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WIP - The Quakes - The Coke Platter

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Kevin Anderson

Mar 22, 2022, 6:16:57 PM3/22/22
Chapter 70 - The Coke Platter

Trevor Donovan snorted a line of coke off a silver platter from his trunk. The Bitch walked up and said, "I'm going to fire you as Standardbearer if you don't present a standard soon. Trevor's alllll messed up eyes all bloodshot half-drunk looking like a bloodhound with a headache. "Ann, do you still have that gladius and the dragon claw glove in your trunk from last week?"

"Yeh. You want 'em?" "Yes." "They're yours."

"Amy, you're into me for a couple of grams today, can you do a quick arc weld for me?"

"They're paid then?" "Yup."


"Ann, 20 minutes and we'll have the standard. It'll be a lanternschield using this coke platter. Lemme clean it off."


"Here you are Amy."

Ann asked, "How is it a lanternschield?"

"The sun's out."

Ann's grin got biiiiig.
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