Why are they posting Dustin's number in alt.computer.workshop?

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David Brooks

Sep 14, 2021, 7:08:31 PMSep 14
Why are people posting DUSTIN'S phone number in
alt.computer.workshop ??

It's illegal and he *will* get annoyed? The bad guys ALWAYS make

<shaking head in disbelief>

I can imagine that's how it makes DUSTIN feel.

Snit is my cyber-friend and so is Dustin. :-)


Sep 22, 2021, 12:05:54 AMSep 22
David Brooks <Dav...@invalid.E-S> Wrote in message:

> Why are people posting DUSTIN'S phone number in alt.computer.workshop ??

Are they?

>It's illegal and he *will* get annoyed?

Annoyed or not - it's not illegal. Do you have any MIDs to share
of posts showing Dustin annoyed by this? We'd like to be
entertained as well.

>The bad guys ALWAYS make mistakes!

Like using the wrong usenet provider when forging another poster? :)

>Snit is my cyber-friend and so is Dustin. :-)

You told a half truth. Another give away that you aren't David
Brooks. He lies all the time. :)

Can you post again as Ryan Sullivan? We're mopping the floor with
snit in alt.computer.workshop - he's taking the arse kicking
badly and could use some cheering up via additional fake posts to
attack another adversary with.

Won't you help him in his time of need?!?
Snit is one f*cked up puppy - who steals our hard earned tax
paying dollars from the government by running a long con for
welfare - who can be reached via telephone - text message - or in
person - by using the publically available contact information

Michael (snit) and Anne Glasser (life-like troll lady)
3181 Willow Dr, Prescott, AZ
1.928.445.3425 or 1-(928)-445-3425
1.928.776.9519 or 1-(928)-776-9519
They are professional Grifters who live on the benefits your hard
earned tax paying dollars provide. Animal abuser = snit pissed on
his own cat!

p-0''0-h the cat (coder)

Sep 22, 2021, 5:20:15 AMSep 22
On Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:05:49 -0400 (EDT), LegionX
<MichaelAnd...@griftersconjobsllc.com> wrote:


Hi Dustin


Live everyday like you're a cat.

Sent from my iFurryUnderbelly.

p-0.0-h the cat

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Devil incarnate, Linux user#666, BaStarD hacker, Resident evil, Monkey Boy,
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shyster [pending approval by STATE_TERROR], cripple, sociopath, kook,
smug prick, smartarse, arsehole, moron, idiot, imbecile, snittish scumbag,
liar, total ******* retard, shill, pooh-seur, Pooh Dendum, scouringerer,
jumped up chav, punk ass dole whore troll, no nothing innumerate religious
maniac, lycanthropic schizotypal lesbian, professional bully and stalker,
the most complete ignoid, joker, and furball.

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I mark any messages from trolls »Q« and 'Arlene' Holder as stinky


Sep 22, 2021, 12:03:37 PMSep 22
In article <g8tlkg5n3t966e11k...@4ax.com>
"p-0''0-h the cat (coder)" <super...@fluffyunderbelly.invalid> wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Sep 2021 00:05:49 -0400 (EDT), LegionX
> <MichaelAnd...@griftersconjobsllc.com> wrote:
> >Annoyed
> Hi Dustin
> *plonk*
> --
> p-0.0-h the cat

This Dustin/Raid/Diesel/Casio, etc., etc., asshole never learns that
no matter what nym he uses it's his hateful, filthy mouth that
always gives him away.

David Brooks

Oct 12, 2021, 2:48:17 PM (13 days ago) Oct 12


Oct 14, 2021, 7:59:24 PM (11 days ago) Oct 14
"p-0''0-h the cat (coder)" <super...@fluffyunderbelly.invalid>
Wrote in message:

>Hi Dustin

You seem to suffer from the same stupidity problem as snit and
david brooks. We aren't Dustin - but we do know him in person.
Dustin is a god damn saint compared to some of us. We though the
handle we selected would be a useful intelligence test (it means
many and it's old enough to be in the fucking bible) and we
haven't been surprised by the results yet.

Btw - we have read your coding challenge threads with you and
Dustin going at it. Or should we more properly state taking your
egotistical and bsing ass to school? Yea. We noticed what he did
too. We aren't surprised he duped you with that fucked up oddball
ASIC language. He really does know it like the back of his hand
as he clearly demonstrated as part of your education. Boyo you
never had a chance. He could have dropped all those bytes off the
final size of his little program in one shot at any point. He was
toying with you the entire time. Just like a cat does a mouse or
snake or whatever else they catch - before they go in for the
kill. And you because of your ego didn't catch on. A red flag
should have come up when he offered what you thought was easy
source code in a language you assumed you knew but really were
fucking clueless about.

When you took functionality away to reduce file size it was beyond
obvious to those who are coders (unlike you despite you claiming
otherwise) that you were a bsing idiot douchebag.

Even when you cheated again by keeping your file a com but renamed
as an exe - he still provided a fully functional actual exe that
was not only hundreds (haha you stupid fuck - claim you're
something you aren't again. That never gets old) of bytes smaller
than your fake exe his required nearly 60kilobytes less of main
system memory to run than yours. You automatically caused your
crippled version to use 64k of ram when it didn't need anything
like that. Coder you are not. Wannabe yes yes you

So not only did you cheat and still lose by hundreds of bytes -
you provided a onetime use or one shot routine that was limited
to a single fucking file. It couldn't be used as a subroutine and
repeatedly called into use - your version wasn't releasing file
handles. And yours require more resources for less

As if that wasn't bad enough - poseur - you removed a critical
piece of it's code because you were fucking clueless how the ASIC
command [ABS] was being used. That's super funny considering that
you were claiming to be a coder - because the way it was being
used is common knowledge and very old school - to a coder.

The flashing led with a single transistor capacitor and suitable
power source discussion you had with Dustin was *another example*
of him not only taking you to school again! He also demonstrated
for the readers that your BSing for attention needs aren't
restricted to comp tech or related fields. You have problems with
the fundamental basics concerning the very components that make
up the machine you're reading our fucking reply with.

If more people weren't lazy sobs incapable of using a god damn
search engine you'd be completely useless and a total waste of
space. Be glad generally people are lazy fucks so your near
worthless BSing (as in total bullshitter) ass has some value here
and can "contribute"

Just remember that when/if they learn to feed themselves they
won't need you anymore, script kiddie jerkoff poseur who can't
even properly identify posters. What a fuckin nobody blowhard you
are. A total dumbshit fuckhead.


Jesus christ. Even your usenet etiquette has poseur written all
over it. You don't announce kfing - n00b. And *everyone* knows
you wouldn't kf us or anyone else. We feed you and you will not
bite our hands you ungrateful little usenet bitch.

Damn what a sig you've got. Tell us you aren't c&ping it each time?


Oct 14, 2021, 8:19:21 PM (11 days ago) Oct 14
Anonymous <nob...@remailer.paranoici.org> Wrote in message:

>This Dustin/Raid/Diesel/Casio, etc., etc., asshole never learns that no matter what nym he uses it's his hateful, filthy mouth that always gives him away.

Is that why you've shared posts you claimed were written by Dustin
but infact were proven forgeries?

Dustin is so harmless and such a fake that you hide behind
remailers to attack him and often get the details and basis for
your attack wrong for years now.

It's been awhile since your last cancer dr infected by a virus of
his claim. Have you decided which dr you claimed was Dustins
victim? Does it help your exceptional reading challenged brain to
know that none of the people you named as the so called victim
were drs or ever infected by any of Dustins viruses? Yep. You got
all that information wrong - because you couldn't properly read
usenet posts with quoted material and attribute the quotes to the
person who wrote them - because you're a remailer using via a
Windows made for dummies gui program fucking exceptionally
jealous of Dustin stupid fucker.

Seriously - it's not hard to read a god damn post on usenet that
contains one or more quoted sections. For fucks sake pencil dick
- the quotes weren't even slightly fucked up.

Are you ever going to explain that total bullshit story you wrote
about personally knowing people familiar with an arrest and
conviction for Dustins involvement in the Melissa virus? All
available information backs what Dustin wrote about the entire
thing. Not a single article exists that supports your story.
Dumbshit even uncle sam disagrees with you. Dustin wasn't charged
let alone arrested for *anything* to do with the Melissa virus.
You're just like the few others who claim to have a problem with
him. Like them you make up total bullshit stories about him and
post them anonymously. You're a confirmed lying nutless cowardly
pile of shit. You're good enough with it to be a double for

From our pov the problem you and the few others have is entirely
on you/them. It's called an inferiority complex. You should see
someone about that. Maybe snit can help you there. He's got some
on speed dial for his minute by minute struggles with

You're an online end user paranoid bitch who lacks a pair. We bet
you're a Karen in real life - that makes actual sense.
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