LNH: Looniverse Fight Chronicles Trading Card Game #1: Ultimate Ninja II

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Drew Nilium

Sep 12, 2023, 12:41:24 AMSep 12
Ultimate Ninja II (Unshadowed Incumbent)
<Tokusatsu> <LNHer> <Leader>
Root Directory: Looniverse-A
Source Keys: Amabel Holland, wReam
First Appearance: The Smurph-Snorc War #3

Leadership - Each LNHer in the Scene with Ultimate Ninja delivers +1 Beats and
can Back Up LNHers from 4.
Leadership Cry.sig - Whenever Ultimate Ninja Blows this Popsicle Stand, target
LNHer becomes a <Leader> and gains her Leadership ability until end of Scene.
Summon: Change, Ninjaguar! - Tapivate: Change Ultimate Ninja's Scale to Mega
Monster Battle.

Wit: 3
Whimsy: 1
Determination: !
Charm: 2
Puzzle-Solving: 3
Elbow Grease: 4
Edge: 5
Nonsense: 2
Groundedness: 6
Chill: 2

"I know my purpose in this moment, and that's enough."


Drew Nilium
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