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Mar 29, 2015, 7:24:32 PM3/29/15
Hello! I'm working on version 3.0.0.x of my content generation software program for windows and would love some real feedback!! In exchange, I'm releasing the full version.

The software is for writers who occasionally suffer from writer's block, and it's designed to facilitate the writing process (reduce writing time down to seconds). There really are too many features to list here, but a few of the more cooler ones include sentence swapping (you'll have to see it for yourself), content-specific datapacks, templates, extensive phrase lists, and more.

Please note that the software is NOT a mass article producer. It is, instead, a software program that's appropriate for writers who generate content for clients (typically through content mills).

The software is at

Please read its description so that you understand what it's for, and then download it from

Once it's installed, press F2 to get a temporary registration number. Email that number to so that I can email you a real and permanent registration code.

While you're evaluating it, please remember to consult the online help documents at

I would like to know how useful it is, how intuitive it is, and all that stuff. If you run into any problems, please let me know that as well.
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