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Feb 27, 2020, 8:40:53 PM2/27/20
Fellow 8-Track Enthusiasts (a.k.a. Trackers)

We need to get this particular group bak on track. This group is now becoming the haven for off topic posts that have nothing to do with 8-Track tapes or related stuff.

I have been seeing posts advertising both prescription drugs and marijuana. This group is supposed to be an 8-Track group and we need to start talking 8-Track's again. I have been scoring them lately at both AMVETTS and my local Salvation Army thrift store, which rarely gets them at their store. I scored a few on President's Day last week at an AMVETS store and they all play great without the splice breaking. I was happy to score these. Then again, I am always happy to score 8-Track's when I see them and if they are tapes I'm looking for, I grab them.

Again, we need to get this group back to what it's all about and that is 8-Track's. I hope to hear from y'all. I am also looking forward to talking with y'all in here.



Mar 3, 2020, 4:57:06 AM3/3/20
you used to sell all kinds of stuff at high prices to back in the day but
feel free to try to get the group back on track for the most part both news
groups and google groups are gone by the by way

"frschoonover" <frscho...@yahoo.com> wrote in message


Mar 5, 2020, 7:08:39 PM3/5/20
On Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 4:57:06 AM UTC-5, Andy wrote:
> you used to sell all kinds of stuff at high prices to back in the day but
> feel free to try to get the group back on track for the most part both news
> groups and google groups are gone by the by way

Actually Andy, I have never sold anything. I had always shared links to Ebay sellers pages for selling common 8-Track tapes for high prices or ask for too much for a record club issued 8-TracK. That is what I had done, but no selling.

Also, our exiled former resident troll, Charlie "Noodles" Nudo is back selling stuff on Ebay again that can be bought at junkyards and flea markets for cheap at extremely high prices. You should check out what he's selling now. If curious, here's the link to what he is selling:


I mean, really? Who does this guy thinks he's fooling?

I also meant that we should start talking shop about 8-Track tapes again or just music in general. such as our favorite music that we enjoy. We need to keep this group alive somehow and also, to try to ignore the SPAM that those using re-mailers and fake e-mail addresses are posting in here.

This is supposed to be an 8-Track tapes group.

By the way, I have been adding pages to Discogs. I have been adding 8-Tracks to particular album pages where the 8-Track tape of isn't a part of the particular albums page. Here is an example of what I have added to Discogs of an 8-Track that I have in my ever growing collection:


Again, hopefully, we can get this group lively again. I also wonder how Desert Bob has been doing. I hope that he is doing good.

Ta Ta For Now.


Mar 10, 2020, 4:34:45 AM3/10/20
this and many other news groups are going the way of the dial up modem aka
But with the new digital recording format 8 tracks will be back in time

"frschoonover" <frscho...@yahoo.com> wrote in message


Mar 16, 2020, 7:30:59 PM3/16/20
On Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 4:34:45 AM UTC-4, Andy wrote:
> this and many other news groups are going the way of the dial up modem aka
> history.
> But with the new digital recording format 8 tracks will be back in time

There are a few newsgroups that are still going on with new messages being posted, only not with the same enthusiasm of the earlier days. Still, they sre still going.

As I said, we can get this group going on again. All we need to do is simply talk about 8-Track's again, such as fave ones, ones that were scored by going to thrift stores as I have scored some on President's Day at an AMVETS store and my local Salvation Army thrift store. 8-Track's do and still manage to pop up when least expected.

I have also been listening to some of my 8-Track's lately. I still love jamming to them. I have very diverse musical tastes as I simply don't listen to one music genre, but many genres. It also shows in many of the Discogs pages I've made for some of the 8-Track's that I have in my ever growing collection that didn't have the 8-Track of the album listed on a particular album's master page. I have added lots of them on there. I did share one example, but have done many others as well.

Also, I have been wondering how DesertBob has been doing? I am hoping that he is okay and doing well. I also hope that he posts a message in this thread soon letting us know how he is doing.

Ta Ta for bow.


Mar 17, 2020, 5:28:34 AM3/17/20
How do we know you arnt bob? what is your first name and why not post up
some pictures of your tapes to get us started:)

"frschoonover" <frscho...@yahoo.com> wrote in message


Mar 18, 2020, 8:31:45 PM3/18/20
On Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 5:28:34 AM UTC-4, Andy wrote:
> How do we know you arnt bob? what is your first name

Looks like we have a smart aleck in this group. LOL! I am not DesertBob. I am Frank. Frank R. Schoonover. I have posted numerous times in this group and also, I'm a former customer of Charlie "Noodles" Nudo. I haven't done business with him for a long time and I don't want to do business with him anymore. Noodles no longer posts in here because he knows he's no longer welcome in this group, but then again, I really don't miss him at all.

and why not post up some pictures of your tapes to get us started:)

I'll do even better than that. I'll share some Discogs pages that I made for 8-Track's of certain albums that didn't have the 8-Track Cartridge tape on the list of their master releases for these particular albums and also, showing my diverse musical tastes:





























This is just a sample list. I have all of these in my ever growing 8-Track collectiion. I created these pages myself simply by scanning these tapes and saving them to my files. Then, I created the pages. But again, this shows my diverse musical tastes. I'll share more soon.

Still, I am hoping that DesertBob is okay. I would like to hear from him simply to let us know how he is doing. I am also hoping to hear from him.

Ta Ta For Now.


Mar 19, 2020, 5:04:09 AM3/19/20
that's more like it i know all about noodles trust me and and bob used to go
at it with flame wars thats what killed this group mostly.
you can post anything you like maby this group will re awaken but so far its
just us

"frschoonover" <frscho...@yahoo.com> wrote in message


Mar 28, 2020, 9:05:09 AM3/28/20
On Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 5:04:09 AM UTC-4, Andy wrote:
> that's more like it i know all about noodles trust me and and bob used to go
> at it with flame wars thats what killed this group mostly.
> you can post anything you like maby this group will re awaken but so far its
> just us

Yeah Andy, I know, but still, I hope that DesertBob will let us know how he's doing. I miss sharing knowledge about certain things with him and anyone else who posted in here. Lately, I have been pretty busy with my job and my life in general. But when I can have some well earned down time, I relax and enjoy the rest. I still jam to some of my favorite 8-Track's when I can and right now, I am listening to CCR's Green River, which is a dark colored shelled Ampex tape, and it still sounds good.

I also create pages for Discogs during my spare time. Here are a few more I made, which is my entire England Dan & John Ford Coley 8-Track collection and they are all RCA Music Service editions that I bought a long time ago when I was still a kid at a local Salvation Army thrift store that later closed and became a community kitchen:





The "England Dan" in the duo was Dan Seals, the younger brother of Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts. In the 1980's, he switched to country music and became a star as a solo artist throughout the decade and also continued to tour. He's been dead since March 25, 2009. He left quite a legacy in both the pop and country music fields with his hits with John Ford Coley and solo years. Though the duo's original label was A&M, they hit fame when Big Tree signed them and they had a string of Top 40 hits that began with "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" and ended with their cover of the Todd Rundgren penned Utopia song "Love is the Answer."

I will be creating more pages for Discogs in the future for 8-Track's of albums that don't have the 8-Track of the album listed in their master release page of the particular album.

Ta Ta For Now.


Mar 29, 2020, 1:58:16 PM3/29/20
WOW Frank! That is a very diverse and eclectic list of music there. You look like you're very versatile in your musical tastes and that's a very good thing. Most people stay only in one or two particular music genres while avoiding others. A lot of what you have on that list is pretty good stuff music-wise. While not all of it is to my liking, I am glad that you enjoy all sorts of different music types. I happen to be very open-minded myself and have no problem with someone who's versatile in music. To each their own I always say.

I hear you about or resident nutcase and exiled former troll Charlie "Noodles" Nudo. I see he's selling stereo repair manuals. Heck, most of these are available as PDF printable files for free. All you need to do is search for the manual you're looking for and it's usually available. I also see that he is selling car parts, such as the car shell frames and quarter panels for very extremely high prices. These you can actually get at an auto junk yard for a lot cheaper than what this pathetic excuse for a seller. I know one auto junk yard worker in my hometown who has stuff similar to this and again, the junk yard he works at has them for a lot cheaper than what Noodles sells them for. I showed him Noodles list of things on Ebay and he says that this seller is "price gouging in THE worst sense". They sell these types of things for at least $200-$250 or sometimes lower or higher depending on the year, make and model. Plus, as it's been said before. putting "Free Shipping" on these things is more of an insult than a blessing. You're paying for the shipping on these things within the selling/purchase price. You'd think he would simply go away and never be heard from again. Oh well!

Regarding DesertBob, I am sure that he is okay and good, but again, I am with you. I also hope to hear from DesertBob real soon and also hope that he is okay and good. I know that you and him always exchanged knowledge on certain things in here and that you both enjoyed that. You seem to be more knowledgeable about these things, such as music trivia and even trivia in many other regards, than anyone else I know personally. I always enjoy it when you share what you know. I always learn something new from you every time. many people consider this type of thing needless/worthless information, but it can come in quite handy at the right time, especially when someone else needs any information. Then again, it's great that you know a lot. More power to you, Frank.

Keep on enjoying life, Frank. Keep on doing what you enjoy doing. Peace.
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