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Quicken 2004 Exclude Internal Transfers work around

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Dave Argust

Jan 26, 2004, 8:54:00 AM1/26/04
I have found a way to make my Quicken 2004 reports more useful with a work
around to the bug which does not allow the exclusion of internal transfers
in the reports. In the customization menu I go to the categories tab.
When you scroll down the categories it goes to accounts for transfers. If
I deselect the "internal accounts" (which are the accounts selected on the
account tab), the transfers to those accounts are not included in the
report. It is not as easy as just checking the "exclude internal
transfers", but it makes my reports much mroe useful.

John Pollard

Jan 26, 2004, 10:21:35 AM1/26/04

Your work around will not duplicate the "Exclude Internal
Transfer" option; in fact, there is a reasonable chance you will
be missing some transactions from your report that you wanted to
be present.

"Internal Transfers" are transfers where both sides of the
transfer would have otherwise appeared in the report. When you
exclude an [account] category, you exclude *all* the transfers
into and out of that account; this is not the same as an
"Internal Transfer" ... and it does not get better if you
exclude more [account] categories.

Your work around only works when, coincidentally, the only
transfers that would have appeared in the report were transfers
between accounts that are selected for the report. If there are
any transfers where one side is in an account included in the
report and the other side is in an account not included in the
report; then you will exclude a transfer that is *not* an
internal transfer.

Another way to look at it is that your workaround is the same as
doing an "Exclude All" transfers, which, by definition, is not
the same as an "Exclude Internal".


John Pollard
j underscore pollard at bellsouth dot net

Steve Larson

Jan 26, 2004, 2:52:51 PM1/26/04
Agreed, I believe this may not exactly duplicate the Exclude Internal
selection, as it worked prior to Quicken2004.

"John Pollard" <> wrote in message


Jan 26, 2004, 8:38:45 PM1/26/04
What you say certainly makes sense and I would also expect Quicken to behave
the way you describe. But that is not what I am seeing in the reports I am
generating. I have transfers both to and from a home equity loan that I
have as "external". I also have transfers to investment accounts that I
have as "external". These transfers come from accounts I have as
"internal". All of these transfers are showing up in my report. The
accounts I am considering "external" are not selected in the accounts tab,
but are selected in the categories tab. The accounts I am considering
"internal" are selected in the accounts tab, but are not selected in the
categories tab.

The only possible explanation I can come up with is that Quicken includes
transfers when EITHER the from account or the to account is specified in the
categories tab and the account is also included in the accounts tab. I
never paid much attention to the accounts in the category tab before now, so
I am not sure if this behavior is new to Quicken 2004 or not.

The net is that for me I am getting results that is what I am looking for.
You might want to try it and experiment and see what happens for you.

Good Luck,

"John Pollard" <> wrote in message

John Pollard

Jan 28, 2004, 5:26:16 PM1/28/04

Well, I have, as you say, experimented and I believe I owe you
an apology.

I tested this quite a while ago in an earlier version of Quicken
(either Q2000 or Q2001) and at the time, I thought I had
"proven" what I stated earlier in this thread.

But in Q2002, I am not able to prove that my interpretation is
true: I continually find that your interpretation is correct.
So either:

1.) I made a mistake in my initial testing or
2.) I made a mistake in my current testing or
3.) Something changed from Q2000/Q2001 to Q2002

But I think that #1 is true.

I believe that my thinking on the subject just did not take into
account that a transfer *from* an account included in the
report, *to* an account not included in the report, would not be
excluded by excluding all [account] categories for accounts
included in the report; so excluding [account] categories for
accounts included in the report is not the same as an "Exclude
All" transfers.

Perhaps restating the effects of excluding Accounts and
[Account] categories would be worthwhile to the discussion.
(Ignoring the effects of the "Exclude" transfers option).
Excluding an Account from a report, excludes *all*
transactions - transfers and others - found in the "register"
for that account, but *no* other transactions. Excluding an
[Account] category from a report, excludes all transactions
containing that [Account] in their category field - regardless
of what Account they occured in - and no other transactions ...
not even the other half of an excluded transfer transaction.

Others are free to do their own testing and provide yet more
information on this subject; for now, I am in agreement with
Dave that his method is the equivalent to "Exclude Internal".

There is one caution though: unlike "Exclude Internal", this
method will not continue to produce a correct report if you add
a new Account to the report but forget to exclude its [account]
category; with "Exclude Internal", you do not have to remember
to do anything when you add a new Account to the report, the
"internal" transfers will be excluded by default.

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