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KFJC FM ▼ [maggot] — SATAN SPIC JOSÉ SCOTT Poops On Papal Blessing

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Ras Mikaere Enoch Mc Carty

Apr 30, 2019, 11:20:30 PM4/30/19

KFJC FM / The Stinky Spic Sleeping On The Couch:



Jose’ Scott
Satanist at KFJC FM


> Here begins a list of things you need to start getting over:

My Answers below:

1. Notice if you will, the alternative direction
that Jose' Scott is suggesting, and that is for
I & I's to stop with the exorcism at KKUP and
KFJC FM. Funny, how easy it is to see the
real intentions and desires of this posting by
Jose' Scott, who hides behind anonymous remailers.
The devil cabal at KKUP FM and KFJC FM are seen
as desperate to get I & I to "get over it".

> KKUP: Man, you just keep yammering on and on about something that
happened in 1995. Yes, I said 1995!

2. It would appear from all indications, and from
numerous comments from demonic Jose' Scott, that
he wishes that I & I would stop with the "dated"
information and exorcism.

The only problem is that Jose' Scott is still
an active member at KFJC FM [The Devil's Radio],
who never graduates, who keeps on taking the same
courses at Foothill College......How many times
has Jose' taken the courses, to stay on the air?
In fact Foothill Jr. College has made efforts to
stop the hangers-on like Jose' Scott who never for the collegiate
broadcasting courses at the Jr. College.
---> However Robert "Doc" Pelzel, by hook or by
crook, has found a way to skirt-the-issue, cheat,
falsify, and in a bogus way, in allowing the older
"students" like Jose' to continue at the radio

In 1995, Lieben Bekele, an Ethiopian immigrant,
who came to California, and then presented a
reggae program at KKUP 91.5 FM -
Well, Mr. Bekele hung himself in the Summer of
1995 ---> all because of the in-fighting that
was going-on over the control of his program.
You see, he shared his program with Papa John
(is that a pizza or what ?) and Ras Roy.
Lieben came to I & I just before he killed
himself, and told me what was going down, I & I
tried to console him, but I could do nothing...
He was that depressed.....which is one of the
reasons why I am so concerned and heaven-bent
on righting the wrongs @ KKUP 91.5 FM. Funny,
it was all over ticket-give-aways for the
Reggae On The River concert in the Nor. Cal.
every Summer. Well, the event only gave the
station so many tickets for listeners and staff,
so obviously a fight did ensue over the tickets.
Lieben told I & I what was going on at his

George Byrd (English Congenital Godless Devil),
who still works at the radio station KKUP 91.5 FM,
presents a program by English Godless Satanist,
Alan Watts, the Dead Englishman and his tired old
cassettes that George Byrd plays on the radio.
Alan Watts promotes suicide, first of all -
Second, Alan Watts is a rabid anti-God POMMIE from
Londinium-land ["u.k."], with a clear taste for
the powers of darkness......when he urges people,
I have heard it many times, from Alan Watts, urging
people to use and abuse and kill themselves with
Mescaline and other dangerous mind-altering,
permanent damaging drugs to the brain (Jose' Scott).

Not only this, but George Byrd, the congenital POM,
who is clearly a Godless "wonder", a short-shit who
is looking very old lately ------> he works and did
work for A.P.A.N., a -------> NEEDLE EXCHANGE
Organisation that hands out needles to people that
George Byrd (Alan Watts) gets hooked on Mescaline
and other dangerous mind-altering drugs.
...and of course through the hands of yet more,
I said more congenital heritary POMMIES Slimey
Limeys who don't believe in God, but actually
do quote from the Satan's Dictionary, even here
on the internet, when George Byrd, the short-shit
congeital satanic drug-abusing POM was bold enough
to come out into the open, in ba.broadcast....but
now hides in Menlo Park, sitting at his computer
which has large fonts, because George Byrd has lost his
eyesight, in a dark, dirty, house, smoking marijuana
and other drugs. That is George Byrd at the
computer, conspiring and plotting against people that
he doesn't like.

Fran Tibbs, ex-General Manager at KKUP 91.5 FM, also
personal friend, who now lives in Oregon (lucky), was
the new receiptient of hate literature splattered
across everyone's mail-boxes at KKUP FM. There was
George Byrd's mailbox with multitudes of those letters
and incriminating previous information about his
complete hatred for Fran Tibbs (Sister Fran / reggae)
is enough to put 2 and 2 together. Fran Tibbs was
very concerned that the :
Geek Male Engineer Clique
Who Are God-less Devil Fans
Were behind the hate-mail. I know exactly who was
pushing that crap everywhere. Joe Sodja and others
at KKUP 91.5, are keenly aware that there *is* a
truly evil conspiracy afoot at KKUP 91.5 FM, and
I don't even need to talk about I & I (Ras Mikael
Enoch), to satisfy anyone's curiosity about the
inner-workings at KKUP 91.5 FM.......why some shows
totally disappear, why others are allowed to work
hand-in-glove with the mafia promotion entities,
like Bill Graham Presents (Hell's Angels).....

1995 - 2010
Little has changed, the same people are there,
basically, spreading their devil drug pushing
at KKUP 91.5 FM.

I shouldn't EVER have to explain why I & I am
doing an EXORCISM on KKUP FM and most notably
KFJC FM, of which I have yet to present the
web-page that should put everything (2010) to
rest, concerning what is going down at :
The Devil's Radio
I & I with Jah !
Who is that against I ?
Satanic Jews and Satanic congenital POMS (Limeys)
I am not afraid -

...and by the way, the Satanists at The Devil's
Radio (Jose' Beaner Scott), like to claim, again
more lies, that I was kicked-out of KFJC 89.7 FM.
That is a lie !
I left KFJC FM in 1995, after being falsely accused
by Spliff Skankin (Dennis Edward Bishop Jr.), who
is the Best Of Friends with Jose' Scott, the Satanist
who created and kept-it-going, the moniker, new name
change for KFJC 89.7 FM, to :
The Devil's Radio
I already had a program at KKUP 91.5 FM in 1995, since
May of 1991. KFJC 89.7 was becoming too dangerous,
with enough satanists at the Devil's Radio to hatched
another plot, false accusation, violence again ?
I decided to just leave....
And look-back at KFJC's phoney fudged-hours 8-hour
books which Dennis Edward Bishop Jr. (Spliff Skankin')
totally fudges hours "performed". KFJC FM is a joke.
Need I & I say any more ?
Probably not...
But, Kolchak will !
Those Exorcisms

> Smoke a bowl – errr, don’t smoke a bowl –w hichever is the
> opposite of what you usually do, and consider which is more
> likely:

Jose' Scott (on-air name: "Hawkeye Joe"), who's own
"hawkeye" name is actually very apt. Jose' knows that
Jah almight knows the exact number of every hair on his
head (cabeza), and so also does Jah know that his eternal
enemies, those who have chosen the DEVIL, versus the Most
High Jah, will of course probably lose his or her sight,
as Jose' Scott wears coke-bottle glasses, that betray his
blindness. "Hawkeye", no actually a blind vulture, looking
for blood.
The Aztecs (Jose' is a public proud one)
are un-rivalled as a congenital defect
in their insatiable desire for human flesh
and human hearts.....the amusing phoney
Mexican songs, the multitude of lyrics,
that talk about : " mi corazon ".
My Heart.
The Aztecs, like Jose' Scott, who created
The Devil's Radio (Spliff's Best Friend)
would of course go to rip-out-the-heart
of anyone who is genuine of character,
who is of Jah.
Look at Kate Enoch, the blessed martyr
at KFJC 89.7 FM, having been eradicated
for totally petty reasons by Jose' Scott
Her poignant "belladonna" poison cup,
as her crime was that she dared to bring
a Pepsi can to the doorway of KFJC's
on-air studios. I & I happened to be
the one who had the responsibility to
try and clean the radio station, with
vacuum and mop and duster and broom...
I am firmly aware of the mess that Jose'
Scott created for I & I at KFJC 89.7 FM.
That would be the event known as :
Jose's Siesta Time
Stinky, body-odour, Jose' would and does
lounge, sleep, DROOL onto the KFJC 89.7 FM
couch....a couch by the way is really for
KFJC's guests (like bands), and responsible
KFJC station members who respect the place,
unlike Jose' Scott, who also takes his stink
to the bathroom ---> ~ ~ ~ don't trip over
the cleaning supplies you clumsy evil beaner,
-----spic_n_span . wav
where he, Jose' Scott had hung an authentic
Papal blessing (goat-skin paper) to Ira
Higgins the same person who donated land
to St. Francis High school in Mtn. View, Cal.

* Jose' defaced the goat-skin
blessing with his grafitti :

* Jose' got ahold of the Ira Higgins blessing, probably
through his connections with a KFJC member who was also
working at KSFH 90.5 FM (St. Francis).

Jose' Scott who's own stint as "general manager", came
with the disappearance of monies at KFJC FM, which is
a fact, I was in management meetings at the time !,
would-of-course be the spic who thieved the papal
blessing and hang it in KFJC's bathroom, and then
attack it with grafitti.

What is it with loser latinos ?
Where they find-it necessary to deface the whole world
with their hideous grafitti, "art".

Jose' does love the letter :

--------------- X

I will speak on that letter later, again proving that Jose'
is from the devil, especially as his body is adorned with also
hideous skin illustrations, <different from Maori / Pacific>
from Aztec inspired madness...from skulls to every other image
of morbid frightening looking nonsense plastered (self-mutilation)
upon Jose's now ugly grafitti laced body –

The Illustrated Man
[1969] Movie

I & I happened
to go to St. Francis, and was active at their
great instructional / teaching, radio station,
KSFH 90.5 FM. That would be 1977.
A time when a person had to go to the FCC office
in San Francisco and take a complicated test
concerning broadcasting, modulation, etc.
I know damn well that Jose' the un-educated,
beaner from Hell (Devil's Radio creator), could
not pass that test, that I & I took.
In fact, Jose' Scott only had to sign a card and
send it into the FCC to be able to have a 3rd
Class Broadcasting License, now a small yellow card.
But Jose' the Devil would have
none of this !

He purposely stole my Federal FCC
(Fed Offense - Felony) broadcasting license certificate,

which is more pleasant-looking and more authentic
(having taken an actual test in S.F.) than a simple
yellow card with the beaner name : Jose'upon it.

The Foothill College police Department got involved,
(LOL),OFFICER CROSS (nice guy) forced Jose' Scott
(the creator of the Devil's Radio moniker), to return
I & I's broadcast license. Jose' did return it, on KFJC
stationary, from Foothill College's mailroom postal meter,
and that Jose' claimed later that he wiped-it on his
beaner (oh boy is it stinky and messy) ass, before he
returned it.

You will notice that the same hand-writing is seen on Jose's forced
action - returning I & I's stolen (spic thief) license certificate, and
most notably on the Papal Blessing pics seen above.

Of course it is Jose'.
Once again, I would like to ask, why it is that the latino losers in
this world, find it necessary to deface the whole world with their
destructive and ugly grafitti.
Like a dog who urinates on bushes, Jose' the dog, like to scribble
shit all over the place. Marking it as his territory.
The license of course was paraded by the satanist cabal
at KKUP FM, and from the satanists, apart from the
"Wave of the West" righteous segment at KFJC FM, on the
internet of pure lies and half-truths.

Jose' Scott as you will notice, is urging that I & I smoke
a bowl, (marijuana / meth / whatever Jose' is into this week),
which means that he the beaner spic is pushing drugs
and using them himself, like George Byrd of KKUP FM (Mescaline)
in his dark lonely, conspiring cave, with a low ceiling, midget,
in Menlo Park, Cal.

Jose' Scott is a drug dealer from the earliest known memory of
him. He provided, when he had the connections the drugs that
were rampant at "KFJC South", which was located on Murphy Ave.
in Sunnyvale, California, a very close distance, very, to the
famous (TV, media, etc.) haunted Toys 'R' Us store....Of course
Jose' Scott worked for a stint as a toy store clerk !, and was
of course responsible for creating - The Devil's Radio, which
has ushered-forth a whole flock of satanic kids who now want
to play Black Metal and other clearly satanic material on KFJC.
The Devil's Radio. Isn't it rather peculiar that Jose' Scott
would be the one, and directly from "KFJC South", right there
at one of Satan's Portal, Sunnyvale, California....
Good going Jose', you *almost* got away with it.
The EXORCISM is here now.
Get used to it, you evil beaner devil.

Jose' Scott personally attacked me, on the Caltrain Train and
and on the streets of San Francisco . . . but I fortunately got
away. Jose' like usual, was just bumming-around, looking for
trouble, on Market Street, when I saw him selling drugs.
He spotted I & I, and he ran up to me, as I was on a BMX
bike, an E.L.F. frame old-school, I've been riding for years....
I of course did enough maneuvers to evade the fat,
getting-old, ugly, lousy devil satanic spic, from his attack.

And the best part is that Robert "Doc" Pelzel, Foothill
College's moderator does nothing in regards to physical
altercations against I & I persoally, and for years, with
Spliff Skankin (Dennis Edward Bishop Jr.) strong-arming
I & I, when I attempted to get the nightclub
ALBERTO'S some promotions on KFJC FM.
Being with Bill Graham (Hell's Angels), Spliff would have none
of that, so he almost sat on me, as we were sitting on the lawn
near KFJC's studios, prior to the Wed. night meetings - and other
vicious and violent attempts by Spliff (Stoned Out Of His Mind)
to keep I & I from working in the Promotions Department.
There is more...

At "KFJC South", in Sunnyvale, named-so because a few staff
at KFJC FM lived there, thanks to the generous gift of
Marty Preece (KFJC FM engineer), whom I respect to this day,
despite Jose's and Spliff's attempt to slander him and try
to make him look silly at KFJC South and at KFJC FM.
I felt sorry for Marty.....he was a cool guy, from the old
school of broadcasting engineers, different from the evil
clowns that masquerade their broadcasting "intelligence"
in newsgroups ba.broadcast and others...

Jose' and Spliff were the drugged-out losers, with Jose'
himself admitting publicly on the internet that he did
LSD many times, even on the airwaves (KFJC FM),
and calling himself : Uncle Sydney.
Lord only knows why a demon woud choose a name like
that while on KFJC 89.7 [fm], and having admitted doing
LSD on the air (Foothill College) at least twice.
And again, Robert "Doc" Pelzel does absolutely nothing in
regards to Jose' Scott and his ability to broadcast at
KFJC FM. Amazing, the complicity and do-nothing attitude
of Robert Edward "Doc" Pelzel. Amazing. He wonders why
I need to write the things I & I do, especially as the
station is now :

The Devil's Radio
- A Quinn Martin Spic Production

Amazingly, Jose' Scott worked for a while at a pornography
shop in San Francisco, near the corner of Broadway and
Columbus, selling complete SMUT. Even bragging on the
internet, that he took pride in his knowledge of the
ANAL SEX VIDEOS he had stocked at the store,
even claiming (pure lies, again) that Michael Savage,
a national / international talk-show sensation, was in
the porno shop where Jose' worked, and that Michael
Savage was looking-over the Anal Sex Videos.
There is absolutely no level that Jose' Scott not go,
Jose' is one of the boldest liars around.
Just like a SATANIST ! (devil's radio)
He lies about I & I and anyone who he thinks is his target.

> a) The CIA/MI6/Satanists decided to infiltrate a pissant
> 200-watt community radio station just to get you fired. You know,
because the CIA is rilly, rilly worried about
> the next Jamaican uprising in the ghettos of Santa Clara.
> Or,

The radio station has been infiltrated by a clearly
*New Age* Aquarian Conspiracy Element, with direct
connections to The Green Party (Eric Meece), which
is a Foreign German Political Party (Marxist).
Meece is really a strange character . . . . with like a
personality of someone who thinks he is above everyone
else, philosophically, politically, and otherwise.
A real strange person, a despot wanna-be.
He tried to be elected in the Green Party, and as I said
before, it is a FOREIGN German Political Party (Marxist) !
Also, who was definately involved in the frame-job
against I & I at KKUP 91.5 [fm] :
-----------------Framed At KKUP
So, go figure !

There is definately an attempt to manipulate KKUP FM's
broadcasting signal with *New Age* Aquarian Conspiracy
Occult nonsense - - - even taking over I & I's reggae
program (late Sunday nights 12 midnight to 3 a.m)
Deep Roots ------> with a show called :

Music Of The Tarot

As in the gateway, portal opening, tarot cards,
into the underworld of demonic inspirations,
demonic ideas, demonic plots, demonic frame-jobs
against the righteous :


> b) Said radio station just had enough of your deluded dog catcher,
law-breaking, nappy ass and booted you from your
> part-time, unpaid, Rastamon wannabe gig that all of 100
> people ever listened to.

I & I had a GREAT reggae program, featuring the best
of Jamaica's Vibrant Alive Roots in 1985-1996.
Spliff and Jose' attempt to play reggae, but are heard
playing the same lame OLD ska tunes and OLD reggae
that everyone had heard countless times before,
therefore keeping alive the notion that reggae
was not alive and that it died with Bob Marley.
Rather it was alive and people like Jose' Scott
were instrumental in their attempts to verbally
insult I & I for playing up-to-date reggae music
from Jamdown / Jamaica.

Spliff Skankin, versus I, Ras Mikael Enoch,
is not a Rastafarian, in fact Spliff isn't even a
Christian (his girlfriend believes that the bible
is wrong, and that since dogs hump other dogs in
the rear, then it is okay for humans to do it),
in fact Spliff had an interview in the San Jose
Mercury News (a B.G.P. chosen media darling), and
confirmed to the public that he is not a Rastafarian.

In fact, the legendary artist from Jamaica, named
Mutabaruka, has a song entitled :

Dispel The Lie

It talks about those who push marijuana and Jah, that
he (Mutabaruka) doesn't see Jah (God) in a cloud of the song he rebukes people like Spliff
Skankin, who hasn't yet found-out what a water pipe
is (Spliff is coming in too HOT, like Hell itself).
Don’t get me wrong, I like cannabis
just like any other son of Jah who
sees that it was created by Jah.

However, Stiff is Too Red, a complete Stoner, has tried
the hard stuff, was a alcohol bartender at the Reno Club
in East Palo Alto (Whiskey Gulch) for years.

The drugs and alcohol has warped his vicious strong-arm,
evil, mind. The song from Mutabaruka is like a shot right
to the head of drug-pusher Spliff Skankin' who is best
friends with drug dealer Jose' Scott, who created the
name and new moniker for KFJC FM :
------------------The Devil's Radio !

So, go figure !

> Logan’s Run? No! I said Occam’s Razor

Once again, I & I have no idea what verbal vomit you
are offering here Jose' Scott, beaner from Hell.

> With Regards, Your Friend,
> -- Benito

...and just like Satan, Jose' would of-course darn his
anonymous postings with the name, Benito, in reference
to Benito Mussolini.

Go Figure, from an evil violent devil Spic at : The Devil's Radio !

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