WIP: The Quakes - The Pittance, The Side-Bet, and whether Molly or Ed are going to get their butthole expanded.

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Mar 6, 2022, 12:51:28 AM3/6/22
Part 51 - 1-619-Eat-Shit

That was the number of Debi's phone. She dialed 1-619-Fuck-You. She'd just finished her burrito and was kinda remembering the time she visited 'The Last Spike' as a kid.

"Ed, you're a fucking asshole."

"You want me to fuck your asshole?" said Ed.

"You couldn't even get up to my butthair with your little cock." said Debi.

Ed was on his phone, HER had just signed on as thief.

"Bitch! Make me a sandwich."

"Tell you what asshole, your team wins? Our team will make your team sandwiches. Your team wins? You're making us sandwiches, asshole."

Part 52 - The Deal struck.

"You got a deal bitch, but how bout I show you just how big my dick is." The pittance established, a side-bet had begun.

"You're gunna have to parade in drag and ask your team for dates if you lose, right outside The Hollywood Bowl."

"I'm not gunna fuck 'em" said Ed.

"Yah don't have to fuck 'em, but I'm not doing ass-to-mouth or eating your asshole."

"If I wanted a fucking hamburger, I'd go to McDonalds."

"You should go to KFC and shove a drumstick up your ass." said Debi.

"That'd be another bet, maybe after I collect on the first one, I'll kick your ass again."

"I think if I win that one, Trevor Donovan gets to fuck Molly in the ass. We'll see."

Part 53 - On the soon-to-be "SS Bitch! Make Me A Sandwich!"

Molly was kind of watching and listening between Arnie and Tom Cruise. She was relaxed and they all were watching.

"Molly! Trevor Donovan wants to fuck you in the ass. I'll defend your honor. It'll be a hard battle."

"No! You can't have sloppy seconds asshole."

"Is that a yes?"

"That's a "Fuck Yeah!"" said Molly.

Part 54 - Back with Debi.

"She says "Fuck Yeah" bitch."

"Then consider we'll have a match at the Hollywood Bowl either way."

"Done and done.", said Ed.

"See you in Northridge yah cunt." <click.>
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