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Feb 29, 2016, 1:18:19 AM2/29/16
How hard and or expensive is it to get a usenet group started?
I know I asked somewhere, and maybe here years ago, but do not remember
all of what was or was not said,.
Also I've gotten a virtual server since then, and have one or more
domains I can use if need be for hosting or backing up messages, or???
I read that it is easier to start a group in alt as compared with other
top level categories, so I was wanting to start one or two groups, one
at least would ideally replace a Google group, or actually it would
remain a g-group, but be like this one, usenet mirrored on google.
They would likely be low trafic, but one potentially could have an
average of a hundered or two postings a month.
I just want to try to promote usenet as it has some advantages over
other platforms, and those who like google can continue to use it to get
at the usenet content.

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Brian Gaff

Feb 29, 2016, 3:22:12 AM2/29/16
Eek, You have not encountered beaurocracy, till you have tried to get a news
group on the usenet backbone is all I'll say. Its relatively simple to
create a group, but nobody will carry it unless you jump through loads of
hoops and convince the 'usenet mafia' of its real purpose and show a need.

There are numerous groups out there that are never used or full of spam, and
so, in my view, creating one is pointless.
Much better to go to one of the mailing list providers and create a mailing
list, then promote it widely. You can then administer it and chuck off
The only way that can be done on Usenet is to make it a moderated group
with all postings going to a moderator. Even if this could be set up, and
all usenet servers took it and did the correct redirect to the moderation
address, the work involved would send you round the bend.
Not trying to be negative here, but Usenet is in decline and so there are
lots of empty groups, might be easier to hijack an existing on like the
blind social or whatever than try to contact the administration of the
hierarchy you want to create the group in, and then persuade everyone to
take your group.
I remember there are huge RFC files floating about about the process of
starting news groups, and its probably very handy to have these if you
suffer from insomnia.

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Feb 29, 2016, 6:30:22 PM2/29/16

I've certainly never heard it was easy to do,
but would be willing to put forth some effort if I could
do anything to slow the decline of usenet.
There are ways to filter mailing lists, or one canuse a different eddress
for each group/list, but usenet is already organized right for what it is.
I know the chance that I could get together enough people to make it even work
on a small scale is not high, and being part of a more general rebirth of
usenet is likely a pipe dream, but...
If no one tries the chances of seeing a turn around in the decline of
newsgroups is rather much less.
I don't know if usenet users are much more likely to use LInux than the
general computer using population, but I suspect so because Linux-users
along with diehard DOS heads are the people doing the most on the commandline
where newsreaders compete favorably with their GUI counterparts.
Just thinking that perhaps the Linux angle plus any sympathy for blinks
might give my ideas a chance.
That all being said, there are probably other areas where a similar effort
could bare more fruit.


Feb 29, 2016, 6:37:18 PM2/29/16

I doubt that the OS has anything to do with the problems, and indeed Albasani has had some problems since their founder died.
I just learned of that yesterday. The person who told me about that in another usenet group thinks they now have organized volenteers to maintain things
well enough, but he says that at times connections are slow, understandable when you are supplying free bandwith to thousands of people.
The only thing I can think of that may be handled differently between opperating systems would be how ssl certs are handled, or at least where they are
I don't do my own email server, or even handle email retrieval and such locally in such a way that I can connect to the same mailboxes with more than
one email client.
That kind of thing is indeed easier on Unix and Linux than it would be on Windows, and some of that infrastructure can be used by usenet newsreader
software, but I don't think having that or not would make a difference in the problems I am having. I need to take a look at the albasani wiki to make
sure none of their proceedures have changed.
I don't think cookies or similar are involved in connetion to, but it does seem that once a machine manages to connect it will keep working,
while other boxes just never get that virtual toe in the door.
If something is cached or somehow handled differently when it comes to the SSL cert once a given machine connects then please someone explain the
process to me.
I could find no instructions for using anything I have with the exception of thunderbird, but that's not a hardship except if I realy wanted or needed
to be CLI only.
Thunerbird is a easy to use newsreader in my opinion,.

BTW, I do not know how this will post, i.e. on top, on the bottom or what as I am posting the reply a bit differently than I have been doing with SLRN.
Actually, this is very confusing to me.
An empty file opens up, but after being saved I do not see it in the next
screen where the msg I'm replying to is dispayed, and it was
not pasted in later and posted it seems.
The first file is shown to me next time I go to reply, even if in
another conversation thread.
Not sure what the point is, but atleast I can paste my original reply
where it needs to go, here in other


On 2016-02-29, Brian Gaff <> wrote:

Brian Gaff

Mar 1, 2016, 4:12:07 AM3/1/16
I can read this on here, but could not on the email reply you sent me. No
body of the email was visible unless I looked at the message source where it
was embedded with = and a number all the way through including the quotes.

as for a rebirth, I think since isps seem intent on killing it, probably
due to the lack of control over postings they have who is going to run
binary servers, and should they even exist? I can rell recall in the old
days of the 90s we used to use uuencode and base 64 to encode naughty
pictures and stuff like that. it felt really naughty in those days and we
could even use the old norweigian annon servers to hide who we really were.
Nowadays though it seems that spammers infest many groups.
One thing has not altered though, as trolls still exist and so do the flame
wars about whether to just killfile them or use them as a source of humour,
but there you go if we all agreed on everything there would be no point in


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"B.H." <> wrote in message

Brian Gaff

Mar 2, 2016, 5:45:27 AM3/2/16
I remember him dying a couple of years back was it, Shocked me, but then we
do not know much about these people. Itts like that guy Dan (cannot spell
his sirname)Delengek is te best I can do phonetically, dying suddenly last
He ran the Iaccess bullitin.

I'm over 65 now so I could pop off any time I suppose.

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"B.H." <> wrote in message

John Doe

Sep 13, 2016, 6:26:09 AM9/13/16
This is in reply to a message posted February 29.

What Brian says is true. There are many extinct USENET groups
that can be used for any purpose you like. Sometimes a lurker or
two might show up and complain, but that does not matter. They
usually stop complaining when you point out the fact that the
last message to that group was years ago. Or you can just find
another group.

Yep, you can have your own group with little effort. No need to
start a group, you just need to find an extinct group, a group
with zero or just a few messages, with a name you can accept.
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