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Jan 8, 1999, 3:00:00 AM1/8/99
Session Start: Thu Jan 07 17:42:28 1999
*** Topic is '. . . And the Grammy winner is Firesign
*** Now talking in #firesign
<TinyDrTim> Did you get my check for the CD's yet? Hold it until Y2K,
you don't mind.
<DocTech> why two kay? (yes I got the check)
*** kend^ ( has joined #firesign
<TinyDrTim> Got your room mate settled down?
<TinyDrTim> Yo, kend^ - How's it hanging?
<kend^> hi there double doctors
<kend^> to the left, lew!
<TinyDrTim> you're right!
<DocTech> yo k
<DocTech> there's nothing quite as attractive as a well-hung mind
*** HasNoName ( has joined #firesign
<TinyDrTim> 3 seconds to kend^, 5 to Doc. Not too shabby
<HasNoName> Hullo...
<DocTech> so tdt - you gonna put cgg on? i wanna know how it sounds to
<kend^> and a poorly hung mind is a terrible thing to waste
<TinyDrTim> HNN, howdee!
<kend^> hi hnn
<DocTech> yo hnn
<TinyDrTim> Already listened this afternoon. I laughed my ass off!
<kend^> lew, did you know you can ping everyone at one time by typing
<TinyDrTim> No, MR. IRC! Thank you.
* HasNoName had no idea this was going on New Year's Eve. Too bad, as he
was bored out of his skull...
<DocTech> i wanna make a public offer to ng and irc folk - for january
only, if you buy y new music cd you'll get a cd copy of child's garden
<HasNoName> Hmmm...
<kend^> is that a small portion, like a nickel bag?
<DocTech> MY new cd...
*** LgrAxhandl ( has joined #firesign
<TinyDrTim> His new CD is Great!
<kend^> hi ax
<DocTech> geez, no alcohol yet and already i'm making typos
<LgrAxhandl> howdy kendo
<TinyDrTim> Heya, Bill - Good to "see" ya.
<DocTech> i'll repeat that for the newcomer:
<LgrAxhandl> hi Tiny
<DocTech> i wanna make a public offer to ng and irc folk - for january
only, if you buy my new music cd you'll get a cd copy of child's garden
<kend^> kendo, isn't that a martial art?
<DocTech> i took my vinyl copy of cgg and cleaned it up
<DocTech> digitally
<TinyDrTim> How come I had to pay for both of them, Doc?
<DocTech> minimal surface noise still remains
<DocTech> tdt you paid for the myx cd, you got the cgg cd for free
<kend^> like general art fleming?
<LgrAxhandl> what is CGG ?
<kend^> pray tell, to the uninitiated, what is a childs garden of grass?
<DocTech> childs garden of grass
<TinyDrTim> I listened on head phones, Doc, and detected NO surface
Great job!
<DocTech> the '70s album based on the book
<DocTech> thx tdt
<TinyDrTim> O I C
* TinyDrTim is really embarassed now
*** cease ( has joined #firesign
<kend^> hi cat, meow
<DocTech> peter bergman does a cameo bit in it
<LgrAxhandl> yo, cat
<cease> hi there
<HasNoName> Hello, cat.
<kend^> and to the REALLY dumb, what was that book about?
<DocTech> hi qat
<DocTech> er, qease
<cease> anybody there?
<TinyDrTim> Hi Cat.
<LgrAxhandl> Hey Doc, I just finished tapeing Mao. do I send the DAT to
<DocTech> damn, every time i hit the q key, ...
<kend^> yep, cat, we are here, there, and everywhere
<DocTech> lgr: yes - but did you get the email from cat?
<TinyDrTim> Cat's having some trouble, I believe. I can't op him.
<LgrAxhandl> yes indeedy and the fixed line is happenin'
<TinyDrTim> He here now!
<DocTech> oh great news. yes, send the dat this-a-way
<LgrAxhandl> marvelous
<TinyDrTim> or send dis dat-a-way
<DocTech> tdt: lol
<DocTech> dat's the spirits we have here
<kend^> hey, tdt: type /msg chanserv info #firesign then explain it
<TinyDrTim> Cat - can you "hear" us?
<kend^> he's not returning a ping
<TinyDrTim> K
<LgrAxhandl> TDT as Dis Datoway scat singer detective
<cease> tiny?
<TinyDrTim> No such nick/channel - That's what it says, kend^
<TinyDrTim> Cat, you there?
<DocTech> s'cat! what's he doing in a singing detective movie?
<DocTech> i know... the foxtrot
<TinyDrTim> Lgr - LOL
<kend^> here's what i got: -ChanServ- Channel #firesign is not
<LgrAxhandl> Cat: glad to get your alert before I lost this equippment
<TinyDrTim> Bullshit, kend^ - Unless something is f*cked up!
<kend^> i must be in a time warp, i saw it happen, and if it's active at
least every 20 days, it should stay registered
<DocTech> them serv bros - you can never count on them to do anything
<TinyDrTim> You were there when I set myself up as a founder and we
chatted last week!
<kend^> i will investigate part time during our conversations, if i
reply to you, i will be back
*** doctim (csi...@ has joined #firesign
<TinyDrTim> Cat, come back, Cat - It's a Shane he can't hear us
<doctim> hello?
<TinyDrTim> Hey Cat, there you are.
<LgrAxhandl> he's baaaaaaccccccckkkkkk
<LgrAxhandl> holy chatus interuptus !!!!!
*** HNN (h...@ has joined #firesign
<doctim> hello
<HNN> Hmmm....
<DocTech> anyway cgg has always been one'a'my fave records, so when i
decided to see how good a job i could do archiving some rare
vinyl with the audio tools i've got now, cgg was my first choice
<HNN> There's two of no one but me!
<TinyDrTim> They are messing with our minds again. There are two Carls
<DocTech> my copy is already in good shape as it is, but with the tools
i've got i was able to eliminate over 90% of the surface noise.
*** HNN is now known as HasNoName
<HasNoName> Dang drat line gremlins...
<DocTech> and now i can listen to my fave album via the miracle of cd!
<HasNoName> How was everyone's New Year? I worked hard to ignore it,
watching a movie on tape from before midnight to sometime after...
<LgrAxhandl> so Doc, you created a mirro-clone cd?
<TinyDrTim> Everyone MUST buy Doc's CD - Kewel music and a comedy bonus!
<DocTech> hnn: very quiet at this end... working on cgg
<doctim> luger, did you get the correted mao line?
* HasNoName has a CD burned now, or access to one, but no way yet to dub
from audio tapes...
<LgrAxhandl> aye verily Cat-daddy
<HasNoName> er, burner
<DocTech> lgr: yes, a cd of a vinyl record that sounds better than the
vinyl itself
<doctim> hopefully you got it in time before you recorded your mao?
<LgrAxhandl> and Doc, what is the name of this venerable cdelight?
<HasNoName> It's sort of like when you scan in a color photo, and you
see things in the scan you didn't notice in the photo itself.
<TinyDrTim> Carl, did you read the New Year's log?
<DocTech> lgr: a child's garden of grass
<kend^> lew, chanserv is up, and it doesn't recognize us at all, i
again, and went to web page to make sure i was using command correctly
<HasNoName> I saw it, but haven't had a lot of time to persue Usenet
greatly as of late.
<doctim> i have a cassette of that
<DocTech> classic head comedy from the 1971.
*** Elayne_Riggs ( has joined #firesign
<HasNoName> Hello...
<Elayne_Riggs> Hi Carl!
<HasNoName> I've been busy sending out resumes, etc.
<TinyDrTim> Hi E!
<doctim> hi el
<kend^> hi ER
<DocTech> cease: you already have myx, so if you want cgg on cd send me
five bucks
<DocTech> hi e
<Elayne_Riggs> Hey Kend, Lew, Tom!@
<LgrAxhandl> HIYO Elayne
<Elayne_Riggs> Hi Lgr!
<doctim> i have the garden, even have the book.
<DocTech> we should call hnn c@rl to show he's "down with the internet"
<DocTech> i have the book too.
<HasNoName> cUrl Stone?
<TinyDrTim> Hi C@rl
<HasNoName> or cURL?
<DocTech> anyway cease: i've created a clean cd of my vinyl copy of cgg
<DocTech> hnn: lol
* HasNoName now knows shame.
<kend^> what if c@rl married someone on the cable news network, would
be ms. hnn-cnn?
* DocTech thinks hnn must be cURLing in shame
<TinyDrTim> kend^ - lol
<DocTech> k: lol
<HasNoName> I've been told they don't know how much more fulltime work
they'll have for my at my current position, so I'm wondering what to do
<kend^> good, my sense of humor survived the pre-millenium blowout here
<DocTech> hnn: oh man... that sucks!
<kend^> terrible news
<Elayne_Riggs> Tom, has your schedule freed up any?
<TinyDrTim> Cat - got my tapes this week. I owe you!
<LgrAxhandl> sorry to hear that HNN
<DocTech> i have a hard time believing there isn't a demand for
web people with your perl skills, h.
<Elayne_Riggs> Good luck, Carl. I'm really hoping I don't find myself
the same position soon.
<doctim> hope you enjoy them, tiny
<TinyDrTim> Have already started, Cat
<Elayne_Riggs> I've gone offline totally at work in terms of Panix
I'm hoping breaking my Internet addiction helps me concentrate more.
<DocTech> e: hardly. gotta buckle down on this weekend and into
next week.
<HasNoName> This, and a lot of other things, have kept me coming and
(mostly) worried, E?
*** bfwestley ( has joined #firesign
<DocTech> looking like the earliest i can pull it off is week after
<TinyDrTim> Carl, if you can perl, can you also knit?
<kend^> doctech: i just found those tapes we discussed this afternoon,
haven't had time to listen yet, don't know if they are usuable yet
<Elayne_Riggs> Gotcha, Tom. Been busy on our end too, between my board
directors duties and immigration stuff.
<LgrAxhandl> Hi Bri
<Elayne_Riggs> Yeah, Carl, things look shaky again on my end, and I
deal well with pressure.
<DocTech> i'm taking the train on a regular basis now, e, so i have to
plot out the days i drive inn.
<Elayne_Riggs> Hi Brian!
<bfwestley> hard to get connected 2nite
<DocTech> hi b
<TinyDrTim> Hey Bri!
<Elayne_Riggs> No problem, Tom, we were just wondering.
<doctim> hi bf
<bfwestley> yadda yadda yadda
<DocTech> hey bfw: offer to all ng and irc participants, january only:
my new MYX cd and get child's garden of grass on cd as a bonus
<DocTech> it's a clean cd copy of my vinyl master
<Elayne_Riggs> I'm in, Tom. Or is this the one you FedEx'ed?
<HasNoName> A copy of Doc's vinyl master...if only Senator Exxon knew...
<DocTech> no actually e, you've already got the MYX cd. so does cease.
i'll sell you cgg for five bucks.
<Elayne_Riggs> It's a deal, Tom. I'll pay you when I see you next. ;)
<DocTech> e: aok
<Elayne_Riggs> I'm going back in the warm room now. Take care, all!
*** Elayne_Riggs has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<HasNoName> By...oh, she left quick...
<TinyDrTim> She comes in, she must go out
<HasNoName> That's far out, TDT!
<LgrAxhandl> does Elayne keep her computer in the refrigerator?
* DocTech thinks cgg is one of the funniest records made, peter bergman
does 'the dirty dog' on it, a great song...
<bfwestley> what is MYX?
<TinyDrTim> Lgr - lol
<kend^> way to go, ax
<HasNoName> This'll probably sound a lot better than my 50 cent copy
the Flea Market...
<DocTech> lgr: actually, e has her pc set up in the "front" living room,
which she does not heat often to keep costs down
<LgrAxhandl> I must have this rarity for my very own collection
<DocTech> lgr: you won't regret it.
<HasNoName> Doc, is the ordering info, etc, on your page?
<LgrAxhandl> Wow. that's FRUGAL living conditions
<DocTech> hnn: yes indeedy -
<TinyDrTim> You must, Bill. I'm still laughing and I heard it 4 hours
ago. And Doc's CD is, how do I say it - Mystical
<DocTech> it was great fun going through the sound files and etching out
the clicks and pops...
<TinyDrTim> Did you play all the instruments Doc - ala John Fogarty?
<DocTech> ...and there's this great noise reduction algorithm in cool
'96 that removes most of the rest of the continuqus surface noise.
<doctim> yes, mystical is a pretty good description
<kend^> remember their hit, "i see a bathroom on the right"
<DocTech> tdt: yes, the MYX cd is an archive of spacemusic I've recorded
over the past 15 years.
<LgrAxhandl> the excerpt i heard of sleeper4 made me feel like galloping
on a cosmic pony across the crab nebula lassoing stray neutrinos
<TinyDrTim> Yeh, Drowned mary!
<bfwestley> and the girl with colitis goes by
<DocTech> lgr: that's just what it sounds like on the cd, only you gallp
<DocTech> gallop
<DocTech> bfw: lol
<TinyDrTim> Sleeper Four is my fav too
<DocTech> URL of a site that collects people's misheard pop lyrics
<LgrAxhandl> Doc, do you take cash?
<TinyDrTim> I'm listening as I type, and I'm getting way out there
<bfwestley> yeah, I've heard of
<DocTech> lgr: yes, but i wouldn't advise sending cash through the mail
can you buy a money order?
<DocTech> 'scuse me while i kiss this guy
<HasNoName> I'll have to see if anyone else heard "I just smelled a
that I could go for" in "Pinhead"...
<LgrAxhandl> surely
<LgrAxhandl> lol Doc
<doctim> zippy?
<HasNoName> no, ramones.
<DocTech> hnn: what a poetic lyric.
<DocTech> i never knew the ramones could be so.. so...
<DocTech> heart-rending!
<TinyDrTim> and nasal
* DocTech wants to be sedated
<kend^> looks like it might be a neat site, but i just tried it, got a
"400" error, none of the links work
<DocTech> tdt: lol!
<bfwestley> over here is the heart-rendering plant
<TinyDrTim> My what pretty flowers it has
<HasNoName> bfw: is it called "Audrey"?
<LgrAxhandl> have some more Drambulie Doc
<bfwestley> not a bit of sentimentality is wasted
<DocTech> hmmm, i just visited, it's there and comes
up fine
*** DocTech is now known as DocDrambuie
<DocDrambuie> -hic-
<TinyDrTim> up
*** DocDrambuie is now known as DocTechnical
<bfwestley> www.kissthisguy.comworks for me, too
<LgrAxhandl> (glug glurg glurggle)
<kend^> i've had some terrible trouble with my isp lately, will try
<DocTechnical> aaaahhhhh...
<DocTechnical> k: bummer dude
<DocTechnical> slap that isp around ... show it who's boss
<kend^> i already know who's boss, they suck money out of my card every
<TinyDrTim> brb - martini time
<LgrAxhandl> if ya can't trust yer connection what're ya gonna do?
<HasNoName> <slap> "It's my sister's account!" <slap> "It's my
account!" <slap> "It's my sister's account!" <slap> "It's my daughter's
account!" <slap> "It's my sister's account!" <slap> "It's my daughter's
<LgrAxhandl> lol HNN
<bfwestley> US Plus owns the 1s
<DocTechnical> hnn: lol nice chinatown ref!
<kend^> i might just have to start building bombs, and set them outside
internet offices, call me the duabomber
<TinyDrTim> and the zero's?
<kend^> 0's are in the public domain, lew
<DocTechnical> at the right time, and at the right place, an isp is
capable of - anything -
<kend^> after all, they are nothing, and you can't own nothing
* TinyDrTim feels REAL stupid now
<doctim> and one is nothing
<kend^> god, what if someone reads that, does it, and blames me?
<TinyDrTim> I own nothing!
<LgrAxhandl> those isps got more nothing than anyone
<kend^> vow of poverty, lew? at least you didn't do that "chastity"
i hope
<TinyDrTim> I'll edit it out, kend^
<kend^> she IS a lesbian, you know
<DocTechnical> tdt: as opposed to feeling "fake" stupid?
<LgrAxhandl> ahh, deconstructed history
<bfwestley> Tonight on the national news, one report on hog prices said
the buying price for a hog fell 100%, to $40 - what idiots.
<TinyDrTim> lol all you guys!
<LgrAxhandl> no hog is worth that
<TinyDrTim> You talking about my Harley?
<kend^> i love mathematics and it's misuse!
<kend^> $40 won't buy a chrome plated washer for a harley
<DocTechnical> what was five is two...
<DocTechnical> marionette harley?
*** klokwkdog ( has joined #firesign
<DocTechnical> wasn't she in a star terk episode?
<DocTechnical> no but it'll buy a hog you can ride with on your harley
<HasNoName> Hello...
<kend^> "i'm your puppet"
<kend^> hey klokwkdog
<klokwkdog> woof
<bfwestley> Another report said the price of pork in Russia is $1/pound,
which is 12% of an avg. monthy wage - what?
<doctim> inuit?
<klokwkdog> (or quicken?)
<kend^> as in clockworkdog?
<DocTechnical> doctim: inMEin!
<klokwkdog> righto
<TinyDrTim> I know your cousin Orange
<DocTechnical> inMEit...
<DocTechnical> sheesh...
<DocTechnical> ennui
<kend^> no, his cousin IS orange
<DocTechnical> an agent
<LgrAxhandl> Bri, are you listening to the gobble-de-gook newscurst?
<kend^> aunt is tangerine, daddy's a ruby red grapefruit
<HasNoName> Stupid question: Anyone here have a video capture card and
access to a copy of "Polyester" (John Waters, c.1980)?
<DocTechnical> the doubletalk doubletime noose....
<kend^> hnn: no on both counts, sorry
<DocTechnical> hnn: no video capture capability yet
<bfwestley> axe: not at the moment, just commenting on recent bonehead
<klokwkdog> hasno, kend et al i'm using bit of ur chat 12/17 as tagline
<kend^> but, if you give me advance notice, and want to capture
i will start my camcorder, point it in your direction
<DocTechnical> not sure if i have polyester on tape... but watching ifc
last night, john waters was being interviewed...
<HasNoName> It's no big thing... just curious.
<TinyDrTim> tagline for what?
<klokwkdog> emails
<DocTechnical> i think they're gonna show a john waters marathon soon or
*** Bunnyboy (bunn...@ has joined #firesign
<HasNoName> Oh really? Cooo, I'll have to look for that...
<Bunnyboy> lo
<doctim> greetings brer rabit
<kend^> hey Bb
<HasNoName> er, cool.
<klokwkdog> the "shot by shot remake" craked me up
<TinyDrTim> O I C
<TinyDrTim> Hey Bb!
<Bunnyboy> Happy New Year
<LgrAxhandl> hay Bunster
<DocTechnical> i think polyester is availabel for rent too
<DocTechnical> yo bb
* HasNoName hasn't watched IFC in ages because he's trying to catch up
his tape watching...
<Bunnyboy> In just a few more weeks, it's the Year of the Hare. You have
been warned!
<kend^> that must mean, klok, that you read the logs?
<DocTechnical> kwd (my abbrv for klokwkdog): you read the logs?
<kend^> and a happy right back atcha
<klokwkdog> someone has to
<DocTechnical> i'm always falling off them
<HasNoName> I own a copy of it, but wanted a capture of something for a
page I'm working on.
<kend^> Bb: what animal is 1952?
<DocTechnical> hare of the dog... ?
<klokwkdog> u get wet enough, u get the hang of it, log rolling, etc
<Bunnyboy> thanx Lew
<klokwkdog> where dog?
<doctim> leg of the crow?
<Bunnyboy> HNN: I have about 10 years of tape left to watch
<DocTechnical> i weas born in the year of the 3-toed sloth
<HasNoName> Ihave a vid. cap card, but can't get it to came
a Packard Bell 486-SX, so who knows...
<Bunnyboy> kwd: Toto
<Bunnyboy> oops
<Bunnyboy> I mean,
<Bunnyboy> kwd = Toto
<DocTechnical> peg of my heart
<klokwkdog> so what year does that make Dorothy?
<Bunnyboy> kend^: I gots no idea. But the first 33 cent stamp is Year of
the Hare.
<kend^> Bb: is that continuous or scheduling 1 tape/day?
<DocTechnical> ooh, those old p.b. machines tended to be a bit - shall
say - proprietary?
<klokwkdog> and just a little bit DOA
<Bunnyboy> kend^: It's backlog from a decade of taping
<kend^> i have seen it enough in chinese restaurants on the placemats, i
should know
<DocTechnical> wabbit twacks! huhuhuhuhuhuhuhhhh....
<klokwkdog> and two from Column B
<kend^> i'm probably of the "year of la cucaracha"
<TinyDrTim> Hey Cat - I read in last months Playboy that Jack Kerouac's
estate at his death was valued at $91
<kend^> Bb-you must have some shelving system then!
<DocTechnical> no tickee no washee
<DocTechnical> and please hold the m.s.g.
<TinyDrTim> Now it's worth $10 million!
<doctim> is that so? i know he was poor
<kend^> my god, there is a chinese rest. here, they have a cook that
absolutely edible!
<doctim> i know the executors are feuding
<klokwkdog> have you visited the estate in Lowell? not exactly
<Bunnyboy> kend^: I wish! That, and my LP collection
<kend^> i would take two of them any day, die happy
<doctim> never been to lowell
<DocTechnical> k: is that what they mean by the "chef's special?"
<LgrAxhandl> If only I could have died at birth and lived ! I could be
rich now.
<klokwkdog> jack left real quick
<kend^> lowell, mass?
<klokwkdog> yep
<DocTechnical> pardon me while i die laughing....
<LgrAxhandl> I been to Lowell, oh yeah
<kend^> haven't made it that far east in my peregrinations yet
<DocTechnical> i've been through lowell, never stopped there.
<klokwkdog> a good idea
<doctim> i think the closest i'll ever get to lowell is reading
<DocTechnical> hey tdt, can you op kwd:
<klokwkdog> which is like learning about Richmond from Tom Robbins
<DocTechnical> kwd: lol
<doctim> richmond? he always writes about seattle
<klokwkdog> you understand, then
<doctim> i thought there might be a tom robbins book i missed
* kend^ lisps: i'll take my romance novels any day over that TRASH
<LgrAxhandl> Doc: I'll put the DAT in the mail tomorrow along w/ a money
order..for what amount ?
<Bunnyboy> So, who else is in the Comedy Grammy horse race besides
Firesign? Are Foxworthy and Seinfeld REALLY nominees?
<TinyDrTim> Even Seattlites get the blues
<DocTechnical> i would guess that the lowell kerouac writes of has long
since vanished
<doctim> luger, is that the dat of you red shifting?
<DocTechnical> lgr: twelve bucks - gets you MYX & CGG
<HasNoName> Just like the FST's Los Angeles, as gone as Raymond
<TinyDrTim> steve martin and Brooks/Reiner
<klokwkdog> actually, lowell is kind of marooned there...
<doctim> that's a good point, has
<LgrAxhandl> yes indeed cat the very shift itself
<TinyDrTim> That message was for you Bb
<DocTechnical> you'll have a good laugh, and drift off into space. play
'em at the same time and do both!
<LgrAxhandl> Doc: kewl
<bfwestley> bb: yes, plus Brooks & Reiner for 2000 year old man, and
<doctim> looking forward to hearing it. also the firesign doing their
lines. pp asked me if i'd heard them yet, but la producer peter
has never even mentioned getting the DAT
<HasNoName> Steve Martin has a new album out?
<kend^> 2000 year old man? isn't that about that old? why nominated now?
<LgrAxhandl> Cat, BTW thanks for your email and the update
<bfwestley> it's a new one - 2000 year old man in the year 2000 - also
from Rhino
<Bunnyboy> kend^: Is new Brooks/Reiner album
<TinyDrTim> 2000 year old man in year 2000
<HasNoName> The 2000 Pound Old Man...
<doctim> what a tedious idea
<kend^> ok, didn't realize they were still producing those, will have to
get that one
<DocTechnical> my take on grammy shot: all nominees are veterans, but
has created something as aurally clever - and never really gotten their
due - as fst
<Bunnyboy> "My chest....can't breath..."
<Bunnyboy> "Oh my GOD! This man is DYING!!!"
<DocTechnical> actually, both the fst and brooks/reiner albums are on
rhino label.
<kend^> i don't stay up on awards shows, when is it?
<DocTechnical> rhino must really be happy about that.
<TinyDrTim> Pure Drivel was a very funny book, if you like Steve Martin,
which I do!
<DocTechnical> awards show scheduled for 2/24/1999
<bfwestley> I've got $5 riding on Firesign with my son - he says
<LgrAxhandl> I think I've got a 'Hour of Slack' from the church of the
subgenius around here somewheres
<doctim> i suspect the grammys are just as much bullshit as emmys or
<bfwestley> Grammys are feb 24, right? But some are announced a day
<DocTechnical> tdt: but what does the album sound like? or is it just
that, a "talking book" thing?
<HasNoName> I wouldn't be shocked if Seinfeld won...disapointed, but not
<bfwestley> Do they do the comedy award on the regular show?
<Bunnyboy> I neglected to take the 2000 Year Old Man's advice on
longevity: "Walk, never run for a bus. There'll always be another one".
<kend^> politics and vote buying in all of them
<TinyDrTim> I haven't heard the album, Doc - Just read the book . . .
<DocTechnical> bfw: yeah, actually we should see if they'll be
that part of the thing
<HasNoName> Actually, the Grammys are more BS than the Oscars, but
probably the same level as the Emmys
<Bunnyboy> 2 days before the end of 1998, I ran to catch my morning
commute, fell and racked my ribs on the asphalt.
<doctim> ouch
<Bunnyboy> indeed
<bfwestley> doc: I did send email to the grammy webmaster and the ibm
person doing the webcast. No replies yet.
<TinyDrTim> Rack of Ribs %15.95
<DocTechnical> yeah, if it's all based on cronyism, fst have only a
<kend^> i prefer the daytime emmys myself, my money is riding on "the
young and the breastless", but "the bald and the beautiful" is right in
there too
<TinyDrTim> er, $15.95
<doctim> any more word on aspen?
<kend^> it's in colorado, doctim
<LgrAxhandl> Doc,Cat:let me know how things turn out on your end with
DAT. Hope it flies. I'm outta here. NITERS ALL
<TinyDrTim> They haven't moved it yet?
<Bunnyboy> Nite, Bill
<kend^> night, ax
<doctim> bye luger
<DocTechnical> bb: i've finally learned that lesson myself - thankfully,
never suffered overt physical injury, just learned to take it easy
regarding public transportation
<TinyDrTim> Night Bill!
<bfwestley> dtim, haven't heard anything on aspen.
*** LgrAxhandl has quit IRC (Quit: <DOORS CLOSE IN 5 SECONDS...)
<DocTechnical> lgr: when i get it, i'll put snapshots up in seemreal
website (oh, dang) - bye.....
<bfwestley> I know the python thing was pretty last minute, don't know
the grammy nom will spur anything.
<kend^> may i interject a very serious query here? does anyone here have
any experience with mitral valve prolapse syndrome?
<DocTechnical> bfw: good point, maybe aspenfolk will spring into action
<bfwestley> I think seinfeld might be 'too popular' to win, though.
voted on by members of AFSCME or something
<DocTechnical> k: whoa - uh, no can't say i do
<klokwkdog> not me
<Bunnyboy> Then there's the other danger ON public tranportation: the
occasional disheveled individual, smelling of stale beer and mouldy
<doctim> i wonder if the lads plan to play montreal is to play that
comedy fest
<bfwestley> doctec, think I should drop an email to the aspen person?
<TinyDrTim> kend^ - Anything like China syndrome?
<DocTechnical> bfw: i've actually seen late-night ads for that album,
which would indicate to me they printed way more than they sold
<Bunnyboy> Even the Gnomes wouldn't touch those drawers
<DocTechnical> seinfeld, that is
<DocTechnical> bb: lol
<kend^> tdt, it's an actual disease, my wife was just diagnosed with it
this week
<TinyDrTim> Uh, Oh . . .
<bfwestley> fst might win by being the 'cool' choice. I like the way
Carlin knew their stuff really well.
<DocTechnical> bb: re subway residents: not as many in nyc subway system
as there once was
<Bunnyboy> Sorry to hear that, kend^, although I have no idea what the
disease is
<klokwkdog> valve stuff is serious - but they have mechanicals now
<bfwestley> doctec: of the sft album or seinfeld?
<DocTechnical> when i started commuting to nyc in '93, there was almost
one in every car during the winter
<bfwestley> doctec: oh
<DocTechnical> now, only see one every week or two
<kend^> non fatal, but lots of annoying symptoms, like heart
irregularities, depression, anxiety, etc.
<DocTechnical> bfw: the seinfeld album. have not seen any ads for fst
tv, nor do i expect to
<Bunnyboy> Doc: I hear NYC is bigtime "clean conscious" these days
<bfwestley> Bizarre sighting - I saw 6 copies of a Tina Louise CD at
Cheapo Records...
<doctim> wasnt there suppposed to be an ad in the new yorker?
<klokwkdog> for Tina or clean?
<kend^> tina louise? from gilligan's island?
<klokwkdog> she escaped?
<klokwkdog> again?
<DocTechnical> brb
<kend^> a three hour cruise
<Bunnyboy> Anybody see those POWER FOR LIVING ads on TV?
<klokwkdog> allegedly, that
<kend^> Bb: oh yes, i call in and give my friends name and address for
<Bunnyboy> I think SNL should do a parody: PROZAC FOR LIFE
<kend^> and the latter day saints, too
<klokwkdog> oops. allegedly, that's on a ST ship nameplate, one used
<TinyDrTim> and the Thighmaster
<kend^> not the thighmaster, that's not free
<DocTechnical> bb: yes, nyc is on a clean kick
<bfwestley> I forget what it was called - I choose "Tina Eara"
<Bunnyboy> "A thought, from the souless minions of Salt Lake City, Utah"
<klokwkdog> anyone here drink Orbit?
<DocTechnical> also, 2nd year in a row mta has a surplus, so they've
fixing up the subway system little by little
<kend^> guiliani going to run for senator, needs an ace up his sleeve
<DocTechnical> still have a long way to go, though
<doctim> first i drink, Then i orbit
<kend^> orbit? like jolt?
<TinyDrTim> Cat - lol
<klokwkdog> no, it has little things floating in it, like the antifreeze
<DocTechnical> kwd: i think i had one last year, on the way to
to visit fred
<kend^> there's a brand of schnapps like that too
<klokwkdog> its's made in Canada
<kend^> with real gold leaf floating in it
<DocTechnical> i don't remember anything floating in it. maybe i was
drinking something else
<TinyDrTim> You were floating in it Doc
<Bunnyboy> Goldschlager, yes. Kick yer butt, that will.
<klokwkdog> you would know it - suddenly, cases of it are surplus in RI
<bfwestley> it's an emulsion!
<DocTechnical> tdt: all the cars looked like ants
<kend^> i have a bottle, but it's so pretty, i won't open it
<bfwestley> Dishwashing liquid!? - Sure, you're floating in it!
<DocTechnical> kend, here's a url for you to cut and paste into your
<kend^> i wonder what a radiologist would think after you drank that,
these spots on your x-ray
<bfwestley> I have millions of fans - of course, most of them are ants
<DocTechnical> {editor's note: URL did not appear in log}
<kend^> thanks dt, the catcher in this program will get it, will check
<kend^> army ants, hut, two, three, four!
<TinyDrTim> I have millions of ants, but most of them are uncles
<klokwkdog> suddenly its ants. was dinosaurs, now ants. fads!
<kend^> yep, that url catcher is still on the job, it's there, waiting
me to point and click
<TinyDrTim> See, I got this free ant farm . . .
<DocTechnical> just checked a couple of the links...
<klokwkdog> 40 acres and a queen?
<DocTechnical>'s a largely hereditary heart condition that affects
to 20 percent of the population...
<kend^> dt: at least she knows now that most of her problems have a
she's not going nuts
<klokwkdog> 20 percent? Yikes!
<TinyDrTim> But what a Queen she was!
<DocTechnical> ...males are affected, but the majority of the cases are
<kend^> usually innocuous, but there are risks involved in
can be a real killer
<bfwestley> The farm is free, ants are $25 each
<DocTechnical> ...treatrment: cut out all caffiene and sugar, take
exercise, drink lots of fluids, medications are available.
<TinyDrTim> klok, are you in the Firehead Directory under a different
<kend^> we already have an appointment with another doctor next week to
talk about it, dt
<klokwkdog> could be somehow, someelse, but 1st time i'm here ever
<klokwkdog> i like to watch
<TinyDrTim> Oh, a lurker, eh?
<DocTechnical> you should peruse the links with her beforehand, some
useful info there
<TinyDrTim> Welcome lurker
<klokwkdog> yep, John Q. Lurker, hisself
<DocTechnical> kwd: so glad you could join us, now can you separate us
<DocTechnical> it's getting hard to move.....

End Part A

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