WIP - 'The Quakes' The Spinout

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Mar 9, 2022, 11:33:17 PM3/9/22
Part 57 - 2 ladders, 4 paint cans, and the ultimate go-kart spinout.

The Little Drummer Girl and Mother Teresa were walking back from the paint store with 2 ladders, 4 gallons of paint and a shopping cart. The Little Drummer Girl was pushing the shopping cart while holding both ladders under one arm. Mother Teresa similarly had one arm full of ladders. Teresa said "Go-Karts." "Drop the ladders in the street." said Drums. They both moved towards Chili's and Drums pushed the cart across the street after pulling out a gallon of oil-based paint. She pried the lid off with the bottle opener in her pocket and dumped the gallon near the ladders. The go-karts were 30 yards away at that point, they sped up to catch some major air with the ladders and their knobby tires.

That's not what happened though. Zelda Rubenstein (the old lady from Poltergeist) and Tiny Ross (Vermin from Time Bandits) hit the ladders and oil slick, and spun around about 10 times apiece.

Drums and Teresa grabbed the paint cans and hustled back to Chili's.

Part 58 - A new second.

Molly picked up Arnie's ball cap, and said to Ed, "Whatta loser, you need a new second?"

Ed said, "Fuck Yeah."

The Wench said, "Not on your life."

She threw Arnie's cap back to him, and said, "Get me a beer."

Arnie complied.

Part 59 - Where the rest of the go-karts went.
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