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[LNH/ADMIN] Greetings from the Looniversal Answering Machine!

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Russ Allbery

Jan 1, 2024, 3:01:04 AMJan 1
You're probably wondering why the only posts a group called alt.comics.lnh
has about this LNH thing are reposts, though there seems to be a lot of
everything else.

Sometimes, we wonder, too.

Quite simply, we've moved. Or, at least, changed our year-round
residence. If you're really looking for us, or for good comics-related
online fiction in general, check out rec.arts.comics.creative. Not only
is it home to the LNH, it's also home to several other online universes.

So come over to RACC, particular if you like the reposts that are being
posted here. Don't worry, we won't bite. Much.

- The Legion of Net.Heroes
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