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The Ghost of Chardwicke Sloane

Jun 21, 2018, 6:49:28 PM6/21/18
"Team Christ" <sedrickh...@team.christ> wrote in message
> This is an authorized communication from The World Christ Union
> Greetings, my name is Sedrick Bainbridge Hagelmeyer, Certitified Christ
> #401290 of The World Christ Union.
> We are in receipt of an application to become a Team Christ Certified
> Christ through the certification authority of The World Christ Union from
> one Delbert Colin Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt has disclosed during the
> applicaition process that he is posting as Raymond Karczewski in the
> newsgroup which is a violation of World Christ Union
> posting protocol.
> While we at Team Christ appreciate veracity during the application
> process,
> the WCU and Team Christ cannot be affiliated with individuals who refuse
> to
> pay their debts and misrepresent themselves in public venues as convicted
> felons and/or deceased individuals.
> We regret that at this time the application of Mr. Schmidt is rejected and
> certification of christhood is denied. Thank you for your interest in
> Team
> Christ Certification.
> Sincerely,
> Sedrick Bainbridge Hagelmeyer
> Certified Christ #401290
> World Christ Union
> Christing for tomorrow, today


Hell, isn't it?

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