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Charles Kalupa

Jan 15, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/15/98

I would have to disagree about philips tech support. I had TWO of their
external pieces of junk and could not get them working for any extended
period of time. Tried calling the support line- number changed. Called the
new number BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, CLosed for the day!. Sent them an email (two
weeks ago) and still no response. Took the unit(s) back and got a refund.
Lady at Office Cheapo said they have been getting a lot of them back for
different reasons.

You might want to try a different brand than Philips, too!


>They're "okay".. I've got a 7100e, and I'll tell you an honest answer:
>Watch out:
>1. You need a fast harddisk. No problem if scsi, watch out for those
>eide/ide drives.
>2. You need a PC with highspeed EPP or ECP printer port (in the case of
>3. HP technical support would appear to be crap. Wheres the DAO firmware
>4. At the moment it only writes "Track At Once" mode until 3) is available.
>My advice? Buy the phillips version, - its the same drive, with working
>firmware upgrades, decent technical support and costs about the same. The
>CDR is a Phillips re-badge.

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