2012: Woman To Dusty DickDork: "Why's everything got to be you going after someone?"

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Anonymous Remailer (austria)

Mar 31, 2019, 6:19:30 PM3/31/19

His ENTIRE Usenet History is two decades of virus
writing/hosting/dropping, stalking (mostly women) and endangering
families by DOXING their home and business addys.

This is about the extent of the talents of USENET'S GREATEST HACKER
- but he can only hack if he knows your name and then uses his
credit card over at a site such as Intelius.com.

In short, he can't do anything that the average Usenet user couldn't
do, except that the average Usenet user isn't a mean, vicious punk-
bully to whom it would never occur to do the things DuckTurd has
done over and over and over and over - for over two decades. In
short, Dustin Cook aka Diesel is a vicious psychopathic p.o.s. - and
little else.

Oh, yeah, the woman victim below had her entire public history
posted, including pics of her home by Dustin Cook aka Diesel. He
blamed the doxing on a willing sicko buddy of his who is another
sick p.o.s. The 2nd p.o.s. used his own nym and account for the
dirty deed, but we all know Dusti-Boi's methodology when we see it -
and we've been seeing it for over twenty years.



From: "Jenn" <therealm...@gmail.com>
Newsgroups: alt.politics.scorched-earth
Subject: Re: Why is Aardvark spamming A2600 with blank replies?
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 14:36:43 -0500
Message-ID: <k0e9cf$5p3$1...@echo.eternal-september.org>

Dustin wrote:
> "Jenn" <therealm...@gmail.com> wrote in
> news:k0e5m6$d63$1...@echo.eternal-september.org:
>> Dustin wrote:
>>> "Jenn" <therealm...@gmail.com> wrote in
>>> news:k0e0e7$b2c$1...@echo.eternal-september.org:
>>>> I don't have any dogs except for a collie named Sophie. You and I
>>>> have had a past history of not getting along ... then we made peace
>>>> for quite some time. THAT's the Dustin that I really like.
>>> You've also got a little pet dog named morgan or margie as I prefer
>>> to call it. Our peace ended when you attacked Aardvark and sicked
>>> that fatass mutt on me. If this was 12 years ago, We wouldn't even
>>> be having a discussion, I'd have just fucked you both two ways from
>>> sunday and I don't mean playing doc drop.
>>> I still might teach your dog some new tricks, as it's begging for me
>>> to shove my foot down its throat.
>> Ya know ... when are you going to take responsibility for you being a
>> jerk when Graham asked you to back out of the original discussion?
>> He was being nice and buddys with you. I didn't ask him to say
>> anything to you.
> He wasn't being nice and buddies,

Yes he was .. his very first post to you on the subject was him trying to
talk to you buddy buddy ...

> he threatened me that if I did
> anything to you, he'd do the same to me.

No .. you rejected his original post where he was talking to you like a
Go back and read it Dustin. He was trying to talk to you like a buddy would
talk to another buddy and you rejected his efforts.


> You're both playing with a dangerous fire here. I'm not some punkass
> script kiddy, I've been doing this for a very very long time and I'm
> not in prison for it for a reason! And no, it's not because i'm some
> snitch. I'm good at what I do, I had alot of time to learn this stuff.
> And if I feel like i'm being backed in a corner, or have to prove
> myself, I will with interest.

Why can't you just be the same person I got to know when we made our peace?
Why's everything got to be you going after someone? You aren't dead yet.
I've had a chance to get to know that *other* you.

I was actually considering having a good talk with you about some things,
but I'm glad I didn't now.


Anon Coward's "Anthology of a Psychopath"

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