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American Commemorative Collection

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Dec 16, 2013, 9:13:56 AM12/16/13

I have inherited several volumes of the above, and unfortunately, I do
not have any interest in stamp collecting, so can anybody offer some
advice as to how to dispose/sell them?

As an example, there is one for Robert F Kennedy. It is #105 in a series
and dated January 12th 1979. Other commemoratives of interest are for
Vietnam Veterans, Will Rogers, W.C.Fields, Space Achievement.

There are approx. 250 of them, numbered from 105 to 354, all in their
plastic covers and in USPS Collection folders, but there is the odd gap,
but they may re-appear when I sort through them.

I suspect I will have to compile a spreadsheet of all items, so if
anybody is interested, let me know. I would rather off load them as a
single lot.

The down side is that I live in the United Kingdom, so think about
carriage costs.

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