WIP - "The Quakes" Jeff Bridges vs. Steve Martin

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Mar 10, 2022, 1:34:56 AM3/10/22
Part 59 - Jeff Bridges vs. Steve Martin

Jeff Bridges hollered, "Fuck if I wanna swab the deck."

Ed sed "Find your bitch ass a partner."

Jeff looked at Steve Martin. "Chief Warrant Officer Martin, I beat your bitch ass, there's a big quake, Chief Petty Officer First Class bump me a grade or you're a snake."

Steve took off his shirt, in his undershirt he said, "One sided wager, you do my laundry for a year or go somewhere and become a major."

Jeff said "You're on fucker."

"Shall we fence?" said Steve, "First cloth cut wins."

Both of them were 30s, both trained by Dingleputh. This might be spectactular. It wasn't.

Steve walked over to the weapons rack, threw Jeff a saber, pulled a saber himself, and took a stance.

Jeff ran up a stack of kegs, did a front somersault, landed behind Steve and slashed the shoulder of his shirt.

Jeff was now a 31 and a Chief Petty Officer First Class.

Arnie, you're an asshole, I'm stealing your raft.

There were two riverrafts on board, for swimmin' or clearing nets. Jeff hopped in one of them, slashed the supporting rope, and threw the saber back on the deck. He landed like a ski-doo and pulled the motor cord. "You'll get a raft back on Monday, Arnie!"

Jeff Bridges may become a thief later, but he isn't a crook.

Part 60 - Where the rest of the go-karts went.
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