WIP - The Quakes pt. 2

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Kevin Anderson

Mar 25, 2022, 3:14:21 PM3/25/22
drinking like a fifth at my bar on my tab."

All the tourists smiled.

So Lon trots up about a block, goes into a bar, orders a J.T.S. Brown, and the bartender says, "You better have cash." It was John Wayne.

Lon said, "You know me…"

John said, "Like I said, cash."

Lon said, "Will you take an IOU."

John winced. "This time. Payable tomorrow, and never again."

"Harry'll be in tomorrow with my money to pay it."

Then Lon chugs down about a 1/3 of the bottle, and leaves the rest where Paul Robeson is playing piano. on his tip stand.

Paul says, "Any requests?"

Lon says, "Taps, cuz Harry's gunna kill me."

Paul says, "Any other requests?"

Lon smiles. "Who stole the Keeshka."

"You got it, Lon."

The song begins, Lon tips everyone with his cap, and says, "OK, fucker's drunk enough."

He then exits the bar.

Harry's had a couple beers at this point. He's good, and he's nursing the last 1/3d of his second one.

"OK, everyone. It's showtime"

Lon busts through the door, half-crocked and says, "Harry you asshole! What's with that cash-only shit!"

Harry smiles, quaffs the last of his pint, and says, "Lon, everyone, The Great Lon Chaney." The whole tourist crowd intakes breath in delight. "Lon, go fuck yourself."

Lon says, "Choo got it, right here?"

Harry says, "You owe me $1.50."

Lon: "OK, but I get chips next time." In 2022's money, that's about $24. $1.00 would buy a bottle at the liquor store. Lon's was from Harry's bar.

Harry flipped him the bird, and said "Stick 'em up your ass, and you'd have chips and dip."
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