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Kevin Anderson

Mar 21, 2022, 4:32:14 PM3/21/22
Chapter 65 - They mount the Klipschorn.

Arnie says, "Throw me that pulley in a minute" to Steve Martin.

Steve flips him a jaunty salute.

"It's going to be a granny"

"I'm going to be 15 feet up, it'll have to be."

He puts a rope in his teeth and starts climbing.

Steve waits, picks up the 8 inch pulley and throws it high to Arnie, who grabs it with one hand as it's coming down.

Arnie hooks the pulley on his belt, threads the rope through it, wraps it around the pulley a few times, and keeps climbing his rope to the top of the mast. Then, hooks the pulley on a ring on the mast, runs the pulley line down and tells Tom Cruise to tie the speaker harness to it. Tom complies, then Arnie slides down the rope he came up. He has gloves, and he tells Tom to ride the speaker up and hands him 2 belts and shows him the hook on the back of the speaker.

"The ring for that is 2 feet below the pulley. The rest of you guys, get the other Klipschorn and belt it to the mast at the base."

"HER! Will you please get Molly's girls to help raise the mainsail the wind is with us now?"

"Only if you let me call one song whenever I want today."

"Only if it's not Spike Jones."

"Choo got it!" said HER.

Everyone did their jobs, and Arnie climbed his rope with the speaker line and connector, threading it through eyebolts as he worked his way up. At each eyebolt, he'd hang with one arm for a minute, thread it then wind it around his arm again as he moved on up. At the top, he handed the line and connector to Tom who connected it to the Klipschorn and slid down the line.

When they both reached the bottom, they both shot odds and evens. Arnie won, and he pointed towards HER who cued up Led Zeppelin III and as loud as a loud rock concert back then… 'Immigrant Song' played.
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