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Dec 24, 2019, 4:52:31 AM12/24/19
Greetings from Belgium,

Our Discount Policy changed in your advantage

I am sure that you were very satisfied if I ever have send cards to you. At arrival you were sure very happy with my fast sending and accurate packing and correspondance communications

We would really appriciate working together in friendship and helping each other

I still have a lot of spare chromos to fill in uncomplete sets and also a lot of collections in German, Italian, Dutch and all other languages

If other interests, you know I am very proffessional with all kind of chromos before first war (more than 300.000 available … and selling out all, also my personel collections … due to age problems … so please inquire about cards you miss anny brand, language or subject

above line is the link to my sales in EBAY, when you click on it … on the top line there you can input ANY subject (one word) and then all related sales will appear. (I have inputted : the word CARD so, you can change that line, delete CARD and replace by you search

above line is the link to my sales at DELCAMPE, when you click on it … on the top line there you can input ANY subject (one word) and then all related sales will appear (I have inputted : the word LIEBIG so, you can change that line, delete LIEBIG and replace by your search

You are allowed to make offers of 20% less and I will accept, this is my new discount policy for regular clients at Ebay and Delcampe

For Liebig on my own websites we have another kind of discount-policy, all explained on first opening page -- discounts are given after Paypal payment AND we join wanted future sets from your list for the amount of the discount : VERY satisfactory !!

you can also search on my site . At my site prices are in Euro, Liebig prices are for a complete set of 6 cards BUT prices for all other catalogued cards are for ONE card !!! Also : on my site photos are just examples ( because we cannot photograph 10.000 sets, they were printed in all languages, so we only show the front side with the images) …AND we will send the best avialable set with money back guaranty. Sending cost is a surplus under 50 Euros. Above that price sending is included registered & track and trace, insurance and well packed.

Visit us at facebook

For thematic subjects please goto my subject related site
And whatever you don’t find online, come and visit me in my archive : the cave of ALI BABA in Antwerp

Thanks for understanding ( I am Flemish you know and my English is not 100%)

We wish you a fine Christmas and new start begin of the new year 2020

Albert Van den Bosch
Schotensesteenweg 173
Deurne 2100
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