordered to stop investigations into a suspected terror cell
linked to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network and the Sept.
11 attacks...

`You Will Not Open Criminal Investigations' \ \


It's liken to ourselves a serious player on the world
stage, when you come to think of the significance of
this fictional writing principled by reason, as yourself
truly considered. Alive. Hmm.. Anyway, Jeeze, we're
like the speculating king guy of creation fellow.. and
a.. Iha thought I wasn't really anything too special
until I realized also... somebody might actually give
me a few dollars as well earned for these great works of
inspiration inspiring others to help US out some. I
sure would. (desperate times call for desperate
measures) What'd ya say?...?...!..$?..!!

In confidence as your ever
lasting kinship through
this Royal life line
I call the Devine,

Johnny Wizard


Beat the Press

/ / For instance, Russert could have reminded viewers that during
a nationally televised speech in October 2002, Bush said that
Iraq had a "massive stockpile" of biological weapons. But at
the same time the National Intelligence Estimate-- what was
supposed to be a summation of the intelligence community's
best material on Iraq--reported that the intelligence agencies
had no information on any bioweapons stockpiles. \ \


Stupidity Is All Around

/ / Perhaps that's because even Democratic leaders are afraid to
say what needs to be said: Bush lied about what he knew about
Iraq and should be impeached. \ \

"intelligence failure" fraud

/ / Lie number two: ``Bush was misled''

Were this claim true, it would of itself be sufficient cause
to remove Bush from office, on grounds of criminal negligence
and incompetence. A chief of state who propels his country
into war on the basis of false claims of an urgent threat
is not fit to rule. \ \


"intelligence failure" fraud

/ / In this interview--which is available on the US Department of
Defense's web site--Wolfowitz made the devastating admission
that there was no consensus within the intelligence establishment
of links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. Yet Bush, Cheney,
Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security
Adviser Condoleezza Rice and others in the administration
routinely made precisely this claim. \ \


/ / In fact, the president had said ``The Iraqi regime is a threat
of unique urgency. Saddam Hussein is a threat that we must deal
with as quickly as possible.''

``he had the capacity to make a weapon, and then let that weapon
fall into the hands of a shadowy terrorist network.'' \ \


A soldier's view of the Iraq war

/ / President Bush said on TV today that Americans are welcomed???
He must be on another planet. A few small towns south of Baghdad
may be somewhat safe to sleep in the truck, but most of that
country is more anti-American than what Bush is telling everyone.
By the way, the Thanksgiving photo-op at the airport was only
open to pro-Bush soldiers. We were screened unknowingly about
four days before he showed up in secret. We didn't know he was
coming, but looking back, all the questions we were asked were
designed to weed out the antiwar soldiers. \ \


For Whom The Death Tolls
Deliberate undercounting of "coalition" fatalities