8 Tips for Dealing With Conflict Management In The Workplace

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Sep 9, 2021, 3:46:15 AMSep 9
In a work environment, it is normal, to some extent, for conflicts to occur.

After all, employees generally have very different values ​​and personalities. On the one hand, this difference can be enriching. On the other hand, the constant presence of friction can hinder corporate life.

Dealing with these differences is a complex task, as it involves personal aspects, the organizational context, and several other variables. However, managers must seek, as soon as possible, to resolve the conflict, as poorly resolved friction can bring numerous problems to the company. Fall in the quality of work, inefficiency in customer service, negative organizational climate, rivalries, and disputes are just some examples.

So, how to find good strategies for conflict management in the company? To that end, we have common methods that a company that develops systems for HR management have prepared a list of tips to help you deal correctly with conflict management in the workplace:

1. Investigate deeper causes

It is very common for a small conflict to have some minor cause behind it, linked to another factor. Therefore, it is very important to listen to all parties involved, seeking to extract the real reasons for the problem.

Listen carefully, without interruptions, warnings or criticisms. Leave it to intervene when you already have a global sense of the issue. Be aware of contradictions, similarities, and differences in point of view. With this, you will have more tools to understand the causes of the divergence.

2. Maintain accountability for conflicts

This is a posture of accountability and commitment on the part of the professional. It is essential when conflicts arise in the enterprise since your position as a manager should be that of a facilitator, not a problem solver. Those involved must find alternatives.

When you only offer conditions for effective dialogue to take place, you allow employees to access their internal resources to find ways out. This experience allows professionals to grow and have autonomy.

3. Encourage direct feedback

The great differential of feedback is that it has the purpose of helping others to develop. It is a return on some posture or the performance of tasks and can be both positive and negative. But, it is important to emphasize that feedback should always be made with a constructive proposal, intending to drive the other towards growth.

Direct feedback can help both resolve and avoid team conflicts. Clear communication minimizes communication gaps, as the employee will be able to get in touch with the colleague's ideas much more easily.

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