P4SDX USB 2.0 Drivers for Win98???

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Aug 6, 2003, 4:53:32 AM8/6/03
hi guys,

I am having a little trouble find the right drivers for the USB 2.0
component for Win98SE.

I am using a Win2k and Win98SE dual boot. I went through all the
drivers set up from SIS and Asus. The only driver left out is the
Universal Serial Bus in Windows 98.

I even used the SIS 655 USB driver from Gigabyte, still no luck. Any
ideas where I can find the driver and get rid of the ugly exclaimation


Dave Catchpole

Aug 6, 2003, 6:58:16 AM8/6/03
"Phillis_c" <jp...@philip-kwong.com> wrote in message

I believe that the only OS that supports USB2.0 is Win XP SP1...

Could be wrong tho.



Aug 6, 2003, 7:41:07 AM8/6/03
In article <89e5befd.03080...@posting.google.com>,
jp...@philip-kwong.com (Phillis_c) wrote:

It really looks like Sis doesn't want to support Win98 :-(

Starting at the Asus download page - P4SDX gives you:

This is a tiny file, and has a MISC directory, with a couple of small
files in it. I think the intent is, perhaps, to fix up the exclamation
mark, without giving you a working USB2 interface.

In the same FTP directory, there are a couple of other files, like:
ftp://ftp.asus.com.tw/pub/ASUS/misc/usb20 also has usb2_sis2kxp101d.zip
and while this file is larger, the support in the MISC directory again
contains some tiny files, so it is not likely to help.

For other chipset vendors, USB2 on Win98se is supported with what is
known as an "Orangeware" driver. This is a third party driver written
to fill the gap left by Microsoft not supporting USB2 on Win98se.
It is used on some Intel chipsets, for example, and I haven't heard
any complaints.

Do a search in http://groups.google.com on "Orangeware USB2" and
you'll find reference to these drivers. It is apparently possible,
if the Southbridge looks enough like a "NEC Controller", to use
a generic version of the Orangeware driver. One posting mentioned
the Orangeware driver gives files "ousbehci.sys & ousb2hub.sys from
c:\windows\system32\drivers", so that is where they end up.

A posting by Tuan, mentions MSI as a source of Orangeware driver.
Look at the SIS USB 2.0 Driver section:

There is a small file there sisusb47.exe, and with my trusty hex
editor, it looks like the file contains ousbehci and ousb2hub.
The "o" in the name stands for Orangeware. So, with some luck,
this will install on Southbridge 96x.

I also tried starting at the product page:

then clicked 648F Neo:

This board has a 963L Southbridge, just like your board.

Clicking the driver button:

leads to the same file:

So, there is a reasonable chance that this file will work for you.

This is all pure speculation on my part, so stick with the Asus
102.zip driver if you don't want a wrecked system! Like the warning
at the top of the MSI download page says - "The DEVICE DRIVERS
contained here are exclusively for MSI product only. MSI assumes no
responsibility for any damages resulting from improper use or lack
of technical expertise." :-) You've been warned.

Be careful,


Aug 6, 2003, 5:58:14 PM8/6/03
Dear Paul,

Thanks for your input. I tried the files you provided, but still no
good. It is not the driver for "PCI Universial Serial Bus" in Device
Manager. I really woner what is it... There is nothing plugged to the
PCI other than my modem.


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