WIP - The Quakes - Bowling for shit.

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Kevin Anderson

Mar 21, 2022, 10:28:04 PM3/21/22
Chapter 67 - Ed Calls Debi.

"Debi!" <he's in his cabin>

"Asshole!" she says in her most gregarious possible voice.

"We got our sound system up. You can hear us rock half a mile around!"

"How long til' yah play 'Pink Poodle?'"

"Bout half an hour,"

They ALL know Ed.

"To know you is to hate you." Debi said.

"Wanna know what I'm calling you for don'tcha dont'cha."

"It'll cost yah 90 bucks a second payable in advance."

"Check your trunk."

"Ed, the day you have more than $50 to pay for phone sex, is the day monkeys will call you to hang their drapes."

"Debi, you did call me, you cheeky monkey, and all I gotta do, is win this thing, and I will."

"How bout losers get slid down a greasy plank, into piles of shit."

"Best free phone sex ever."
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