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Jan 23, 2016, 9:02:18 AM1/23/16
The Structure of the Seven Divine Fellowships as we define it
Spiritual World: Monotheism
Belief: Unitarian Yahwistic Monotheism
Faith: Rainbow Scripture Faith - Genesis 1:1 - 11:9
Scriptural Basis and Justification for the Advancing Noah Movement core position: Genesis 1: 26 teaches that humans are made in the image of God. Thus, a human descended from Noah who adheres to the Rainbow Torah correctly has the ability to think holy thoughts as well, because God is holy. My attempt at writing the theological articles for the Rainbow Bible is to act in the image of God, and act in a holy way, and thus produce writings which are holy and appropriate for Rainbow Torah based Noahides to live by. As I have secured early copyright in mankind's history of holiness principles, the justification and validation of our Rainbow Torah based religion and, thus, as part of the Rainbow Torah Karaite Noahide community is eternal. Further, as the first promulgaters of the Rainbow Torah faith, we have the legitimate right to claim first and most honoured places in the Karaite Adamide-Noahide community amongst any other potential movements. Finally, we defend the Israelite faith of Karaism as a whole, acknowledging this as the primary scripture of God's covenant with the people of Israel (and within that, in our opinion, the book of Genesis as largely the book or scripture of the Karaite Abrahamide movement). We also regard ourselves as part of 'Noahidism' internationally, and embrace the Talmudic Noahide movement as a part of the overall Noahide community. We view our movement as a whole as a denomination of Noahidism, part of the International Noahide community, and recognize the rights of Talmudic Noahides to follow the rabbinic teaching of Noahidism if they so choose. We do not believe that the Oral Law originated with Moses, or that the 7 laws originated with Noah and his generations, nor Adam, but we recognize the inherent value and decency of the 7 laws themselves and view them as an excellent starting point for Noahidism. Talmudic Noahides are free to affiliate with the Universal Truth Assembly (5DF of 7DF) which allows Jewish denominations, Christian denominations and Muslim & Bahai denominations to inter-fellowship with it. We view the Advancing Noah Movement as part of 'The Kingdom of Noah' which we further view as part of 'The Kingdom of God'. We view faithful Christian denominations, as per Jesus teaching, as also part of the 'Kingdom of God' as we do likewise for Adamide, Abrahamic, Jewish, Muslim and Bahai movements and denominations. We define the Kingdom of God as that area of religious community in which the God of Creation - Yahweh - is acknowledged as the true and sovereign Lord and Creator. We disagree with Trinity and Oneness notions in Christian faith, but likewise teach the Jewish teaching of 'Associationism' in regards to Jesus and the Churches relationship to God.

The Rainbow Bible is built motivated by the Rainbow Torah (Genesis 1:1 - 11:9). It is based on religious ideas studied in the Torah and society in general. I developed these ideas through my own thinking. God shared a few ideas with me, but the high majority is all my own theological thinking about what spiritual truths can work in the real world. In this sense it is definitely manmade Noahide Covenant based religion, but God had a tiny bit of a say in things he put in my mind and spoke to me about. The soundness of the Rainbow Bible's theology is up to anyone interested in judging it for themselves based on their own views and understanding of life. I don't claim it to originate anywhere else other than my own thinking, but a lot of biblical study and ideology of the Torah principles shaped it. Yet, also a lot of other views from mainstream religions and politics, things which influenced me, which I shaped to my own vision of spirituality. Hopefully it is quality spirituality which can work in the real world. I am hoping it to be useful. It is written 'IN THE NAME OF NOAHIDE FAITH' so it is meant to be theology and teaching for the Karaite Noahide community, as well as the Talmudic Noahide community if they wish to study it. I don't mind if Orthodox Jewish Rabbis who teach the Noahide laws study the information and form opinions on it. Also, Karaite Jews can study it and form opinions on it if they choose to. So can God if he wants to. As of 18th of January 6179 SC (18th of January 2016) I sanction Yahweh God (El Shaddai, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh) with full ' Copyright Usage' Rights on the entire 'Rainbow Bible and Assemblies of Faith' writings, and the entire 'Angels Saga'. I retain ownership. These rights come with the implicit understanding their primary use is the Advancement of the Advancing Noah Movement, its prayers, and the wellbeing on the worldly Noahide community. Concerns for Christendom come secondary, concerns for Bahai come third, then concerns for Karaite Judaism, Islam, Judaism and others last of all.

The Angels Saga, which is the 'Chronicles of the Children of Destiny' and other works, is to be considered the 'Pseudepigrapha' of the Rainbow Bible. In this sense it is 'Semi-Scripture' but not completely scripture. It is a work of fiction but also based on true historical ideas. It is the Accompaniment to the Rainbow Bible as the official representation of our religious teaching. Further, the 'Assemblies of Faith' (AOF), of which 70 are planned, are part of the Advancing Noah Movement. They have their own doctrinal writings as well, and are 'Mini-Bibles' in their own right, also part of the official doctrine of the Advancing Noah Movement.

The Advancing Noah Movement has Karaite Faith. We acknowledge the Tanakh as the primary book of Scripture. We apply Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 (which we call 'The Rainbow Torah') to our lives as applicable for obedience to. Karaite Judaism rejects our position of calling ourselves Karaites. We do BELIEVE Karaite faith. We do APPLY Genesis 1:1 - 11:9. We are NOT Karaite Jews. We do NOT follow the entire Tanakh. We do make it a practice of READING the entire Tanakh. We do make it a practice of STUDYING the entire Tanakh. Again, Karaite Judaism claims only Karaite Jews can call themselves Karaites. Therefore our position in the Advancing Noah Movement is that we are 'Karaite Faith Believers'. To term ourselves 'Karaites' is objected to by them, so that might have to fall by the wayside. But we do maintain, as we uphold the Tanakh as our primary scripture, that we are 'Karaite Faith Believers' as we DO BELIEVE Karaite faith. But we are (from their perspective) not actually Karaites, so I guess we will uphold their wishes and refrain from calling ourselves Karaites. We will though call ourselves 'KARAITE FAITH BELIEVERS'. Further, Karaite Judaism teaches that it is the responsibility of each Karaite to interpret the Scriptures for themselves. In our own understanding of the Tanakh we believe no non-Jewish person is literally commanded to convert to Karaite Judaism. That remains a choice we make. We agree that in Isaiah 56 God teaches that he will not exclude people from joining the people of Israel - but we have chosen NOT to join them, as we are happy with our own life and faith. We feel that Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 applies to modern mankind, as we are all descended from Noah. We do NOT use the term Noahide in the Talmudic sense of somebody who keeps the 7 laws of Noah. We use the term in relation to ourselves simply to designate our 'Descent' and being 'Of the Family' of Noah. We are NOT TALMUDIC NOAHIDES. Therefore we are 'Karaite Faith Believing Noahides', as we accept the Tanakh as the primary book of Scripture, apply Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 to our lives, following the religion of our ancestor Noah, and live content in these spiritual truths. We are NOT Karaites. We are Karaite Faith believers. We believe Karaite Faith. We interpret that faith of the Tanakh according to our own understanding. We believe nowhere in the Tanakh are we commanded to convert to Karaite Judaism. Thus, we follow the faith of our ancient father Noah, uphold the teachings of the Noahide Covenant from the Tanakh, and that is that.

THE ADVANCING NOAH MOVEMENT IS NOW OFFICIALLY PART OF THE NOAHIDE COVENANT AS ITS OWN NOAHIDE FAITH WHICH PEOPLE CAN JOIN IF THEY CHOOSE TO VOLUNTARILY. November 6178 SC. God has been speaking with me. He has told me some of the life of Noah and his generations, and a new section has started the Rainbow Bible. I have asked God today whether my Rainbow Bible and its Pseudepigrapha, the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, can be officially become part of the Covenant of Noah, the sign being the Rainbow, as a religion within the Covenant of Noah which people can choose to follow if they want to of their own choice. He said yes. It is thus a voluntary Noahide religion people can choose, officially part of the Noahide Covenant now, and acceptable as a religious choice for human beings who are not of the Abrahamic-Israelite covenants. It is Non-Binding upon anyone at all, unless they choose to accept the religion of their own free choice, but he has confirmed to me that it is an acceptable addition to the covenant, and is now part of the Noahide Covenant. A religion of Noahide that people can choose if they wish to. There can be other Noahide faiths which people can develop, if they have the inspiration and choose to, which can also be built within the covenant. God said to me they need 40 to 50 good ideas to develop their own aspect of the Noahide Covenant. My religious teaching is thus now approved of by El Shaddai. He has told me so.

Abraham's covenants are confirmed in Genesis 15 & 16. Israel's covenant is ratified in Exodus 24. The Levitical Covenant of the priesthood is titled a covenant in the book of Malachi, and Psalm 89 uses the term Covenant to describe King David's covenantal status with God. In our judgement in the Karaite Adamide-Noahide faith, the greater honour goes to prior generations, and movements established by prior generations. The older something is, the more respect it gains. The Noahide covenant is the oldest of the biblical covenants, and the most official, royal and holy. Abraham's covenants are subsequent covenants, and thus are 'Lesser' covenants compared with our own. In this sense Israel's covenant is lesser still, Levi's lesser still, and King David's the least important of the covenants of God with men. We thus ascribe the most honour and importance to our own covenant, and the movements associated with the Noahide Covenant. Abraham's covenant is a lesser covenant, and not given as much regard or concern, and further down the line less regard still. Thus King David's covenantal status is not considered of terribly much importance by us. So, to reiterate, the older a thing is, and if it has survived, the more honour should be given to it. This holds true for the Covenants of God. In the judgement of the Advancing Noah Movement the Noahide Covenant is the oldest and thus the holiest of the Covenants of the Torah. Our movement is Noahide so we view ourselves as the greatest of status-holders in terms of the peoples of the covenant. Second is Abraham's covenant (Genesis 15 & 17) and people, of lesser status, third is Israel's covenant (Exodus 24) of Moses generation when the Sinai Covenant was ratified, lesser still, fourth is Levi's covenant (confirmed in the book of Malachi), of lesser status still, and last is David's Covenant (confirmed in psalm 89), which is the least important of the Torah Covenants.

Genesis 9 teaches that Murder is not allowed for Noahides. Genesis 9 teaches that eating animal blood is not allowed for Noahides. Genesis 2 teaches that animals were not fitting as a mate for Adam. The end of Genesis 4 teaches that people started calling on the Name of the Lord. God gave Noah commands to build the Ark, and scripture says Noah Obeyed God. God encouraged Cain self mastery and to be stronger than the sinful impulse.
Genesis 6: 5 Adonai saw that the people on earth were very wicked, that all the imaginings of their hearts were always of evil only. 6 Adonai regretted that he had made humankind on the earth; it grieved his heart. 7 Adonai said, "I will wipe out humankind, whom I have created, from the whole earth; and not only human beings, but animals, creeping things and birds in the air; for I regret that I ever made them." 8 But Noach found grace in the sight of Adonai. If we have evil imaginations in our heart, we need to repent of them to be right and find favour with God. The people of the flood were destroyed because they did not turn from the evil they practiced, which their heart witnessed against them. I would call that a conscience. I have stolen at times in my youth. I do recall times feeling guilty for this. I repented of those behaviours later on in life, so I would suggest that it is doubtful someone can steal and think themselves ok with God. It is behaviour which our heart witnesses against us. Job was from the land of Uz. Us was of the Shemitic people, through Shem. He was not Jewish. He was under the Covenant of Noah. It could be argued that the book of Job has direct relevance to Noahides. Job 1 teaches that Job was concerned with his children and offered sacrifices for them in case they had 'sinned against God in their hearts'. The term used in Job 1 is in case they had sinned and blasphemed God in their hearts. Thus a heart of a person needs to respect God's name and person. I, personally, do not follow the Talmud 7 laws, because I base my faith solely on the Tanakh and my personal walk with God. Enoch walked with God, and thus I also can walk with God. But I have outlined above how I personally do relate to the 7 laws of Noah concepts.
So Karaite Noahides do not observe the 7 laws of Noah, but you would be mistaken in thinking we do not observe the general principles and ideas of the 7 laws, and in a practical sense, follow those as ideals also. Yet there are other ideas in Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 we apply to our lives also.

Official Members and Associate Members and Visitors. Official members are expected to follow tithing principles and make an oath of allegiance to 7DF. Associative members like to affiliate but do not wish to be obligated by official observance of the faith. For our services offered a reasonable monetary compensation is still expected, but not necessarily a tithing system. Visitors have no obligations. Regular visitors who become quite regular will be inquired as to whether they wish to become associate or full members. We don't really think it just or fair that they should be allow1ed to learn without some recompense to our movement by just rocking up and getting it for free. That is not really fair to us.

Official Members of the Advancing Noah Movement give 10% of their net income as a tithe to the Movement. We consider the gross income not necessary, as taxation amounts cover vital things for society anyway, which prosper us all. The breakdown of each fellowships tithe goes like this:
First of all 10% of each Fellowship's Income received as tithe goes to the head National Fellowship as a tithe, and 10% of the head National Fellowships tithe goes to the International Head Branch in Canberra.
Breakdown of the 10% tithe of Individual's Net Income
2% - Electricity, Internet costs and Maintenance of the fellowship hall
2% - Sabbath day (varies for each fellowship) barbecue/picnic costs. Men's, Women's, Children's and Family breakfasts periodically throughout the year. Social Activity Night (Once per week).
2% - Charity/support mechanisms for the Movement to support low income earners in the movement
2% - Miscellaneous. Includes other ministries.
2% - Pastoral Support Allowance. Income the Pastor receives.

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