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Re: New 0ptout?

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Jan 4, 2005, 2:13:26 PM1/4/05
Cerebus readership was there, composed in some (small? large?)
measure of females with their male housepets. He squinted, endeavouring
to see if any male was chafing at the invisible conduits and
metaphorical tubing which drained his life, his essence, his energy as
surely and as effectively as any fictional vampire. Cats' eyes gleamed
in the darkness, filled with malice. A couple of rows back an obese
brunette was stripping away chunks of brain tissue from a thin, pale
youth with a spotted face. His head lolled against his shoulder in her
direction, his face radiant with ecstasy. He turned to her, his eyes
half-lidded. He smiled and mouthed, "I love you." She smiled back at
him, indulgently. His eyes closed once more. She stuck out her sandpaper
tongue, dotted with brains and blood, in Viktor Davis' direction and
then cackled loudly. The youth giggled quietly to himself.

To the far left, in the front row, the white husk of a heavy-set man in
his early thirties squirmed in the direction of his Lady and Master, his
features reflecting pain, confusion and fear. She held his forearm in
front of her as if they were bound, one to

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