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Kevin Anderson

Mar 22, 2022, 9:25:12 PM3/22/22
Chapter 73 - The Road Ahead

Drew and crew were being driven by Mr. McGuffin.

His normal face was like an old 50s and 60s action strip, except about 55. He was a big man, he'd be called Rick or Jock or Bunyip. Like an athlete gone to seed. Like Kimmel on an average day.

His other face, is well known. That of Buddy Hackett.

He was DUI already. Fuck if any cops would pull over a normal driving tour bus, Buddy was an ace driver. He could knock back a fifth over 3 hours (a big guy) and drive any course for normalized driving, including hazardous conditions. He knocked back the last of his Jack Daniels flask and said "That's it til' Chili's."

In back, the party was full swing. Male strippers, and 3 gals doin' body shots in back. They weren't wrinkled below the neck, except for Rose Mcgowan. She had a skinny ole granny body and a belt full of 20s and that's about it.

She was collecting for the body shots, but about half of it was for her gyrations.

I'm not gunna talk about the other gyrations, but the ladies and gentlemen up front were all havin' a blast too.

This is how Drew and Rose got to be such good friends, buses like this to other Fight Club events and Las Vegas.

Cheers were goin' up for Dah Fatass Old Man who was doin' a double body shot in back.

More cheers were goin up for the Standardbearer's display of the Coke Platter the hard way, he was on the big screen in the front 3 rows. The gals were all swiveled around. Amy was taking orders for coke in an inset on the screen with McGuffin passing back grams and 8-balls for the day's event. The money was going where Dah Mean Old Man had his mouth. That varied.

Then, a news brief on McGuffin's pocket radio. "We gotta find a new route. The freeway's out."

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