WIP - 'The Quakes' Part 56 Arnie vs. The Wench

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Mar 8, 2022, 9:14:24 PM3/8/22
Part 56 - Arnie vs. The Wench

Ed yelled. "You guys are gunna swab the deck, or 4 of you can fight."

Charlie Callas had just passed out the last Guinness.

Molly knocked hers the fuck back and said "Arnold! Yer a bitch."

You've seen the outcome of a great mismatch. When HER nearly broke Charlie Callas' ribs.

This was an even greater mismatch.

Arnie says, "You bet-ter be kid-ding me or you dead."

Molly stepped forward 3 paces, turned around and flipped him The Bird.

Arnie pitched off his ballcap, and hunched over like a linebacker.

Molly knew he'd hunker down to avoid hip throws. She knew he had practiced capoeira during 'Predator', and that's how Dingleputh would teach it. She ki-eed and ran at him. Leapt, and shoved her crotch in his face hard, pushing him back, flat on his back, and knocked the wind out of him.

She was now a 50.

Part 57 - 2 ladders, 4 paint cans, and the ultimate go-kart spinout.
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