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Osmiroid and Esterbrook nibs

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Joshua C Sasmor

Mar 15, 2001, 11:55:18 AM3/15/01
Hi there everyone -
I'm still on the hunt for nibs for an Osmiroid 65 pen. Esterbrook nibs
were suggested, but I found a 9550 nib and it doesn't quite fit. The nib is
the right diameter at the threads, but Osmiroid's section narrows after the
threads, and the base of the nib will not fit in the narrower section.
So I have some questions:
1. Are all Esterbrook nibs the same diameter? I'd assume so, if they
are meant to be interchangeable.
2. Does anyone have a _broken_ Esterbrook nib they'd be willing to
part with? I'd like to see if I can trim the back half of the nib (below the
threads) to fit the narrower section without destroying the ink channels.
So I figured that working on a nib with good threads but a broken feed or
tines might be the best way to start.
3. Does _anyone_ have _any_ Osmiroid threaded nibs? I have a B2 and
a B4, which are way too broad for me to use on a regular basis.
4. Can a nib be reshaped down to a smaller size? The B4 is huge - it
has three tines, so I'm pretty sure that's not a candidate for narrowing, but
the B2 has two tines, so maybe?

I've called Sanford America, which bought Osmiroid - stopped selling Osmiroids
a while ago. Sanford UK was the sole producer for some time, but they
discontinued Osmiroid in 1999 acording to an email I got from them today. They
gave me the name of their American distributor, and I'm waiting for them to
return my call to see if they have any stock left. At this point, the
collectors market lookslike my best hope.

Joshua Sasmor

Joshua C. Sasmor - Pipe-smoker, teacher and mathematician
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Jan 16, 2014, 12:04:09 AM1/16/14
I have 6 1975 omisroid 65 nibs never been used original set and the pen and the directions
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