LNH20: Make Boring Art: The Series #10

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Drew Nilium

Aug 31, 2023, 12:20:56 AMAug 31
Make Boring Art #10
Written by Drew Nilium

"Hello again, my name is Boring Arthur," says Boring Arthur. "Today, we're going
to watch someone struggle with executive dysfunction."

Boring Arthur walks into a messy bedroom and over to the bed, on which is laying
a blue and orange robot girl. "Hello there, ma'am, what's your name?"

"Bwuhhhhh," says the robot girl. "My name is Casiphia X7-00AE859J."

Boring Arthur kneels down. "How are you doing, Casiphia?"

"Argggggh," she says. "I have so much I need to do that I'm completely
overwhelmed and incapable of doing anything except for scrolling on social
media! I'm stressed out but I'm also incredibly bored!"

"Perfect," says Boring Arthur. "What's the most boring thing you need to do?"

"The *most* boring? Uhhhhh... I dunno, I guess... the most annoying thing would
be vacuuming?"

"Excellent. Just a moment, please." Boring Arthur moves about the room, picking
trash up off the floor and putting it in the can, getting dirty laundry and
putting it in a pile in the corner, and moving miscellaneous things up onto
surfaces. Then he gets the vacuum cleaner and sets to work, moving mostly in
straight lines, but putting extra work into investigating corners and crevices.

Casiphia turns over in bed and watches him, confused but intrigued as he gets
out the hose attachment and gets crumbs and bits of paper out of nooks and
crannies. He takes off the tank and empties it into the can before pulling the
bag out, tying it up, and replacing it.

"Oh, wow," says Casiphia. "It actually looks much better already."

"Is there anything else boring I can do?" says Boring Arthur.

"Well, the dishes are pretty boring..."

"I shall take that, if you are able to work on the relatively interesting task
of sorting the books and putting them back on the shelf."

"...yeah, okay! Thanks!"

"Just doing my job," says Boring Arthur.


Author's Note: Thanks for reading this boring, boring series! At this point, I
think I've achieved my current goal with Make Boring Art, so I'm putting it on
hiatus. But watch out for a new daily series, coming soon!

Drew Nilium
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