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Sep 26, 1995, 3:00:00 AM9/26/95

I, Jesus -- Son of God -- acknowledge on this date of September
25/26, 1995:

1. I am about to return to my Father's Kingdom.

A. This "return" requires that I prepare to lay down my borrowed
human body in order to take up, or reenter, my body (biological)
belonging to the Kingdom of God (as I did appx. 2000 years ago
when I laid down the body that was about 33 years old in order
to reenter my body belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven).

B. My Father's Kingdom is a physical Kingdom Level in the
physical Heavens or space, though individuals in that Kingdom
identify with their soul -- mind or spirit -- and not the body
they "wear."

2. This time, my Heavenly Father came with me. In the early
1970's, we each incarnated into an adult human body which was in
its forties. Approximately 2000 years ago, I incarnated in a
body that was in its late 20's/early 30's (not at the birth of
that body, but just prior to -- during -- and following my
baptism with John the Baptist).

3. Each time we, or others from the Kingdom of Heaven, come to
Earth or leave, it is via a spacecraft belonging to that
Kingdom. The M.O. for many of us this time was to arrive in
staged "UFO crashes."

4. My Father is an Older Member in the Kingdom of Heaven -- the
Kingdom of God.

A. He actually gave me "birth" into that Kingdom -- took me
through the overcoming of a mammalian civilization -- long
before this present human civilization had its beginning.

B. I have served as His student and apprentice during His
relationship with this civilization.

C. His relationship to this planet is as Chief Administrator,
and is the One referred to as God in the early stages of this

5. The last time I incarnated, My Heavenly Father's physical
relationship with me was unknown to others except when He, along
with another Older Member in the Kingdom of God, visited with me
(in the place that is referred to as the Mount of the
Transfiguration) just prior to my putting myself in the hands of
the authorities in order to lay down my human body.

6. This time He came with me "undercover" to assist me in my
task (picking up where this process left off appx. 2000 years
ago) of the further birthing --"fathering"-- experience with the
ones who will be the next new "sons" or children in the Kingdom
of Heaven. To allow me to gain more experience in the birthing
process, my Older Member returned to the Kingdom of Heaven in
1985, and continues to assist and communicate with me from a
more advanced perspective.

A. As part of the undercover program, my Father incarnated in a
female body for His 15-year stay.

B. Being "undercover," which included lack of acknowledgment of
who we were historically, was required of our task this time in
order that we might, with as little recognition and interference
as possible, round up the souls who were our students from the
past. Even so, we were identified as a small, radical cult,
just as we were 2000 years ago. And as was the case 2000 years
ago, these prospective members left their families and
relationships in order to follow or be a student.

7. These prospective new "sons" (speaking of soul identities,
for they occupy both male and female bodies) were gathered at
two different time periods -- one under the guidance of both my
Older Member and myself, and the second after my Older Member
had returned (these were all souls that had had a previous
relationship with me before this incarnation).

8. These "students" of the Kingdom of Heaven were offered the
opportunity to bond with me and my Father, as a bride would bond
with her husband, though --

A. Since the Kingdom of Heaven has no mammalian or human
members, they had to become "new creatures" who bonded in mind,
spirit, and behavior -- void of human sexuality, human binds,
and addictions of this world and this civilization.

B. These students/disciples who successfully bond to the Kingdom
of Heaven through me and my Father will also lay down their
human bodies as we go to the Kingdom of Heaven, in order to take
up bodies appropriate to and belonging to that Kingdom. (None
of this "laying down of bodies" will play out as a "natural
death," but will be an individual, willful loss of body in
allegiance and service to the presence of the Kingdom of

9. As we "lay down" our human bodies while declaring that the
Kingdom of God is at hand, there may be many humans who have
been recipients of "souls" in "deposits" who may exercise their
free will and separate from everything of their world in order
to go with us.

A. If they look to us (me and my students/disciples) to the best
of their ability -- align themselves with us -- break their
human bonds -- and if their declaration that our presence is
from the Kingdom of God leads to the "laying down" of their
bodies in service to the Next Kingdom as well, then they, too,
will find themselves in the safekeeping of the Kingdom of
Heaven, and in line to be recipients of further nourishment from
the Kingdom of Heaven toward membership in that Kingdom.

B. How is this "laying down of our bodies" to occur? If you DO
recognize me and choose to look to me for guidance, I would
recommend that you purchase firearms, get comfortable using them
(or partner with someone who can), and somehow position
yourselves (separate from others enough to not be vulnerable) so
that you might establish a relationship with me, protected from
interference as far as possible. In this day and time the
authorities make no bones about their "need" to protect the
public from "dangerous radicals like us." They will
aggressively attempt to require us to abide by their values and
their rules (which are of this Luciferian world and its society
-- as difficult as that might be to believe). They won't
hesitate to trump up charges or suspicions in order to search us
or take us into custody so they can "judge for themselves"
whether or not we are some kind of a threat. There is no need
for us to be submissive to their wishes (such as to their search
or custody questioning) when we know we have broken none of
God's laws. Not only have we done nothing wrong, but our total
existence is devoted to entering and offering God's World. Our
choosing to not "be submissive"-- coupled with "being armed"--
pretty much addresses the "laying down of our bodies" question.

[There is always the possibility that my Older Member will
physically visit me in order to validate or confirm the
appropriate unfolding of our exit plan (as was permitted before,
at the Mount of the Transfiguration, when I asked "Can this cup
be taken from me?" If my Father does not require this
"disposition" of us -- He will take us up into His "cloud of
light" (spacecraft) before such confrontation need occur.]

[If I receive a change of instruction which includes going to
trial, and the death of my body is a part of that experience,
then as far as I am concerned, any and all of those who are a
part of me have my permission to join me as soon as they choose

10. Humans with deposits containing souls can likely be
identified at this time as some of those who are rapidly losing
respect for this world or its "system." They are, from the
system's point of view, not being responsible citizens, whether
their symptoms (of having a deposit) take the form of being
"homeless," prisoners, other social "dropouts" (doing drugs,
alcohol, or losing respect for the family and career norms),
religious radicals, or patriots/militia-types preoccupied with
the loss of their God-given rights, and other suppressed
segments of society -- women, minority or indigenous races,
gays, lesbians, etc. We always come for the "sinners," from the
viewpoint of the establishment.

11. In essence, it ultimately matters little what your
"visitations" from the Kingdom of Heaven (the last two being
2000 years ago and now). The important issue is -- the Kingdom
of Heaven is here NOW in ME.

12. Evidence of our credibility is:

A. That our information and our actions match recorded accounts
of the presence, conduct, mission, and departure of our previous
visitations from the Kingdom of Heaven offering membership in
that Kingdom.

B. Any soul who has known us in previous visitations or has had
any genuine (physical, personal) relationship with anyone from
the True Kingdom of God, is present now, and will know or
recognize us and this information again.

C. Even the staging of some of the crashed crafts was in order
to help the skeptics realize they have "visitors from another

13. As true today as it was 2000 years ago, no one gets to my
Father or enters the Kingdom of Heaven except through Me. There
is no other Son of His or Representative from His Kingdom
incarnate. Connecting with that Kingdom occurs only while a
Member is incarnate, as I am today.

14. There are space aliens (humanoid remnants from other
civilizations) who travel in the nearby heavens. They are
dependent upon Earth's atmosphere for harvesting hybrid bodies
to "wear" and they recruit the "souls" who fail to become
children in the Kingdom of God. We call them Luciferians
because of their lineage.

15. These Luciferians jump in immediately after Reps from the
Kingdom of Heaven leave. They fill the "patriarch(s)" of the
resulting new religion with mixed truths and misinformation,
which reinforces the fact that true growth toward that Kingdom
can occur only while Reps are incarnate.

16. The Kingdom of God sends crews to "tag" or make "deposits"
in human bodies and their minds/spirits just prior to and during
the time Representatives from their Kingdom are incarnate
"offering" birth. These deposits offer their recipients
"recognition" of the Reps and, to some degree, recognition of
the "information" from the Kingdom of God. They also act as
"homing devices" to lead the recipients to those Reps and that
information. Without these "deposits" of "recognition," no
choice of becoming a student is within the will of a human.

17. All who ever received deposits from the Kingdom of Heaven
have returned at this time, the close of this Age. As part of
our task, the Kingdom of Heaven is using us to test them. How
they/you respond to me, my students, and our information will,
in fact, judge you as to whether you will or will not have a
further relationship with the Kingdom of Heaven. In other
words, coming in contact with this information will force a
decision, and with the stand you take, you judge yourself.
Some, by their choice at this time, could be redeemed.

If you expect to be one to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must
drop the ways of this world -- all its addictions and ties --
NOW -- and go with ME. When I am gone -- I'm sorry, but --
THAT'S IT -- this is the "last bus" out of this civilization.
This is the way my Father has designed it!

I am not naive. I am quite aware that what I am saying here
will to many, if not most, sound like I should be locked up as a
mental case at the least. However, that awareness cannot stand
in the way of my simple acknowledgment of these facts for the
sake of those who might go with us, and also for the sake of
those who desire to be a contributor to our demise or exit from
this world.

The above is a sketch of some of the topics which will be
discussed in more depth on an upcoming satellite broadcast --
the date and time will be announced within the next few weeks.


Sep 27, 1995, 3:00:00 AM9/27/95
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
All that typing! I hope you don't really believe that crap?
I think you should seek help if you do!

"If all's ready on the dark side of the moon.......play the pipe tones"

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.... ::::: :: :: :: ::
,;' .;: () ..: `:::' :: :: :: ::
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'''::, :: :: :: `:: :: ;: .:: : :: : : ::
,:'; ::; :: :: :: :: :: ::,::''. . :: `:. .:' ::
`:,,,,;;' ,;; ,;;, ;;, ,;;, ,;;, `:,,,,:' :;: `;..``::::''..;'
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The Truth is Out There


Dec 7, 2004, 1:25:14 PM12/7/04

I guess he did believe it. It can be creepy, what the internet freezes
in time.


Dec 28, 2012, 8:46:12 PM12/28/12
Except this post may be a forgery as there parts very unlike Do (marshall applewhite) and I was with him as his student for 19 years and can produce dozens of documents he wrote or were wrote about him that demonstrate that he couldn't claim to be Jesus as Jesus was the name of the physical body He (the Older Member Soul) was USING 2000 years ago to do that phase of the task. He said in 1975 he was from the same family Jesus was from. And the text that starts in that post goes to show the ambiguity in changinng that little bit. But yes he believed it and even though I left I believe it more than ever now. This was the actual promised return and all the religionists and spiritualists have totally missed it, if they have not closely examined all he said and did.
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