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LNH: Looniverse Fight Chronicles Trading Card Game #3: The Piper of the Kiwis

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Drew Nilium

Sep 14, 2023, 12:35:57 AM9/14/23
The Piper of the Kiwis (5-Star Piper)
<Urban Fantasy> <Wildcard> <Server>
Root Directory: Toybox of Legends
Source Keys: Drew Nilium, Ian Porell
First Appearance: Leadership Cry.sig: Net.ropolis 2023 #13

Ultimate Fanfiction: Antipodean Antics [Charming Tune] (Fixed on non-Kiwis)
Existence Snowglobe: Net.Zealand Underbrush - Kiwis may bring Determination in
place of Wit, Puzzle-Solving, or Chill.

Wit: 3
Whimsy: 5
Determination: 2
Charm: 7
Puzzle-Solving: 1
Elbow Grease: 2
Edge: 2
Nonsense: 3
Groundedness: 1
Chill: 4

"Just relax and let the music carry you away~"


Drew Nilium
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