LNH: Looniverse Fight Chronicles Trading Card Game #6: LNHQ Classic

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Drew Nilium

Sep 19, 2023, 12:03:05 AMSep 19
LNHQ Classic (Campaign Headquarters)
Dramatis Personae: LNHers Only

Establishing Shot:
* When building the First Draft Deck, place the LNHQ face-up on top of the deck.
When the game begins, play it to start the first Scene.
* If the LNHQ is in a player deck, you may start a Scene here before the first turn.
Home Field Advantage - Villains in this Scene deliver -1 Beats.
Leadership Cry.sig - If there are no Leaders in this Scene, at the beginning of
each turn, a random character becomes a <Leader> and gains "Leadership - Each
other character in the Scene who shares any of this character's Roles delivers
+1 Beats" until they Blow the Scene.

"Greetings! Are you a civilian who needs our help, a villain who's here to
attack us, a prospective member, or other?"


Drew Nilium
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