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Don H

May 30, 2009, 4:42:39 PM5/30/09
Some old comics from 1940-50s or thereabouts:
(1) Australian cartoonist, Emile Mercier, invented a character, Supa Dupa
Man, a send-up of the "real" thing. Is his comic strip of SDM still
(2) Walt Disney had Donald Duck and nephews in a strip re Treasure Island,
where Long John Silver was a small parrot, with eye patch and peg-leg.
Again, is this still around?
(3) Which episode of Buck Rogers, in comic book form, had Dr. Huer (?)
analysing moon language?
(4) "SHAZAM" is an acronym, and in one encounter, Captain Marvel came up
against a similar case - an acronymed Evil Force, in which Beelzebub is only
ingredient I can remember. Which story was that?
(5) "L'il Abner": had person who said an Executive is someone who got others
to do what he was incapable of doing himself. Which tale was that?
Any assistance in locating these ghosts from the past would be
One of my fav. characters is "The Shadow"...


Feb 1, 2012, 3:21:13 PM2/1/12
"Don H" <> wrote in message
# I can now answer # 2 - the parrot is called Yellow Beak, from the Disney
tale of "Donald Duck finds Pirate Gold" (1942). Copies of this 64-page book
are available (new or used) from

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