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LNH: Looniverse Fight Chronicles Trading Card Game #25: WikiBoy

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Drew Nilium

Oct 15, 2023, 1:55:15 PM10/15/23
WikiBoy (Part-Time Tool)
Root Directory: Looniverse-A
Source Key: Amabel Holland
First Appearance: Alt.Riders Fox.Net Special

The Hero Anyone Can Edit - Tapivate: Remove all cards under WikiBoy, then place
the top card of your deck under WikiBoy. If that card is a character, WikiBoy
gains all their abilities and Roles.
WikiBoy, You're A... - Tapivate, remove a Power-Up counter from WikiBoy: Play a
copy of a Plot Device under WikiBoy.

Wit: 1
Whimsy: 4
Determination: 3
Charm: 1
Puzzle-Solving: 3
Elbow Grease: 4
Edge: 1
Nonsense: !
Groundedness: 4
Chill: 4

"What can I say? It's a living."


Drew Nilium
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