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Re: Good or bad idea

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Jolly Roger

Jun 14, 2015, 5:32:20 PM6/14/15
On 2015-06-14, Kurt Ullman <> wrote:
> In article <mlkgjv$81h$>, bi...@MIX.COM wrote:
>> Kurt Ullman <> writes:
>> > Okay. Better idea. Now, the question becomes can I print out a list from
>> > Keychain or do I need to do it by hand?
>> It's probably easier to write it all out by hand. Use a ball point pen
>> with real ink, coz some of the felt tip or similar pens will fade after
>> a few years.
>> Billy Y..
> I have really bad handwriting so it may not be easier. ;) In real life
> I most likely would have to go back and forth between the Keychain' s
> listing and Word to get something that could actually be read.

You could probably write a script to create a CSV file (just a text file
with contents that conform to CSV) that I could open with any
spreadsheet program to view. The script would just loop through all keys
in each key chain, and write every key as a line in the CSV file.

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