WIP - The Quakes "The Little Drummer Girl"

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Kevin Anderson

Mar 13, 2022, 8:58:09 AM3/13/22
Chapter 62 - The Little Drummer Girl.

She looked about the Chili's and saw that it was good. "I have a plane to catch." she said.

She waved, ran out the door, and from her BMW she pulled a semi-rigid glider kit with a 2 gallon solid fuel dispensary system that fired through a rocket. She called that ride her Goblin Glider.

She straddled it, pulled a motor cord, and zoop off she went at about 60 mph Southeast.

She hadn't strapped in yet. Once that was done, she heel-toggled the boost, and at 95 miles an hour with her thighs strapped to a glider, she went off to scout the Tole Mour. She was goin' at an upward angle of about 30 degrees. She had about 40 minutes to scope out their vector.

Chapter 63 - The Little Drummer Girl -- Part 2.

So about 2 minutes later, she pulled the cardinal mask with a plexi Oakley-style window (note it wasn't a helmet) off the handlebars, and over her head. She was strapped in, and the handlebars were for support not for steering, so it wasn't a problem. Then at 2 mi high she thanked the Lord for her French Alps ancestry and leveled out. Over Irvine, she spots with her spyglass a raft wayy out there headed towards San Clemente. Then, a cloud drifts away and at Carlsbad's latitude and Anaheim's longitude she sees the Tole Mour. But… on deck… they've seen her. A glint from a telescope makes it really clear, Molly has seen her ole Sweetie Dear.
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