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Feb 11, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/11/99
Session Start: Thu Feb 11 17:41:46 1999
*** Now talking in #firesign
Topic is "13 Days Until the Grammys! "
*** HasNoName ( has joined #firesign
<HasNoName> Hello...
<HasNoName> And only three days of the Condor!
<TinyDrTim> Hi Carl. Whatsup?
<HasNoName> Not my career...
<TinyDrTim> Only 1 second to you. what's the matter, job going south?
<HasNoName> Yes... literally.
<TinyDrTim> Fill me in.
*** bfwestley ( has joined #firesign
<HasNoName> Was informed yesterday that they no longer had need of me...
<TinyDrTim> Evening, Bri . . .
<HasNoName> Hello...
<bfwestley> hello; HNN, what's up?
<TinyDrTim> Bummer, Carl. No notice?
<TinyDrTim> 6 seconds to Bri
<bfwestley> 2 + 1 to you two
<HasNoName> There was some talk before of this happening. I guess the
computer part of my company has been bought out by another company down
West Virginia.
<TinyDrTim> Serv Bros are on the ball tonight.
<TinyDrTim> You've got plenty of marketable skills, don't ya?
<HasNoName> Yeah, and I'm waiting to hear on a few things. Was hoping to
have had something else lined up by this point, but...
<TinyDrTim> You are programmer or what?
<HasNoName> Yes, programer... VB, perl, etc, etc...
<TinyDrTim> There HAS to be great demand for that nowadays!
*** cease ( has joined #firesign
<HasNoName> Yeah, I'm sure I'll find something. Just disconcerting, is
<HasNoName> Hey, cat.
<TinyDrTim> Hi Cat.
<cease> greetings
<cease> firesign concert dissing?
<TinyDrTim> 3 seconds to Cat
<TinyDrTim> No, HNN just got layed off.
<cease> my condolences, has
<TinyDrTim> The market is good, so they say . . .
<HasNoName> Now, I have FAR too much free time...
<cease> tiny, did you get a copy of cgg from doc?
<TinyDrTim> Yes, Cat. I like it!
* HasNoName got his copy from Doc yesterday, still needs to listen to
<cease> did you read the liner notes with the cd? it mentions that its
based on a book by the same author. did you read that?
<TinyDrTim> Have to get to a used book store and try to locate a "hard
<TinyDrTim> I didn't get liner notes, yet. doc owes me them.
<TinyDrTim> I got just the cd, personally burned by Doc Tech
<HasNoName> Liner notes? To CGG?
<cease> i see. maybe i got them because he just got the new colour
<cease> yes, same as on the original album
<TinyDrTim> Yes, Cat. Doc and I corresponded this week and I reminded
that he still owes me the liner notes.
<cease> i just got it in the mail yesterday, along with some cd copies
neal amid
<TinyDrTim> I wouldn't have made that gaffe on my home page if I'd had
them :-(
<TinyDrTim> I want a cd of Neal!
<TinyDrTim> Bri - I animated Cashie, but didn't like it. I'll leave it
it is.
<cease> hopefully lodestone will be selling them. doc burned the cds to
tempt fish and others
<bfwestley> OK.
<TinyDrTim> Is LodeStone selling Tales of the Old Detective?
<cease> yes
<TinyDrTim> I loved your review, Cat, though I've never heard the album.
<cease> its well worth getting
<TinyDrTim> I'll do it tonight (or tomorrow)
*** HNN ( has joined #firesign
<HNN> Hmmm...
<bfwestley> I still have tons of stuff to get
<TinyDrTim> Another HNN?
<TinyDrTim> You logging on twice, Carl?
<HNN> Yes, there's two of every me but me. And I've never been to me...
<cease> did you listen to An Infinite Trilogy yet, tiny?
* TinyDrTim hangs his head in shame
<TinyDrTim> Not yet, Cat. Can't find a couple of free hours. My stereo
is down and I have to borrow a tape player
<TinyDrTim> I owe some goodies to Bri and Adolf too.
<cease> doc told me he was tempting fish to carry cgg, i wonder who has
the rights?
<TinyDrTim> But it is sitting here, right in front of me
<cease> did you recognize anna lee austin as the amorous girl?
<TinyDrTim> Have you tried to get Infinite Trilogy on CD?
<TinyDrTim> No, was that her? PA's first wife?
<cease> i can't do that unless i rewrite the first play. a large chunk
it is taken directly from a disneyland pavillion, not to mention the
from firesign
<cease> yep, and you should recognize her voice from bozos and dwarf
<TinyDrTim> I guess I didn't know who, or what, I was listening for, eh?
<cease> i just found out from the liner notes, but once you listen to it
with that in mind, it's easy to hear
<TinyDrTim> WAS that PA's first wife? His current is Oona, right?
<TinyDrTim> So Carl, you gonna be HNN tonight?
<cease> right
<bfwestley> I thought oona & PA went back to 'two places'
<cease> i find it the best policy Never to ask the lads about their
previous wives
<TinyDrTim> Firezine 4 had a great travelog by Phil.
<TinyDrTim> LOL, Cat
<bfwestley> That's why I don't know anything
<bfwestley> I know Melinda is Proctor's third wife, married about 5
<cease> actually i meant that quite seriously.
<TinyDrTim> BTW - FYI, everybody. doc will be here around 10 EST - It's
his best friends birthday today.
<cease> and judith is dave's 3rd
<cease> happy best friend's birthday, doc
<TinyDrTim> I know Cat, it just ed funny . . .
<bfwestley> what about PB and PA?
<TinyDrTim> Have they all been married more than once?
<cease> in fred's booklong interview with them, i think, it's mentioned
that one of pa's wives left him for bergman. that may be anna lee
<cease> that's the kind of tihng I really don't want to know
<bfwestley> s positively Fleetwoody
*** klokwkdog ( has joined #firesign
<TinyDrTim> Damn, Carl is having problems again!
<TinyDrTim> Heya, klok - my guru!
<klokwkdog> howdy all
<cease> hi clock
<bfwestley> what does klokkwdog mean, anyway?
<TinyDrTim> cease - me ether, er, uh either
<cease> is it 6 to nine or 9 to six? i never did learn to read out
<klokwkdog> oh, in Giant Rat: the clockwork dog
<TinyDrTim> 2 seconds to klok. we are on a roll tonight!
<klokwkdog> i'm in PIRCH98, which makes server selection simple
<TinyDrTim> It's 69! Yeah!
<bfwestley> ah, ok
<TinyDrTim> Giant Rat, klok? Refresh my memory.
<cease> at the Czech pavillion at Expo 67 in Montreal, they had a whole
clockwork village. it must have had a dog or 2 in it
<klokwkdog> so glad our year+ long national misery is finally about to
and we can concentrate on the Millenium
<TinyDrTim> Y2K, ah yes . . .
<klokwkdog> ome ing appenin on't ow at it is o you Mr. Jones?
<cease> gen y2k
<klokwkdog> as in the EXPLODING clockwork dog. on the dock
<cease> the dog is ticking. we must flea
<TinyDrTim> I have the play right here, I'll have to look it up
<klokwkdog> precisely!
<TinyDrTim> Very incisive, Stones . . .
<klokwkdog> are we at a new address, or are we still at the same old
<TinyDrTim> the old same place
<klokwkdog> Oh, the Same Mansion!
<TinyDrTim> Charles Mansion?
<klokwkdog> (we used to have another one, but it vanishe mysteriously)
<TinyDrTim> Here's your doorknocker.
<klokwkdog> we already have one
<TinyDrTim> See, i told you!
<cease> is that door knocked up?
<TinyDrTim> Knockers Up
<klokwkdog> but this is YOURS!
<cease> call the adoortionist
<TinyDrTim> LOL LOL!
<TinyDrTim> He's so knobby, though
<klokwkdog> it's all that hob-knobbing
<TinyDrTim> They just blew up in the freighter in Coos Bay, OR!
<klokwkdog> again?
<TinyDrTim> I mean, they just blew up the freighter, etc etc
<bfwestley> That'll land you in the coosbay
<klokwkdog> after all the action in the Persian Gulf and now this, I
admit I'm getting more and more impressed with the resilience of oil
<TinyDrTim> Who's Gow?
<TinyDrTim> No shitski!
<klokwkdog> our Navy at work - if they keep blowing it up, sooner or
it will fall over
<bfwestley> better than that dead whale they tried to blow up a few
<klokwkdog> i missed that'n
<TinyDrTim> What blows up, must blow down . . .
<TinyDrTim> Elmer Fudd's deviation to Testacles's lawn
<bfwestley> kind of like reenacting that scene from Hitchhiker's Guide
<TinyDrTim> This "blow up" has our local (Seattle) media captivated!
<klokwkdog> oh poo! my Enter key is stuk...really!
<bfwestley> Use your entrenching tool
<TinyDrTim> Don't you have two, Brian?
<bfwestley> I do have two enter keys, sort of
<TinyDrTim> One next to your right pinkie and one to the right of the
numeric key pad?
<bfwestley> yep, but I have my far right enter key set up to switch
between apps
<TinyDrTim> And if you have two, Bri, split one with the effects man!
<bfwestley> but I can use it with ctrl held down as an enter key
<bfwestley> I hate keyboards with effects; fake key clicks
<bfwestley> If you have a million monkeys on a million keyboards, what
you get? The internet!
<klokwkdog> these are REAL key kliks. but i gotta drop the box to
<bfwestley> ^J or ^M should work too
<klokwkdog> always helps to have a spare $6.95 kbd.
<klokwkdog> TDT: if the key is stuck DOWN, hitting the other one does
make it come back up <G>
<TinyDrTim> Buddy can you spare me $6.95?
<bfwestley> Mind your Ps and Qs, meester
<TinyDrTim> Oh, I see. It's stuck down! Hmmmm, what a revolting
<cease> do i have to have something set up to hear your tiny? i
recall we did this recently
<cease> rather obsessiviely
<bfwestley> I suggest returning the keyboard - haw!
<TinyDrTim> Yeh Cat, you have to have the wave file on your hard drive.
*** Bunnyboy ( has joined #firesign
<TinyDrTim> Hey dave!
<bfwestley> hey bb
<_Bunnyboy_> damn
<cease> bunny
<_Bunnyboy_> nickserv can suck my...
<TinyDrTim> 1 second to Bb
<_Bunnyboy_> lo all
<_Bunnyboy_> anybody want bunnyboy.wav?
<TinyDrTim> I don't have it either Bb
<TinyDrTim> Send it on, Bb
<cease> i seem to have options set for receive s
<TinyDrTim> Bb - Resend. When I switched back to chat, I think I lost
<klokwkdog> hey bb
<TinyDrTim> I'll send you one, Cat. Hang on.
<_Bunnyboy_> ja get the wav, Lew?
<TinyDrTim> Got it, Bb - You got gas?
<_Bunnyboy_> And I'm pumpin' it!
<_Bunnyboy_> cat, you want the bb.wav?
<cease> i have my speakers turned on
<bfwestley> no wonder I can't hear you
<_Bunnyboy_> Ok, here comes, cat
<TinyDrTim> Did you get passport, Cat?
<cease> it just played
<TinyDrTim> Kewel! this is so much fun. I wonder where kend^ is? He
introduced us to this.
<cease> after 5 years i'll paint it brown
<TinyDrTim> Do that, Cat. But don't Paint it Black. Look at "poor"
<cease> i should be so poor
<TinyDrTim> I hear ya!
<cease> aha, the bozo
<klokwkdog> on Tabloid TV tonight: couples that DESERVE each other!
<TinyDrTim> You got that, eh?
<_Bunnyboy_> (sings) I see an ex-wife, and I have to Pay Her Half
* TinyDrTim wonders which half . . .
<cease> where's el and robin tonight?
<cease> i heard that bunny
<TinyDrTim> You got to do something about that, dave
<_Bunnyboy_> ja hear dat, cat?
<cease> yep
<klokwkdog> where's DT & Luger, too?
<TinyDrTim> Doc Tech is celebrating his best friend's birthday. Should
here around 10, Least Coast Time.
<TinyDrTim> Don't know where Billomatic is. Haven't corresponded with
<cease> luger has classes in the evening now, doesnt he
<klokwkdog> inconsiderate, to have a birthday party on a school nite
<TinyDrTim> Oh, yeh. I think you're right, Cat.
<_Bunnyboy_> Tomorrow is Sitting President's Day
<TinyDrTim> What is that, Bb?
<klokwkdog> "A politician is an arse upon..."
<TinyDrTim> Like sitting ducks or lame ducks?
<klokwkdog> as long as they're in a row, evil presidente can jump them!
<_Bunnyboy_> The day Bill C. sits and DOESN'T gloat.
<TinyDrTim> I meant
<klokwkdog> somebody got his gloat?
<_Bunnyboy_> Also, coincidentally, Lincoln's Birthday
<klokwkdog> what about his hat??
<bfwestley> born in a log cabin he built himself
<TinyDrTim> I freed the what????????????
<_Bunnyboy_> Present for the party of Lincoln. HEH!
<bfwestley> Lincoln was very continental
<bfwestley> or he did the continental
<TinyDrTim> Or he liked continental breakfasts . . .
<klokwkdog> but now, he wants you to have a new Town Car as part of our
President's day sale!!
<_Bunnyboy_> He did the Lincky
<klokwkdog> lucky lincky
<cease> didnt he link up with the mod squad?
<_Bunnyboy_> Storm ain't fer sale, dadgummit!
<bfwestley> Lucky Lincky, the first president to fly on the Atlantic &
Pacific RR
<_Bunnyboy_> Get off da lot, youse damn kids
<cease> park and lock it
<klokwkdog> not responsible!
<TinyDrTim> link it and luck it
<bfwestley> Linc, Dolly, and Andrew - the Mod squad
<_Bunnyboy_> Not Responsible!
<cease> my favourite artifical hot dogs are called Linkettes
<cease> which we could get them in Canada
<TinyDrTim> Is there anyone Responsible here?
<bfwestley> Tonight's episode - Linc gets shot
<bfwestley> Write a Linkletter to your president
<klokwkdog> Linkettes? weren't they Art Linkletter's backup singers?
<TinyDrTim> Link gets shot by an artificial hot dog
<_Bunnyboy_> I like dem Smart Dogs, meself
<klokwkdog> they are making that *&^% show into a movie
<bfwestley> Is this a link to the next sketch?
<klokwkdog> only if it's blue or underlined
<cease> they're making everything into a movie
<TinyDrTim> Arty Ficial, at you cervix
<_Bunnyboy_> The Flapper Network presents: Chain of Flooze
<klokwkdog> hey, TDT - did u chek Argon Zark?
<bfwestley> a movie about artificial hot dogs shooting Art Linkletter?
<klokwkdog> with cyanide bullets
<_Bunnyboy_> Tofu, or not Tofu, is that a question?
<bfwestley> At last, an original idea instead of a TV retread
<TinyDrTim> I loved Argon, klok! Can't wait for the nest chapter(s)
<klokwkdog> amen!
<TinyDrTim> er, next
<klokwkdog> see what i mean about Zeta Fairlight: beats Lara C anyday
<TinyDrTim> Great graphics. You all know about this? I put it on my
page and posted the link (hot dog!) to the NG?
<bfwestley> what the URL?
<TinyDrTim> BRB, I'll get it.
<TinyDrTim> Oh, I put them at the home page, klok
<cease> soy hot dogs i understand. argon zark i understand not
<cease> this a comic?
<klokwkdog> yeah, like TV is a picture...
<bfwestley> Firesign ref right at the start
<cease> a mighty soy bean is our lord
<TinyDrTim> Cat, I think you'll enjoy it. Czech it out!
<klokwkdog> we're talking Marx & Lennon album lying on the floor just
Robt. Johnson album on Subterranean Homesick Blues cover
<bfwestley> heh, two places album in the first picture
<_Bunnyboy_> Boiling Soy: Patience or Technology?
<TinyDrTim> It is a blast! Thank klok if you enjoy it. If not, shaddup
<klokwkdog> don't miss the Pretzel Logic!
<_Bunnyboy_> Man, dem soy beans is tough nuts, even after a day's
<TinyDrTim> Bb - Whatcha feeding Bunnette tonight?
<klokwkdog> BB, I always microwave them for a half hour first
<bfwestley> maybe he'd link to
<cease> steely dan rules
<TinyDrTim> Start here
<TinyDrTim> Good thought, Bri! I'll drop him an email.
<_Bunnyboy_> Lew: She stuffed a dead cow slab in her face on the way
She's stuffed, I'm working towards famished.
<_Bunnyboy_> Fagen/Brecker is the nads, yas
<cease> i thought the war with the cows ended
<klokwkdog> yes
<klokwkdog> (klok just reloaded his spaghetti plate, driven by all the
food-related conversation...)
<TinyDrTim> Bb - you gotta make din din all for yourself?
<klokwkdog> stop making all that din out there!
<klokwkdog> i'm trying to eat...
<cease> less din, mor djin
<klokwkdog> 2 points, cease
* _Bunnyboy_ wipes away a tear, clutches lightly-grumbling gut
<_Bunnyboy_> Lew: Yas
<_Bunnyboy_> or (as re: HELLO, DON'T WORRY): "NnnnnYAAAAASssss!"
<klokwkdog> well someone say something - my mout id ful
<_Bunnyboy_> something
<TinyDrTim> I just sent off an email to cparker - the Argon Zark
Let's see what happens, eh?
<klokwkdog> do the guys know about the ref.?
<TinyDrTim> Don't know. I'll drop Proc an email
<bfwestley> okey dokey
<cease> i thought bergman who everything happening on line
<cease> uh, knew
<TinyDrTim> Don't know, Cat. Don't have PB's email addy, only PP
*** DocTechnical ( has joined #firesign
<DocTechnical> uh - hello -
<klokwkdog> the doktor is in!
<_Bunnyboy_> lo Doc!
<DocTechnical> am i here?
<cease> my point being pp doesnt spend much time online whereas i think
pb's been doing it seriously for a long time
<klokwkdog> welcome back! we're glad you made it!
<cease> hi cd deity
<_Bunnyboy_> Hey, Doc. Want bunnyboy.wav?
<bfwestley> hello
<DocTechnical> just got back from a lovely quiet bday celeb w/best
Mark & his family.
<DocTechnical> sure, send me bunnyboy.wav - WAV me babe!
<cease> happy births, days
<DocTechnical> hi bfw cease kwd tdt bb
<_Bunnyboy_> OK, here you are!
<DocTechnical> i suppose you're wondering why i called this meeting...
<DocTechnical> ...and so am i!
<TinyDrTim> Hi Doc. Just sent off an email to PP - have you czeched out
<cease> mark, mark, mark
<DocTechnical> methinks i lag 2nite
<klokwkdog> meet me in St. Looie...
<bfwestley> some british lager
<cease> on a sunday afternoon. remember rivers....
<cease> luger aint british
<TinyDrTim> 25 seconals to me Doc
<cease> marilyn and her pink pill box
<_Bunnyboy_> St. Looie?!?! EMMA!
<DocTechnical> after this dcc is dont i'll switch to st louis
<DocTechnical> solid silver empty marriage
<klokwkdog> my ping still inflight, DT, and it's past 15
<DocTechnical> geez, tdt, i got my speakers too loud for that! (hah -
<DocTechnical> dcc almost done, hang on...
<cease> a public thanks for the cds, doc
<cease> a fine job of restoration.
<DocTechnical> tdt: argon zark?
<DocTechnical> tdt: yeah, saw some of it.
<TinyDrTim> You gotta czech it out, doc. didn't I email you about it?
<DocTechnical> cease: thanx much - a labor of love for this audio doctor
<cease> you even deserve a genre of theatre named for it
<DocTechnical> it'
<_Bunnyboy_> ja hear dat, Doc?
<DocTechnical> bunnyboy: cool wav!
<TinyDrTim> Bb, I'm going to go take some maalox!
<_Bunnyboy_> tanks
<TinyDrTim> Is that a tugboat or you after a chili dinner?
<DocTechnical> was that 33 or 78 rpm?
<DocTechnical> ok, switching to stlouis server now - brb
<cease> the dock been ducked?
<DocTechnical> there, is that better?
<TinyDrTim> Only 2 seconds from me now, Doc
<DocTechnical> thx tdt
<DocTechnical> munch better
<DocTechnical> edvard munch better!
<TinyDrTim> Munch a bunch of . . .what?
<DocTechnical> hey, wqas the movie deliverance named after the i ching
<bfwestley> so your connection screams now?
<klokwkdog> hmm. you were only 5 sec. away before, though.
<klokwkdog> IPng?
<DocTechnical> no, but i'm certainly screaming!
*** drjawn ( has joined #firesign
<TinyDrTim> I ping U ping we all ping
<DocTechnical> oooooh, it's dj from rcs!
<klokwkdog> welcome drj
<drjawn> no pongers?
<TinyDrTim> drjawn - Welcome!
<DocTechnical> hi dj
<drjawn> hiya all
<DocTechnical> i prefer spaced invaders
<drjawn> my work schedule has changed
<TinyDrTim> and only 2 seconals away, drjawn
<DocTechnical> do tell dj
<cease> hey gurvitch. is that you?
<drjawn> I hope they fresh secs
<drjawn> yep its I
<DocTechnical> in the fresh!
<cease> have a massachusets cidre on me, john
<TinyDrTim> Long time, no chat dj
<drjawn> well I used to work Thursday nights, now I don't
<DocTechnical> is work sched change in force going fwd?
<drjawn> months and months at least
<drjawn> germinating interest in FT at dear old JavaNet
<DocTechnical> oh cool - that mean we'll be seeing you here more often?
<TinyDrTim> It's coming in, Bb
<DocTechnical> germinated warfare
<drjawn> I am now full time, eligible for bennies, but I now work sat -
tues, instead of tues - fri
<drjawn> it is a distinct possibility
<DocTechnical> dj - beeeg question - can i deal into javanet locally
i am here in ct?
<TinyDrTim> Can you send me some bennies, dj?
<DocTechnical>, can i DIAL in to javanet
<DocTechnical> yeah, reds and poiples!
<drjawn> sure thing good buddy
<drjawn> we have you surrounded
*** mcothran (mcot...@ has joined #firesign
<DocTechnical> that means we got you just where we want you!
<drjawn> whites?
<cease> oh rochester
<DocTechnical> yo mc
<drjawn> yep!
<TinyDrTim> mc, welcome abroad!
<mcothran> howdy folks, I'm sorry I was not here earlier
<cease> you aint got no friends on the white
<mcothran> yo right
<TinyDrTim> 5 seconds to mc
<cease> coth cough
<klokwkdog> : off
<mcothran> that's great, toss me overboard and I'll check the deapth of
water while I'm at it...
<_Bunnyboy_> ja get dat, Lew?
<drjawn> you ain't got no friends on the mark twain
<mcothran> s yet again, while I didn't hear it I agree with the
<TinyDrTim> If you all remember last week's chat, I mentioned the
in the onion about Lewinsky having to reblow Clinton on the senate
<klokwkdog> hey, TDT, like the new font
<DocTechnical> bb: doc.wav, eh? hmmmm....
<TinyDrTim> Here is the full text of that story:
<drjawn> i did come across an unprotected cut from the pack JavaNet cap,
<DocTechnical> dj: really!
<TinyDrTim> Bb, I love it. Let me see if I can reciprocate.
<drjawn> thassright
<DocTechnical> i am starting to seriously consider getting a 2nd isp -
javanet is a local call from here in bpt -
<DocTechnical> i would consider javanet
<TinyDrTim> Thanx, klok
<drjawn> we have all of connecticut covered with local pops
<DocTechnical> if only to get that damn cool hat!
<DocTechnical> ...and to have a decet backup to snet
<drjawn> plus I might give you the unobtainable "all state" local number
<DocTechnical> dj: o my!
<klokwkdog> what about RI?
<drjawn> I'll check you pop next time at work
* request: can't find 'doc.wav'
<drjawn> NOPE!
<drjawn> we don't go down into the bogs
<DocTechnical> bb: what's up doc indeed!
<drjawn> we have one Ultranet Pop # in RI
<DocTechnical> you building these wavs on the fly?
<drjawn> providence area only
<_Bunnyboy_> Doc: Yep, them flappers are the raw deal
<_Bunnyboy_> Blurbs from my native environment
<cease> froggy little native boy
<drjawn> frog legs again!
<mcothran> ah, wee, he is french then?
<cease> it's not easy being green
<drjawn> just a non bather
<klokwkdog> oh, nobody ever comes up into the bogs
<drjawn> we would get bogged down
<cease> hhumbugs
<DocTechnical> bill boggs?
<klokwkdog> but the nice thing is, the current ISP is only a couple of
miles away, and fiber is only $160/mile
<cease> wascal wabbit
<drjawn> hail! Boggs
<cease> cokie
<_Bunnyboy_> cat: is true!
<drjawn> wading on the paddys? boggs?
<DocTechnical> is it true things go better with cokie?
<_Bunnyboy_> Hail and rain, the sky is FALLING, little chicken!
<mcothran> since Looney tunes seems to be a popular subject here, anyone
else hear of cosmic capers?
<DocTechnical> we're calling your reign on account of your game!
<drjawn> I'm not little, but I am
<cease> fowl omen for a roman
<DocTechnical> dr pepper?
<klokwkdog> no, mc- elucidate us
<drjawn> dur pepper?
<DocTechnical> der schnifter!
<cease> cosmic capors? make a pizza perk up?
<klokwkdog> 10-2-4
<DocTechnical> schplifter!
<drjawn> *sniff* *sniff*
<drjawn> shop lifter?
<mcothran> an animated jigsaw puzzle featuring mostly
<DocTechnical> i dunno - i always had a hard time wrapping my mind
a soft drink only to be consumed at three specific times of the day
<mcothran> marvin the martian segments from his all too few toons
<klokwkdog> those were great
<DocTechnical> ooh, we were doing the marvin voice at work today!
<drjawn> mind w raps?
* request: can't find 'cat.wav'
<klokwkdog> i luv marvin
<mcothran> no, you have it wrong, shop sniffer
<DocTechnical> (i got a cool bunch of fellow cube prisoners)
<drjawn> stiff shipper
<_Bunnyboy_> cat: and to think you waited for that
<cease> ithey thought he was a gonner
<DocTechnical> meow
<klokwkdog> yankees obviously don't grok dr pepper (god forbid they sell
Sun Drop or Orbitz up here)
<_Bunnyboy_> Nope, the National Film Board always puts him back again.
<cease> well, tom waits for no one
<drjawn> i waited for him once
<DocTechnical> cease: lol
<_Bunnyboy_> here comes, mc
<klokwkdog> so did godot
<cease> nfb done an f or a lot of good shorts n quartz
<DocTechnical> waiting for tom
<DocTechnical> nfb rocks my world!
<DocTechnical> i always loved those old mclaren shorts
<TinyDrTim> Bb, trying to sen dyou a wav - get "no such nick/channel" -
wha's up?
<DocTechnical> would love to get 'em on vhs
<DocTechnical> tdt: yousending it to "_Bunnyboy_" ????
<TinyDrTim> It's on it's way, Bb
<_Bunnyboy_> i'm a'gettin' it now, Lew
<DocTechnical> ah, there ya go...
<DocTechnical> it comes in and goes out like anything!
<mcothran> the SFBC is offering both of marvin and friends and fifty
<mcothran> years of marvin in one of their recent small packets
<drjawn> i purchased some chocolate mouse ring dings on my way to the
<drjawn> or mousse even
<DocTechnical> chocolate mousse?
<drjawn> yessir
<mcothran> but what does it mean?
<DocTechnical> tdt, i already got doc.wav from bb
<_Bunnyboy_> What does anything mean?
<DocTechnical> i'm not mean to bambi...
<klokwkdog> that's too darn upscale for snacks
<DocTechnical> she likes it that way!
*** _Bunnyboy_ changes topic to 'Philosopy 101 '
<cease> drjawn, are you the same person with that name who came to visit
few years ago?
<klokwkdog> we won't call you Godzilla, then
<drjawn> anything means pretty much anything
<_Bunnyboy_> oops

End Part A

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