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Re: Surprise when installing Tor browser on Win10 computer

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Anonymous Remailer (austria)

Dec 15, 2018, 7:31:33 PM12/15/18

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Paranoid Pete <Parano...@hidden.invalid> wrote:
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> "Nomen Nescio" <> wrote:
> > You have to assume that I'm stupid
> I don't think that the M$ research has quite gotten that far yet.
> And I have no doubt that one day it will.

Roll the computer back to an earlier restore point, download the
distribution from Tor and try either version.

You can run other browsers over a Tor browser connection, but
you're stupid if you do as it's an information leak and possible
application conflict.

The idea behind Tor is complete privacy, not selective Russian
Roulette privacy.

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