Solving What I Considered A Serious Problem With TrueCrypting C: System Drive

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Nomen Nescio

Sep 23, 2019, 9:14:11 PM9/23/19
My operating system is Windows XP. I have my C: drive system encrypted
with TrueCrypt

I also have multiple external non system hard drives fully encrypted
with TC.

My problem has always been that I can set TC preferences to shut down
the external drives in a chosen amount of time, but the encrypted
system C: drive does not obey that command.

What good does TC do if something happens to you or you forget to turn
off your machine and the unencrypted C: is there for anyone to see?
Some tech smarty just might do some type of disk investigation and
just maybe find your passwords for the C: or the other drives buried
somewhere on the open C: drive. MS Windows is infamous for betraying info
in such a way. I solved that problem with a neat little program I
found here.

I've been using for some days now and it seems to work perfectly. It's
a great relief for what I considered a serious problem.
Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10

Additional Requirements:
MS .Net Framework 4.0

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